Over the last couple of years there has been a steady stream of past modellers returning to the hobby. 

Those  with  limited  time and  space to  build from plans/kits are being attracted back by the large range of ARTF’s (Almost ready to fly) airframes now available that can be got into the air very quickly. The choice has never been so  great and  the prices so  affordable. It's very difficult within  a  few  words  to  cover  all  the permutations of coming back into the hobby. What equipment you have and the condition it’s in will vary greatly.

You would have to have been out of the hobby for many years still to own an old 27 MHz set? The use of 35 MHz came in around 1980 and nearly everybody switched straight away.  27 MHz is still in use today but is limited to the “toy” market, the club tolerates flying of these models as long as they are made of foam and weigh less than 1 oz (28 grams).

Transmitter control of these models is virtual non-existent, as manufactures of these “toys” seem reluctant to state what frequency or bandwidth they are operating on. If you have an old 35 MHz set then it will still be OK, as the requirements for type approval have not changed over the years. It will need new batteries and of course it is always worth considering a new set. While prices of new sets have remained constant the quality and computing power of modern sets has increased exponentially over the years.

Further advice can only really be given on a one to one basis, so please get in contact.   Please take the time to read/print off some other relevant pages.

Where to find us, very useful if you haven’t already been to the field.

Flying field layout, very important we have some serious no go areas.   

Club rules, there’s not many off them but should be read.

Frequency control, not teaching you how to suck eggs but there are different ways of providing frequency control this is the GMFC way.

Then please fill in and return membership form.

Happy flying see you down the field.



Gloucester Model Flying Club