Great Planes Turmoil

This kit has been sitting in my workshop for sometime, I hadn’t got round to building it as I was flying and developing my own “shocky” models, mainly for indoor use. While waiting for a replacement kit to replace my late departed and much missed Bye Yak I decided to assemble the Turmoil to give me another model to fly. 

The Turmoil is a little different in its construction from your normal shocky model. It’s constructed from 6 mm Depron with a very colourful plastic covering on each side. A large quantity of plastic parts make up all the fittings including the hinges (no tape used) plus it has very large side force generators on each wing. 

Construction is very easy if a bit fiddly in places, and great care must be taken not to get glue into on moving plastic parts. Although convinced from the start it was going to be a bit to heavy I went with a Hacker A20-34S motor running off 2 X 640-mahr Lipo’s with a Castle Creations Phoenix 10 speed controller. I fitted a Jeti Rex MPD 4 with 3 Hitec HS 55 servos, (instead of my normal four) I used only one aileron servo to keep the weight down. At 10 ozs it is a bit heavy for indoor use. My Extra 300 flies at just over 7 ozs.


nitial tests confirmed my thoughts as the model was found a bit lacking in performance, while it flew OK the climb was a bit lacking and the roll rate non-existent. The motor was upgraded to a Hacker 20 24 M with a Castle Creations Phoenix 25 speed controller (from the Bye Yak) with three Kokam 910 -mahr Lipo’s fitted. The single aileron servo was removed the cut out filled in and two HS 55 servos fixed either side the Rx was replaced with my favourite Hitec HFS 05MS to give dual ailerons. This took the all up weight over 12 ozs same as the Bye Yak. 

With this set up it flies very well, and looks quite stunning in flight. With the large side force generators it does everything in knife-edge as well as normal flight.  
In it’s new form it flies superbly, the pictures just speak for themselves. Paul had a fly and pronounced, “Superb must have one”. It will make a great outdoor model but a little two heavy for indoor use.
My Kokams are getting a bit old now (3 years) and have just taken delivery of some new cells from Electrolite. The 1200 mahr are a little bit heavier than the Kokams but give an increase in performance. I have a few of their packs and they are very well priced, will keep you up-to-date on the progress.

Great colour scheme.



New Electrolyte 3S 1200amph fits nicely underwing.


Motor, Hacker A20-24M with Castle Creations Phoenix 25 ESC, great combination




Colour scheme looks great in the air, just wish I could get my OD's to look like this.


Gloucester Model Flying Club