January 2009

Model review

TopGun Super Cub


Construction : Traditional balsa/ply
Wingspan : 100"
Length :       65.5"
Target Weight 13-16 Ib
Engine Fitted : Zenoah 38cc

The Cub in all its forms is a modellers perennial favourite, this quarter scale Top Gun Super Cub is no exception..

ian-2.jpg (143375 bytes)

I love the cub as they offer a relaxed alternative to the frantic funfly and looks like a real aeroplane. There are ARTF models and ARTF models, The quality can vary a great deal. Close examination of this cub showed it had originated from one of the better manufacturers. The manufacturers have obviously taken the whole process seriously,

The quality of the parts matches the quality of the presentation, every thing fits beautifully and is up to it's intended purpose.

The assembly manual is first class and takes you through the process in simple stages, even a real novice could get this kit together without to much drama, Like me.

The whole model is covered in worldtex, a heat shrink covering with a canvas texture which adds a scale finish to the model.

The two piece wings use a substantial ali joiner, judging by the size of the joiner i would suggest that the wing struts are purely aesthetic and the model could  be flown without them in place, but it wouldn't look right.

The model comes with flaps already fitted so i used high torque servo's all-round except a standard servo on the throttle,
I fitted a Zenoah 38cc petrol engine which is slightly over sized however i suppose i can fly on half throttle.


From the build point of view it is hard to fault this model, Everything fits as it should, the hardware is fit for it's use and instructions first class.
She is now sitting ready to go, Thanks for Steve whitehead for his advice and fitting the engine for me. If she flies half as well as she looks i won't be disappointed ...

Ian Wheeler...



Gloucester Model Flying Club