Thunder Tiger Hawk 1500 Electric Glider.  

The Hawk 1500 is a 1.5m span ARTF electric glider costing £69 it includes a brushless outrunner motor spinner folding prop and is a pod & boom construction with built up wings. Additional items required 3 mini servos, speed controller, 1000ma 3 cell lipo.  

Assembly is quite straight forward there are only a few parts the main work is fitting the wing attachment plates which are 2 laser cut ply plate into which you have to press in spike nuts, 4 holes to be drilled into the pod spotted from the wings then epoxy them to the pod also the servo mount plate needs to be epoxyed into the pod.

The wings are ready covered but just need the film removed from the mounting holes I found the easyest way to do this is with a soldering iron with a pointed bit, the same for the v-tail fixings. The rest of the assembly involves gluing on the boom insuring that the exit slots for the rudder/ elevator  are true to the wing, the tail assembly just slides over the boom and a grub screw holds in place.  

The canopy fixing was suggested using 3 screws but I prefer to have one that is easy to remove so I add a small plastic tab at the nose and a spring wire retainer to the canopy at the rear you do need to rough up the inside of the canopy to enable epoxy to stick.  

I made two additional items to hold the lipo & a mounting plate for the receiver the lipo being mounted in the vertical plane making it easier to remove and the speed controller could be tucked along side, due to the small size of the pod there is only room for the main spectrum receiver inside so I drilled a small hole behind the wing for the cable for the second receiver to exit then mounted the second receiver on the back of the pod with Velcro.  

Voltage range( V ) 6-10cells / 3xLi-poly

The correct balance was achieved by adjusting the position of the battery the test flight  was carried out on Minch after a couple of test glides which needed a few clicks of up-trim a launch under power and it tracked away straight as a die and under full power it climbs vertical. I am quite impressed with this cheap little model.  

  • Wing Span - 59.84” (1520mm)
  • Length - 36.42” ( 925mm)
  • Wing Area - 341.0 (22.00dm²)
  • Weight - 600g(21oz.)
  • Motor - OBL 29/09-07A
  • Airfoil - RG-15motor
  • Motor
  • RPM per volt(RPM/Volt)750RPM/V

  •  Dimensions  L(mm/in)28.5x28.1 / 1.12x1.11
  • Shaft Diameter (mm/in)3.175 / 0.125
  • Max. efficiency current (A4-12A
  • Current capacity (A/s )14A/60s
  • Recommend Propeller10x4.7/ 11x4.7 / 11x7

  • Weight (g/oz)54/1.9

  • Brian