March 2010

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Paul's Deperdussin

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21st Saturday


Shockie flying video

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Jamie's Trex 250 video

Paul's Deperdussin

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Pete RH

Mike's Shockie
 made from parts retrieved from his 4-Site

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Phil's MSR

Nick's Big stick

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Saturday 13th

A beautiful day outside and certain rugby match had no effect on the numbers, a few who had said they would be late turned up early giving the second half a very poor match a miss. I watched a recording later in the evening on the basis it had to get better, wrong, I ended up with the feeling I had just wasted 80 minutes of my life. Could have done something far more useful like writing this blog earlier.

After the previous weeks swarm of new models this week was quite tame. Mike Bond had  new models built from an RCMW plan, flew very well only spoilt by a wheel parting company on landing. Paul W. also had problems with his Deperdussin which also kept shedding wheels and skids.

Colin Buckle had an example of the new E.flite Blade SR, this model is mid size (between the Blade MSR and the larger 400 size models and has full CCPM (Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing). Sadly no pictures but Steve P. test flew it and was most impressed with it's handling and set up straight out of the box.

I had another first in that I went home with all my models in one piece just, and yes I did fly all of them, still having problems with seizing gearboxes on my Sqeek twin, having replaced one the other then failed fortunately it had put in some very entertaining flights, Paul G. had a fly didn't fly any better I just got more enjoyment of watching somebody else struggle.

See you next week, remember only two more evenings to go.

Chris B.

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Saturday 6th

Another great evening, sadly only three to go.

Bit of milestone as we had our first "three some", three members trying to occupy the same piece of airspace at the same time, sadly Phil didn't get a picture as he was one of the three.

Paul W. (happy 80th for yesterday Paul) brought his 1910 Deperdussin back with the warps removed. The addition of a bit of nose weight saw it flying very well.

One newcomer to the dome was Pete Smart who came all the way from Bath bringing a collection of own design miniature scale masterpieces the likes of which people sadly seldom build today. A mixture of radio control models, free flight, electric and rubber powered. All of them flew superbly.

He's promised to return in a couple of weeks so if you want to see some finely crafted models in flight then do come along.

Phil's flight shots are just getting better and better, just got to get him into doing a few more static shots.

Chris B.

(Above left) Just a few of the models Pete Smart brought along, the tailless model is a model of the Dune an early pioneering aircraft, model is electric free flight it put in several flights right up to the ceiling.

Pete as a thing for biplanes. (Above right) A Bristol Scout with a miniscule Gasparin CO2 motor. (Below both)  Vickers Vimy, R/c electric, rudder elevator and throttle. Incredible realism in flight.

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(Left & above both) Be2c, from the early years of World War One. R/c electric, rudder elevator and throttle. About 24" span Pete feels it's about the right size to give realistic performance, he's not wrong in flight it looks perfection.

(Below both) Albatross DII seaplane free flight rubber. The floats are held to the fuselage by little magnets the whole undercarriage knocks off in the event of a hard landing.

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 (Above) Diminutive Pitts Special, free flight rubber, this is not a prototype that comes as easy to fly in any form (full size or model), carved from white insulation foam it flew a couple of very convincing circuits.

(Above right) Pete prepares to launch this tiny model of a 1909 Antoinette monoplane. Yes, it's R/c electric, rudder elevator and throttle, made from thin (very) Depron sheet.

(Right) Antoinette in flight.

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You can't do an indoor blog without including some Blades, still the most popular indoor model. Doug (he's painted the wing tips so we know it's his) turns to intercept a model just about to land.

Paul's 1910 Deperdussin, built from a SIG kit, just under 50" span weighs just under 10 oz. The light weight construction makes the wings very prone to warping,

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Pete Wolf. with his E-flite Blade CX2 these have been around sometime but are still one of the best contra-rotating models on the market.

David Hampton with his scale Augusta not sure what the mechanics are.

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Micro Twister Helicopter from JP Perkins, all metal airframe, 3 channel infrared controls, the whole  package is under 30.00 great present for the kids.

Jonathan's Hughes 500? T.rex 250 inside, the fuselage is quite large for such a small set of mechanics but it does fly well.

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Three not so "wise monkeys"

Flight by body language? Or is he just to keep up with it?


Gloucester Model Flying Club