March 2011

March 26th

The last indoor session of the winter 2010/11 saw a great turnout with 36 seniors and 8 juniors having a fly. After 90 minutes of nearly normal slots the last 30 minutes was given over to special fixed wing events.

First up was a junior only slot (see right), all eight flew, three flew helicopters, four flew fixed wing and one ornithopter.

Special mention to Ben (far left) who was flying a Trex 250, early in the evening he had been flying inverted until contact with the ground damaged his tail rotor blades luckily he was able to replace them in time to make our first ever junior only slot.

Last up the eagerly awaited but little advertised end of season "All up last down".

18 lined up, juniors and seniors with an age range from 8 to 81 (see right).

From the off there was a but of bumping and barging, but yours truly had made it very clear at the "briefing" that mid air collisions would not be tolerated. It seems many fliers missed that bit as the attrition rate was quite high at first.

Well at lest you have until the autumn to carry out repairs.

The field was soon reduced to five and at this point several went home as they had some paint they had to watch dry, or to watch highlights of England's performance with willow and leather in Colombo. Sadly these highlights were considerably shorter than the winning flight.

The remaining five continued flying as all had sadly listened to the briefing and no further comings together occurred

Jim Fairbairn flying his Piaget landed first, Bob Steels flying a E-Flite Micro ran out of electrons next then Jonathan Mills flying a ParkZone Sukhoi with a battery he had found in CB's flight box! Doug Garland flying a stock Blade was runner up. Leaving the Chairman's diminutive little Corsair the last model in the air despite the earlier disappearance of his best Lipo.

The prize "Tupperware" box was presented by the ever lovely Tracy to a gallant victor accompanied by loud applause and cries of "fix". In a sporting gesture and with a tear in his eye the contents of the box was placed behind the bar and those that stayed on consumed it's contents.

Another season comes to a close. Thank you for all your support over the last 26 weeks, may you all have a great summers flying and see you in the autumn.

Chris B.


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