January 2012

Saturday 21st  
Good turnout indoors. Charged batteries in the camera so tried for a few pics. The Bentham dome may be geat for flying but it is not good for photography, least that's my excuse.

So a bit of a montage of shots that demonstrates; (A) a poor quality camera, (B) time I read the manual assuming I can find it, (C) that I can read or (D) no photographic skills what so ever. Phil come back all is forgiven. 

Saturday 14th

Very busy indoor session very busy. I didn't fly as I was supposed to be running this session and taking some photo's for the blog. Failed on both counts, running things Paul would have put on my report "must try harder" and after just two picture the batteries in the camera were flat. Those three b****y P's.

The couple of shots that were taken, sorry no idea of whose models these are.

Saturday 7th

Usually when the weather is good the numbers flying indoors decreases, not so to night with one of the best turnouts of the winter so far.

Servicing of the my  mini model fleet was finished and all batteries charged. Thing about these small models they all go in one box. The observant among you will notice these are not the same eight from last night. The biplane has lost one wing, it's tail feathers, sprouted an extra motor and been repainted with a more Mediterranean colour scheme.
(Above left) Steve Ps T.rex 250 creeps up to the camera.

(Above) Andy R's new Blade ????

(Left) Jamie gets a T.rex 450 ?? down on the floor then just to prove he's just as good with fixed wing he hovers an Extra (Below left).

(Below) George F's Edge, its called an edge he says because it keeps hitting the edge!

(Above left) My half size Vernon Sky Shooter which I did get to fly and (above right) a half size Wigdon Wasp which I didn't fly. Of the eight models I took along I only got to fly four as I spent much time trying to sort my little mCP X.



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