Big Bubble.

This is not a new electric model but one that has seen more hours than most of my other models put together, it has also been flown by many club members, and I have been asked many times about the spec of this model.

As a model itís nothing special to look at but just has to be one of the best performing and nicest handling models I have flown. It has no vices and just does everything you want when you want it to.

The kit is manufactured by Telink and is currently available through Robotbirds. I obtain mine several years ago before Robotbirds came into business. Itís cut from EPP with the wing already assembled with a carbon-reinforced spar. Assembly is very straightforward and the only mod I made was to fit larger wheels for operation of grass.

Caution when building donít use thin cyano, the foam is very porous and it will wick straight through and stick to you fingers and any thing else.

The kit as supplied

The extra parts used (wheels optional)

Power requirement is any 200-300watt motor running off three Lipo cells or similar. I used a Hacker A20-XL (15 turn) with a Castle Creations Phoenix 25 amp controller. I initial used the 1.5 amp BEC version but later upgraded to the 3-amp BEC version. 4 X UM-9G Red servos were used but any 9-gram servos will do (HS 55 or similar) and a JR 600 R

A 2000 mamp/hr battery is required but it has to be long and thin, most manufacturers now do long thin packs so most types will fit. I am currently using the latest Thunder Power 2100ís these fit perfectly and give 14 minutes duration.


All up weight is just under the 1lb (440 grams).  


you just have to glue in the end ribs

The model flew superbly from the outset it just does every manoeuvre in the book, both at slow and high speed. It also prop hangs extremely well, while at itís best in light winds it still flies very well for such a light model in windy conditions. The set up I used is more than enough power giving great vertical performance. However I found that the back end started to wag at high speeds. This is because of the all-moving fin and rudder layout has a lot of area forward of the hinge line. As the tail surfaces is only 9 mm EPP sheet it is very flexible. I inset a strip of 9X1 mm carbon the length of fin and rudder, which has improved things greatly; I also did the same mod to the aerodynamic balances on the elevators




Still regularly fly this model so it can be seen in the air regularly, and your quite welcome to have a go with it.
 I would highly recommend this model as a first electric model or as a first mid winged machine to follow on from a trainer (Twin star etc).

PS. It is also rumoured that the ďGloucester Skunk worksĒ have obtained a couple for practicing formation flying?




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The extra bite you need, Lots of flight pics by Paul Gurr


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