January 2010

Saturday 30th

The fifth and last Saturday of January 2010, back to cold outside but the dome was quite warm thanks to the heating being on during the afternoon for the previous users. Numbers were slightly down and numbers thinned a bit as the evening went on.

Most of the usually suspects were present, Paul G flew his new Copter X quite sedately it has to be said, watched him practicing nose in and slow pirouettes from nose in hover through 360 degrees very uncharacteristic behaviour actually looked quite professional.

Finally got my diminutive little Sqeek to perform thanks to another 1.3 inches of pitch on the prop and test flew a twin engined version that I designed a built during the week. Seemed to have rather odd flying characteristic in that it seemed more longitudinally unstable as the flight progressed, Jim had a fly and had the same problem? Will need to investigate further.

4-heli.jpg (101775 bytes)

4-phil.jpg (63405 bytes)

small Coaxial

Phil's fixed pitch Sabre

4-clive.jpg (95759 bytes)

4-richard.jpg (94696 bytes)


Richard's E-Flite Blade

4-mike.jpg (88560 bytes)

4-colin.jpg (86902 bytes)

Mike's 4ite

Colin's Coaxial

4-police.jpg (78547 bytes)

4-cb.jpg (67607 bytes)

who called the police?

CB's Sqeek

4-coaxial.jpg (77980 bytes)

4-cessna.jpg (44259 bytes)

George's coaxial

Cessna Minum

4-paulg2.jpg (96013 bytes)

4-paulg.jpg (81847 bytes)

Paul's CopterX in steady flight 

Saturday 23rd

Normal service is resumed as Phil returns with another new camera to capture all the action.

33 senior fliers plus several very well behaved juniors, in fact thinking about it could be said that generally the juniors are far less trouble than the adults.

Helicopter numbers were back up this week, but most slots saw many models in the air. In one mini slot I counted 21 fliers.

Paul G. had a new helicopter, fortunately the resident club experts had to spend all evening setting it up, it was test flown at the end of the last helicopter slot, sadly there was no time for Paul to get hands on the transmitter so it went home in one piece.

The much advertised new E-flite Ultra Micro 4-site is now in the country and two examples were flying on the night. Looked very impressive.

Mike B. let me have a fly of his Piaget EPP, very impressed very slow flying and very stable, flies like a more rigid Depron model instead of a floppy EPP airframe must try something similar.

See you all next week.

Chris B.

A couple of shots of the E-flite Ultra Micro 4-site, Mike Brinkworth and Bob Steel had examples but have no idea which these are.

3-mike-piaget.jpg (83573 bytes)

3-mike.jpg (92322 bytes)

Mikes Piaget doing what it does very smoothly.
3-jim.jpg (84070 bytes) 3-cb.jpg (80752 bytes)

(Above) Jim with yet another Blade these models must soon go out of fashion?

(Above right) Chairman's diminutive little Sqeek (that's how it is spelt!) two weeks in the building and still lacking in performance.

(Right) Brian Boucher's 'Long EPP'.

(Below both) Yet more great shots of the Parkzone P-51 Mustang.

3-brian.jpg (85066 bytes)

3-mustang2.jpg (100323 bytes)

3-mustang.jpg (77548 bytes)

3-bob2.jpg (87457 bytes)

(Left both) Bob Steel testing two models from his collection.    See Video.

(Below) One of Phil's best shots to date, All from Robotbirds, Freebee, Piaget & Blade.

3-bob.jpg (70505 bytes)

3-3-in-one.jpg (72145 bytes)

3-ben-250.jpg (99596 bytes)

3-trex-250.jpg (64466 bytes)

3-lee.jpg (60507 bytes)

(Above left) Ben is really getting to grips with his T.rex 250. If only some other fliers could hover so well.

(Above) A T.rex 250 that very rarely hovers but does get repaired quite a lot.

(Left) Lee's little Hughes 500 based on T.rex 250 mechanics

.(Left) Paul Taylor's Huey much better photograph this week.

(Below left) Andy R's Tandem tandem rotor Chinook.

(Below) Unknown little contra-rotating helicopter, looks very cute in the air.


3-paul.jpg (73921 bytes)

3-david.jpg (70506 bytes)

3-heli.jpg (51518 bytes)

Saturday 16th

Warning; Please do not adjust your PC while viewing this weeks photographs, they are of poor quality because the normal camera man was not available and a couple of slightly overweight committee members thought they could do a better job. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. 

With the weather back to some normality, i.e. windy and wet the dress code was back to normal for indoors in January. Fortunately the numbers were back up also with 33 "adult" fliers turning out and it also seemed a very large number of juniors (more details below) having a fly.

After 73 consecutive attendances for the evening flying Phil was AWOL!! I have to mention this because I am using his absence as an excuse for the poor quality of photographs. Darren also forgot his camera so it was down to the Chairman with his aging "Fuji" to keep up the editorial quality, something most will admit he failed to do. One of these days I will read the instructions.

There was an even distribution of models through the slots with a few more 400 size helicopters this time. Mike Brinkworth had his new to me, large Piaget flying and performing a lot better than my mini version. Sadly he did not take up my offer to fly it while he photographed it.

Now for a serious bit. There did seem to be a large number of juniors/children in the dome. A number of these were regular flyers flying models particularly in the mini slots where it is great to see them joining in on the flight line. The mini slot are ideal for juniors as there is little or no risk to them or others from these little models.

There were however a number of children who seemed not to be involved in the flying activities and were often to be seen running around in the pit area and around the outside of the barrier particularly during the helicopter slot.

Those who's children are flying on a regular basis please make sure they have BMFA insurance I know most of you have. BMFA insurance for under 18's is £11.00 per anum and they can join the GMFC free of charge if under 14 and a family member (i.e. dad's a senior member). Or they can join the BMFA directly as a country member.

I have not in the past kept a record of the names and number of juniors attending but will as of next week keep a separate record sheet. This will be mainly so myself and Darren can get to recognise which junior goes with which senior, juniors will still fly free when flying as a family member.

Sadly under the Child Protection Act officers of the GMFC are now discouraged from placing small children up chimneys, locking them in cellars, forcing them to listen to Des O'Conner greatest hits plus a whole raft of punishments that our enlightened Victorian predecessors had at there disposal. Luckily the Child Protection Act does not cover there parents from experiencing Darren or my displeasure.

While the GMFC welcomes all junior fliers we are not running a Saturday evening 'crèche' so please ensure if you bring the kids along they are properly supervised.

Lets hope we don't get too much snow this week so we can all make it next weekend.

Chris B.


Pit area and the flight line. Bit more casual dress this week hardly a pair of thermal socks in sight.
A few Helicopters (my Fuji does reasonable stills).

(Above left) Unknown models.

(Above) Two Storms and a V70. My lucky shot of the night.

(Left) Malcolm's T.rex 450 should be a circuit indoors soon? See outdoor blog.

(Below both) Paul Taylor's superb Huey much photographed. Must do a full article on this model.

(Above) Paul G. new free flight Helicopter gets a gentle push into level stable flight, sadly a split second later his right hand contacts the cyclic stick and the smooth sedate flight is spoilt.

(Right) The best shot I could manage of Mikes Piaget. A proper 'professional' photographer will be back next week and the quality of the pictures will be back to those normally published on this site.

Saturday 9th
12 inches of snow couldn't stop 15 of the hardiest fliers in the country, from braving the elements and flying in Bentham's air conditioned dome.  The temperature outside was -4 and inside felt like -24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We carried on flying the 3 slots as usual with the minis yet again ruling the skies.  Phil and his trusty sidekick Jim were employed as photographers and Darren struggled to keep control of the unrulies. 
 The usual blades were flying in the fixed wing slot with one exception Ginger Rob has bought himself a Blade and in his normal fashion showed everyone else up!  The heli slot was dominated with Twister 3D Storms once again with one exception.  Young Ben had a Trex 250 for Christmas and is now hovering solo (not bad for an 8 year old).  Last night the available committee banned both Rob and Ben (show offs!! hahahaha).  Not a lot else to write about.
Just one quick thank you to Malcolm and Clive; many thanks for pushing an idiot and his car out of the snow not once, but twice - Cheers, I owe you one.

cld-white-out.jpg (37254 bytes)

A photo from Cam Long Down, Saturday afternoon

more winter pics at http://www.ebley.plus.com/photo/?M=D 

2-blade.jpg (101350 bytes)

2-ben.jpg (93192 bytes)

The common Blade in Knife edge

Ben flying his Trex 250

2-msr.jpg (97619 bytes)

2-flybaby.jpg (97364 bytes)

E-flite MSR

Minium Fly Baby

2-steve2.jpg (100048 bytes)

2-steve3.jpg (97000 bytes)

Steve Heisling's Apache

2-george.jpg (85290 bytes)

2-doug.jpg (81680 bytes)

Georges Eagle

Doug's Blade

2-phil.jpg (75061 bytes)

2-feorge2.jpg (67476 bytes)

Phil's Fox

George's Heli

2-eagle.jpg (77051 bytes)

2-cessna.jpg (86994 bytes)

Christian Eagle

Minium Cessna

2nd January

First session of 2010 brought out 35 fliers plus many spectators and a few new faces. It was cold in the dome as we were the first to make use of it in 2010. A good coat and woolly hat were the order of the evening, however I can assure you it was warmer than being out on the strip next day.

Quite a few new models, probably sensible (or not) Xmas presents. My wife at last after 29 years actually got me a ready to fly model! Having seen me pass a prospective eye over a Silverlit Sopwith Camel in Maplins she presented with said model as a Xmas present, however it came with conditions that I fly it as it came out of the box before carving it about.

Now I have yet to see one of these fly well, and mine was a little bit lacking. Phil did get a flying shot (see below) enough to keep her who must be obeyed happy. So out with the scalpel and see if we can improve the little bipe. Nick Ford has one that flies superbly using the Silverlit TX, he as however added quite a bit of lead to the nose and has it flying really well.

One of the problems with the Silverlit range of models is they only use 3 X 27 MHz frequencies and these they label A, B & C. We do have an ABC peg board which Clive produced a few weeks back please use it instead of just "shooting" each other down.

The split between all types of indoor models was fairly even although the pictures would suggest otherwise. It just amazes me the number of small models we can get in the air in any one slot.

Again Darren ran things flawlessly even adding visual signals for the benefit of those with poor hearing. He will be running solo again next week as work beckons me again, this time to hopefully warmer climes than I experienced before Xmas..

So see you all in a couple of weeks and please don't get frostbite.

Chris B.

1-cb.jpg (100322 bytes)

Chairman's Bi-plane had a very short flight but enough to allow him to upgrade it. Nick Ford's little Sopwith flying beautifully after moving the C of G forward.

(Above both) Phil finally got a sharp photo of a ParkZone Mustang, 1/30 shutter speed at full zoom is not easy. Not sure whose this is as there are quite a few flying.

(Right) Also another excellent shot of a Kyosho Cessna again owner unknown.

1-david.jpg (99009 bytes)

1-paul-you-hee.jpg (98194 bytes)

David's MSR he got for Xmas.

Paul's Huey bodied Trex 450

Contra rotating Apache..

David Hampton's Augusta, Mini Titan mechanics inside.

Bob Steele has been busy producing more micro models. (Above left) What you get when you put a second wing on top of a ParkZone Sukhoi  SU-26M, makes quite a passable biplane, that flies quite slowly. (Above right) Bob diminutive little Donuts Models-Nano Aito, this is a kit available through Robotbirds. The word kit is a bit of a deception, I bought one some time back (£7.95?) all you get is to A4 size sheets of 2mm Depron nicely printed and cut out and that's it! A lot of nifty building is needed if you are going to keep the weight below the recommended 15 grams. Full marks to Bob for getting it flying so well.

Bob's largest model a Mini Blade with extra bits.

Jamie Cole's Extra 330S.

1-2-minutes-left.jpg (96523 bytes)

Darren signals for the benefit of the partially sighted that there are two minutes left in the slot.

Note. The smart collection of hats.

"Watch out for the Fox Phil"


Gloucester Model Flying Club