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Hi Friends,
The September issue of modelflight is now up on the web and I hope you will visit and enjoy it. I have uploaded early this month as I am out of action for a couple of days now and cannot be certain that I will have time to mess about with modelflight on Friday when it would have been due to go up on the web!
I hope you might find something to contribute by way of pictures, news, views, comments or articles for the October issue and I very much look forward to hearing from you!

I took this photo of Christine's  Luna landing with the brakes full on, the flaps have gone down about 80 degrees and the ailerons up a little, the elevator is mixed in to compensate for flap deployment. This makes the model fly very slow and up ailerons reduces any tendency to tip stall. I also use an aileron rudder mix this is engaged automatically by moving the brake stick past 40%



Gloucester MFC news

September 13th Autumn Barbeque, details on the web site soon.
Fees are reduced from September, seniors £25 , OAPs £15 


Rob's T-rex 700 

VIDEO dead stick aerobatics and tea poured during a barrel roll

Slope & soaring 

Plenty of lift at Frocester, Andy and Christine flew the Luna, Guy his MiriJ, Gordon's VolitiJ was going well and my Nyx loved the strong lift, one day I will remember to bring the ballast.

There is a photo at of Christine's Luna with a heavy shower in the background, all the showers missed us



Phil and Guy flew Guy’s Slipstream in excellent lift late afternoon at Haresfield’s mini bowl. Phil’s foamie is in poor health, so Guy’s was shared.  

Numerous rolling circles from Phil (how I wish I could do ‘em so well/at all) and the bunting competition began. Phil’s were pretty hopeless (mine were better, I thought) so we landed and strapped a hunk of lead at the rear edge of the wing to move the CoG back. It improved the bunt and outside loop but seemed to increase the ‘Chevron waggle’ somewhat. Elevator was a bit more sensitive.  

I won’t embarrass Phil by telling you how he lost it, after several more bunt attempts he landed in the jungle behind the slope, or any of that good stuff, ‘cos you know him too well and his skills, to believe it. I made him fly it again to restore his confidence (‘get straight back on that horse, sort of thing’) and then accepted his applause as I showed him how exactly a landing should be done.  

It’s Tuesday, I’ve held my breath since Thursday, to see if he’s published this in his excellent ‘news bits’.

 Thanks for everything Phil!  


Powerful lift at Frocester, Peter's Hercules looked great in the air, Don flew his Magnum pro and Den his Boson 

more photos at 

A good breeze at Haresfield but it felt cold many of us with thin blood and no coats went home early. mostly EPP flown except Peter who flew his B2 bomber. I flew my Zagi fitted with a single rear fin

more photos at 

I had a very satisfying afternoon today at Haresfield.
The first challenge was just to get launched, at the second attempt I was successful.
Progress was difficult, although my Wildthing climbed rapidly it was not moving forwards. I was remembering Andy's advice about wings level and into the wind, gave a little bit of down and she swooped down and out from the slope. I kept flying for about an hour, by then I had 51% down trim and still she climbed! I tried several loops. On turns, the downwind legs were amazingly fast and I started worrying about how to land in the strong rotor. I stayed out from the slope and let her gain height. I recalled Guy's advice about walking back to the top of the field, so I brought the Wildthing back in a wide circle to just in front of the trees and flew it towards me. The turbulence kept trying to tip her up, then a voice in my head reminded me to 'put the stick under the wing that dips', it works. Wildthing flew down and landed gently.
As I said a very satisfying afternoon, I had a big grin on my face, thanks to all who have helped me to learn the basics of glider guiding.

Haresfield again with strong lift

Next club meeting 8.00PM Wed 16th Sept

Please let me or the committee know if you want a comp in autumn 

FOR SALE , For use by club members and others in Gloucestershire, send to


newly listed  Items 

3dx 500 complete with hitec mg servos and a hitec ultra speed servo on the tail.
spektrum ar62000 rx and 60 a esc 425 mm carbon blades fitted and a spare set also to include spare main gear,and belt, new tail blades (k&b) and 5! canopy's also a csm sl310 hh gyro (has a gaui hh fitted) as well as manuals and boxes genuine reason for sale.
Offers around £130 or may be interested in a possible trade for something.
thanks for looking any questions/offers call Jason on 07773999831/


For sale, Spektrum DX7 transmitter boxed with instruction manual.

This is a mode 2 helicopter layout transmitter (works for fixed wing too)

Approximately 1 year old - £120.  

Contact Paul : 07950611383


Pigeon 450 (Trex clone)
Ready to fly
35 meg receiver 


List of items fore sail  for details  

RAPTOR 30 sold
Flair Fokker D VII with SC 65 SOLD
Saito 150s sold
RCV 91CD Four Stroke
hanger 9 piper cub
Edge 540 electric RTF
Connectors, Heat Shrink,  Connectors, Carbon Fibre 
Wanted, a Din to Square Futaba trainer lead. 
10" x 5" x 4mm thick gyro tape, this can be used to mount gyros, rec, servos and more . £3 a sheet  
Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) thin type 20g container  . 75p a tube  
Zippy lightmax 2200 20c 3cell batteries fitted with deans plugs . £20  
flightmax 130mah batteries. For the mcx or vapor £3 each 
Flightmax 800 3 cell batteries suitable for Trex 250 £10 each 
HXT 900 micro servo 9g/1.6kg/.12 sec £4 each
Also a 6mm heli starter drive £5.00 again new never used.
ATS Kite 64" with OS46 + servos,
Flair Piper cub 72" damaged, 
Hitec focus 6, Sanwa vanguard 6, 
Sanwa RD6000 sport, field box with control panel,
1 starters, glow starters, fuel pump, fuel and lots of accessories. 
Futaba crystals RX88, , RX71, RX71 dual conversion,
Wanted  RX84 crystal,
Mini Titan, sold
Don's PC9 £150 complete PC-9 45 * SOLD


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just ones that might be of interest to club members

Aug 29-30-31  BMFA British National Championships 
Aug 29-30-31

 SAM 1066 Vintage Eurochamps Inc Dixielander Celebration Event on Sunday. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover,

 SO20 8DY. Contact Mike Parker on 0118 948 1392 or or see
29 August OPEN DAY Gaer Park At junction 28 on the M4 take the roundabout exit signposted A48 St. Mellons.
Follow the A48 for St. Mellons & Castleton 
Sept 5-6th

LMA Much Marcle Show

Sep 6   Wolves Scale Glider Fly-in. Long Mynd, Church Stretton.  Start 9.30am, even frequencies only, £2 entry fee, proof of insurance required. Contact Mark Richards on 01785 712445 or 07831 246961
Sep 6 

South West Heli Fly In

Woodspring MAC and Bath MHC. Yatton, Nr Clevedon,
Sept 5 -12th Bream flying festival week 
beach, slope soaring field flying and bring  'n' buy
Sept - 12 & 13   AEROTOW at Middle Wallop
September 13th Autumn Barbeque 
13TH SEPT Oxford model show
Sept - 26 or 27 AEROTOW at Siege Cross Farm
25-27th Sept 3D heli championship  J8 M5 
3rd October Indoor flying at Bentham 6.00 - 8.00PM 
11th Oct XC West Mendip










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