Indoor Flying Briefing

 Indoor update

Welcome to Gloucester Model Flying Clubs Indoor flying sessions for 2014/15.

Thank you for continued support of our events.

The format of 12 X 10 minute slots will be the same as previous years. The slot order will be displayed on the board as before and will remain the same until further notice.

Slots will be split into 4 distinct types of model in an effort to keep models of similar types and mass together thus minimizing damage during the inevitable mid-airs;

  1. Open fixed wing; any fixed wing model up to 30” (approx) shockie types. If numbers permit then micro fixed wing can be flown but don’t complain if your model gets destroyed by a larger model.
  2. Micro fixed wing; Small or light models, max weight 4 oz, max 2 500 ma/hr cells Parkzone, Sukoi/Extra types.
  3. Open Rotary; any helicopter/quadcopter/auto gyro up to 450 size helicopters or similar quads. If numbers permit then micro helicopter/quadcopter/auto gyro can be flown but again don’t complain if your model get destroyed by a larger model.
  4. Micro helicopter/quadcopter/auto gyro. Max weight 4 oz, max 2 500 ma/hr cells, Up to and including 130 size models.

Numbers flying in slots will be monitored and there will be some flexibility. The aim always to give you as much safe flying as possible.

No 3D flying with larger than 250 size helicopters.

For fixed wing slots pilots please stand on the white line in front of the pit area, please move forward to the white line so others may pass behind you.

For rotary models please spread out around the flying area, again fly from the white line to allow other flyers to move behind you.

The Flight Line director for each night will be wearing an orange day glow vest. He will have the final say on all safety matters and calling the slots. Tracy will be taking the money so please make sure you have “paid the lady”.
Other GMFC committee members will be on hand to give advice, answer questions about the club, models or answer any other queries.

Please have a safe and enjoyable evenings flying and thank you for supporting our event.

All indoor fliers and friends are invited to join the GMFC Facebook page, please go to our website and click on the Facebook icon. Note; this is a closed group.

Hope you have a happy and enjoyable 2014/15 indoor season flying with GMFC.

Chris Bishop
Chairman Gloucester Model Flying Club.