October 2010

Saturday 30th

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Steve's Osprey 

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Cookie's heli

Saturday 23rd
30 fliers signed on and lots flying, the mini slot had 23 models in the air at the same time. 

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Inverted Sukhio

4site micro

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Clive's Vapor

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one of the many mid air's, too many

Paul's lazy Bea

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Saturday 16th

video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgMTNvZ14n4 

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Richard's Heli

Clive's Cessna

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Brian's Mustang

Paul's Hughes heli

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New guy's shockie


3-sukio.jpg (58833 bytes)


Lee's Suiko

Meredith's free flight

Saturday 9th

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2-phil-fox.jpg (85148 bytes)


duck or grouse

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2-mike.jpg (78020 bytes)

Rubber powered free flight

Mike Whittard's

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2-bob-shockie.jpg (97110 bytes)

Bob Steele's Shockie

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2-bob-wing.jpg (71552 bytes)

What is it?

Bob's tiny wing

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2-george-extra.jpg (87819 bytes)

Clive's Vapor

George's Extra

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2-meredith-freeflight2.jpg (70434 bytes)

Lee's Hugh's bodied Trex 250

Meredith's CO2 powered freeflight

Saturday 2nd

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Doug's Blade

George's Tomboy

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Lee's Twister

Mike's Piaget

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meredith-free-flight.jpg (74244 bytes)

Meredith's free flight

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steve-no-flybar.jpg (91787 bytes)

Jim flying Steve's Funcopter

Flybarless Twister Storm

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the-eagle-hasnt.jpg (77081 bytes)

 Lee's Sukhoi SU26

Christian Eagle

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piaget2.jpg (88249 bytes)


Mike's Piaget


Gloucester Model Flying Club