February 2010

Saturday 27th

4-mike-free2.jpg (64357 bytes)

4-mike-free.jpg (86073 bytes)

Mike's free flight

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4-citabria.jpg (90035 bytes)


Doug's Citabria

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mark's Trex

George's Tomboy

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Phil's Ikrarus Edge

Brian's Storch

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Doug's Flybaby

Jonathon's Trex

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Brian's home brew

Terry's MSR

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The fixed wing slot, see video

Ikurus Edge

Saturday 21st

Yet another good evening. No new faces for the first time this year! Sadly a few midair's in the fixed wing slot. Phil got a super shot of George & Nick Ford's vintage 'Depron' pair in formation, sadly both the Junior 60 and the Tomboy were later attack viciously and without provocation by nasty EPP models. I myself am ashamed to say took out the Junior 60 and rumour was that Malcolm was involved in the demise of the Tomboy.

Phil really excelled himself with his new camera getting two shot with three models and a couple more with two in.

I am pleased to report that the little Silverlit Sopwith Camel is now flying nearly perfectly, flew out two 120 mahr batteries giving about six minutes flight time each. Removing the washout from one wing and a slight increase in dihedral seems to do the trick.

Long range forecast for next weekend is very wet so Bentham on Saturday night is the place to get a flight.

Chris B.

CB crash on YouTube (there's no proof that it is the Chairman, could be anybody?)

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3-mike-piagett.jpg (96615 bytes)

TomBoy shortened version

Mike's Piaget see video of KE loop

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Jim's Chinook

Lama 2 coaxial

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3-mike-heli.jpg (86431 bytes)

George's Shockie

Mike's heli

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Chairman's Silverlit Sopwith Camel

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Gordon's Christian Eagle

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Brian's Delta

Malcolm's Blade

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3-george-nick.jpg (49813 bytes)

George and Nick flying their Tomboy and Junior 60
Saturday 13th

For those who take the time and trouble, and I hope gain a little pleasure from reading 'what I have wrote' will notice that I lied about being on one of my work breaks this weekend. I should have been, but due to a bout of flu while in the south of France I decided not to risk infecting a proportion of the Italian Population restricting my germs to a couple of hundred Air France passengers.

Another good turnout with yet more new faces, I say this every week but it just amazes me that every Saturday night yet more new faces with boxes under their arms come through the doors.

Nothing really new this week, but the Parkzone 'Sukhoi Su-26m' is now appearing in numbers, probably due to it being on special offer with many retailers, 45.00 for the complete 'BNF' (bind & fly) version, that's 30.00 off the original price. Shop around there are some bargains to be had at the moment, but don't buy something like the Sukhoi if you are new to flying models, it's no trainer.

Actually did some flying myself, the little Silverlit Sopwith Camel (wife's Xmas present) is starting to put in some good flights having been converted to full three channels, still needs a bit more dihedral and the washout in the wing needs adjusting but we are getting. The Camel had mid air with Brian's P-51 Mustang (he of the friendly fire incident last week) the Camel won! Won't read that in many aviation history books.

My pair of 'Sqeeks' are having reliability problems with their gear boxes with 2 out of 3 failing in flight, it's quite ironic that two such small 'models' should need so much maintenance.

I'm actually writing this on Valentines day so that means we have passed half way in another month, only six more indoor sessions this winter. See you all next week.

Chris B

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Brian's Cub Paul Taylor's Huey 
2-not-a-pig.jpg (85441 bytes) 2-wonky-wheels.jpg (78299 bytes)
Brian's Blade George's light weight Junior 60
D2-heli1.jpg (74218 bytes) 2-colin.jpg (79106 bytes)
Colin's coaxial
2-freeflight.jpg (73111 bytes) 2-free2.jpg (64061 bytes)
Gareth's rotating wing free flight see video 
2-george2.jpg (66108 bytes) 2-george3.jpg (64498 bytes)
George's Bi-plane
2-flybaby.jpg (52429 bytes) 2-brian.jpg (66475 bytes)
Gordon's Flybaby Brian's Long
2-the-vapours.jpg (61491 bytes) 2-4site.jpg (57940 bytes)
Parkzone Vapor 4Site
2-sukio.jpg (49844 bytes) 2-doug.jpg (81123 bytes)
Doug's Sukhoi SU-26M


Saturday 6th

A new month and only seven more indoor evenings left for this season how time flies. Another good turnout with yet more new faces.

A couple of new fliers from Bromsgrove/Redditch, met them in the door way (main door) trying to get some very large boxes in. These guys travel with their models packed in individual boxes and they had quite a collection. Phil failed to get many pictures. Sadly the little O/D scale Lancaster met with midair early on with Brian's P51 Mustang (you can always rely on the Americans for a bit of friendly fire!). Damage was slight with just one engine removed from the Lanc so sadly it did not fly again. The Lancaster was built 10 years ago and has four pager motors running of 4 small NiCad, the NiCad's were turned down in a lathe to reduce weight. To some that may seem extreme but having also built a few light models any weight reduction is critical. 

Also flying was the De Havilland Sea Vixen, although I saw it fly twice I failed to get a close look. I was shown a scale fuselage of a tiger moth complete with two of the new .8 gram Falcon Models servos. I do hoe they return to let us see it flying and I get the time to see their models in close up and take some pictures.

Doug had a new E-Flite 4-Site F3P. Now I had no idea this models was coming out, it's basically a larger version of there small micro 4-site. Doug let me have a fly of course and it's fantastic!! I've had a few E-Flite bipes, starting with the Bye Yak which was brilliant, then the Divo which was good but seemed to lack the 'solidity' of the Yak. My impression of the big 4-Site is that's it's as good if not better than the Yak. Even with Doug's very conservative G of G it just hung on the prop with ease. My new years resolution was not to buy any new kits this year just finish what I have, a resolution that could well be broken!

In the last couple of months we have had quite a few new faces flying indoors, not new to the hobby but trying the 'light' side of things for the first time. Mike Whittard, Richard Jordan and Paul Leyton are all well known local fliers who have been flying for many years, Paul in particular is an extremely accomplished display pilot normally seen guiding several thousand pounds worth of fast jet. All have taken easily to indoor flying but have the found the discipline of keeping within fixed boundaries a challenge.

I will be missing again next week, with more snow and cold weather forecast I'm of to the Mediterranean again for work break.

Chris B.

Jamie's Trex 250 video clips  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik9R61WRCbU ! minute and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajuobzfY7O8  2 minutes

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1-biplane.jpg (81103 bytes)

A couple of new visitors models, DH Sea Vixen and I think an SE5A? Jim Turner launches his Silverlit Sopwith Camel.

1-flybaby2.jpg (78961 bytes)

1-flybaby.jpg (77677 bytes)

Fantastic shot of a Kyosho Fly Baby, not sure who's flying it, Gordon or Doug? Both Cotswold Radio Control Society members, Gordon says he has never done so much flying as he has indoors this year.

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1-cessna.jpg (62862 bytes)

Silverlit - R/C Single Wing Plane. Kyosho Citabria.

1-4site-doug.jpg (57563 bytes)

1-4site-doug2.jpg (76862 bytes)

Doug's E-Flite 4-Site F3P 250, CB on the Tx Phil on camera, handling is amazing, the previous E-Flite bipe's were good and this is exceptional. Ok it's Depron and will damage easily but it's rigid and the performance goes with it. Only niggle is the one piece plastic undercarriage, the wheels are moulded to the legs, wouldn't ROG just tips up on the nose, and makes a horrible noise on landing.

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(Above and below), Sqeek with various ,members at the controls, Darren & Phil, Paul G. lurking in the background waiting to cadge a fly which he eventually got.

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1-sqeek4.jpg (95005 bytes)

1-heli.jpg (88423 bytes)

1-sukio.jpg (50553 bytes)

Shock exposure, Mike Whittard CRCS member flying a helicopter. Jamie Cole, don't just think he flies egg whisks well he's pretty dam good with the fixed wing to.


Gloucester Model Flying Club