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Thursday 30th
We were in the big tent this evening as the small one had collapsed.

The helicopters had the first court, mini planes the second and the fixed wing used the third and  end space, the first and second courts had artificial grass the 3rd and 4th spaces had a concrete floor. 

We had got used to the larger space and felt a little restricted although the whole space could be used when flying higher than the barriers. 

4-tent.jpg (75160 bytes)

4-grass.jpg (71318 bytes)

A bigger space divided into 3 courts with another space at the far end

Artificial grass on two of them 

4-extra.jpg (53477 bytes)

4-landing.jpg (94461 bytes)

Eric's Extra

Stuck up

4-ezd.jpg (63159 bytes)

Phil's Flyingwings EZ3D
Saturday 18th
Numbers were down, it was cold but we only had a few inches of snow, Bentham lane was bit slippery but Green lane was OK

3-snow.jpg (178564 bytes)

3-nick-raffle.jpg (126891 bytes)

snow in the car park, Bentham lane was a bit icy

Nick wins the top raffle prize

3-jim-paul.jpg (56035 bytes)

3-food.jpg (99537 bytes)

Jim's Paiget and Paul's Blade

The food, more than we could eat

3-4site.jpg (60406 bytes)

3-trojan.jpg (78884 bytes)


George's Trojan 

3-paul2.jpg (87578 bytes)

3-paul.jpg (66026 bytes)

Paul managed 6 circuits before destroying his bi-plane

Saturday 11th
A good turnout, 37 fliers
The attrition rate is still too high, some of the minis cost around 100 and can be destroyed by being flown into.
Steve has made a new fuselage for his Autogyro, it is now lighter and flies better, Steve managed a better better loop than the one in the video 

2-steve.jpg (66892 bytes)

2-bob2.jpg (71610 bytes)

Steve's Osprey 

Bob catching his wing

2-david.jpg (80386 bytes)

2-blade.jpg (71352 bytes)

David's Heli

E-flight Blade

2-paul.jpg (82624 bytes)

2-paul2.jpg (90530 bytes)

Phil flying Paul's Blade

Saturday 4th
Hi club members and friends of GMFC. 
  My Mini Beast has created such an interest at the indoor on Saturday nights, I thought you might like a bit of a flying report. 
It's a mini model the same size as a 4Site and made by the same company. Not big then, but this is a model with a big heart and LiPo & brushless power. I took it to Bentham a few weeks ago set up as per the instructions with low and high rates. On low rates it is too slow to respond when flying within the confines of Bentham. On half throttle it is flying only just above stall speed and any exciting manouvers could put it in danger. However on high rates and half throttle the Beast flies just like a full size model, It banks on the aileron and flat turns on the rudder/aileron - prop hanging is a peach.

beast.jpg (58330 bytes)

beast3.jpg (68953 bytes)

However it wants to go faster and when you look at the flat wing sections you can see why. The 120mah battery performance and length of flight is much improved by the 180mah battery. So if you buy one from Clive (CJ Models, Barton St) I suggest buying the extra batteries - one is not enough anyway and you will be disappointed by the poor power and length of flight the smaller battery provides. 
  On the subject of shopping, compare the care taken by a retailer against the cost and 'no come back' of buying ten pounds cheaper from an Internet supplier. No contest Clive anytime.  
On Sunday 5th I had the opportunity to fly The Beast outdoors from a tarmac strip and I am pleased to say that outdoors it is a joy to fly. Take off, flying and landing just like a bigger plane. It's fantastic, put a bit of expo in as it is a bit twitchy with the 'barn door' control surfaces. It copes well with slight air and is quite capable of any manouvre a pilot could throw at it, rolls, loops, bunts , spins, opposite stick. You name it, it's well braced with carbon rods and can be relied upon. 

beast2.jpg (100520 bytes)

One thing to watch for is that if the battery is not correctly installed, it can come unstuck in the cowl, mine did and the cowl came off in flight. The battery wire is a bit stiff and I had not pushed it back far enough. My 'fix' is to use a small elastic band to ensure security (you can see it in the picture). I recommend the 180mah battery for flying outdoors - more power and longer flight. 
Was it worth 120? - You bet your life - worth every penny. Will I  be flying it at Bentham again, now I have tasted  flying it outdoors? Yes I will, but not in a busy slot it's too fast and too pretty to be spoilt by being bumped into. 
Goon buy one, you know you want to.
 Regards Malcolm  

Wingspan: 372mm (14.7 inch)
 Wing Area: 5.5 sq dm (85.8 sq inch) 
Length: 400mm (15.7 inch) 
Weight without battery: 55.0 g (2.00 oz) 
Weight with LiPo battery: 64.0 g (2.40 oz) 
Motor: BL180 brushless outrunner, 2300Kv (installed) 
Battery: 2S 7.4V 120mAh 20C Lithium Polymer Battery 
Receiver: Spektrum AR6400LBL Ultra (installed) MicroReceiver/BL
ESC/Servo unit Servos: Elevator and Rudder servos integrated on the AR6400LBL with 2 independent Spektrum AS2000L Ultra Micro long-throw aileron servos (installed)


andy.jpg (69405 bytes)

andy2.jpg (77475 bytes)

Andy's Silverlit V-Full Tilt Jet Remote Control Plane

blade.jpg (56699 bytes)

4site.jpg (74376 bytes)

Blade 2

hanging about


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