December 2009
No Indoor meeting 26th December

Saturday 19th
MC for the evening was Obersturmbannführer (we shoot first and never ask questions later) Van- Tibbittstrop; CB has gone somewhere warm for one of his rare work breaks.
We should get Darren to run the train service, they would all run on time and would not stop when the temperature changed.
28 fliers turned out on a very cold evening, there was an equal mix of minis, helis and fixed wing, a couple more MSRs were seen, also Jim with a new blade, this flew fine straight off, later Jim increased the prop size and moved the battery back to improve its prop hanging. Missing was the clatter of helis hitting something hard, most pilots taking it easy except for Jamie who flew some impressive 3D but  always in control/


3-a-pair-of.jpg (103764 bytes)

3-a-patch-he.jpg (98160 bytes)

A pair of....................... 

Steve Heisling's Apache

3-jim.jpg (94998 bytes)

3-the-eagle-has.jpg (94652 bytes)

Jim's new Blade, in Celtic colours, Jim is a Rangers supporter

A very nice looking Christian Eagle

3-aids2.jpg (94018 bytes)

3-sumo.jpg (90212 bytes)

Derrick launching Ade's model, there was no carnage tonight

Mike's Sumo

3-aids.jpg (100156 bytes)

3-pitts.jpg (82238 bytes)

Ade's Trex in an aggressive pose

depron Pitts

3-police.jpg (97809 bytes)

3-police2.jpg (93945 bytes)

two police helicopters, the transmitter controls were a little fierce

3-lee.jpg (80007 bytes)

3-a-bea-see.jpg (75927 bytes)

Lee's Trex 250 with a Hughes body

Paul's Lazy Bea

3-jamie4.jpg (76855 bytes)

3-jamie.jpg (55553 bytes)

The book says: Inspired by one of the most successful aerobatic aircraft of all time this semi-scale electric Suhkoi SU26 “Bind-N-Fly” from Parkzone looks set to take the indoor electric aerobatic world by storm thanks to its superb design and fully proportional four channel control that allows precision aerobatics to be performed with ease

Above Jamie's Suhkoi and right his Trex 250

3-jamie2.jpg (85217 bytes)

Saturday 12th The club Raffle.  list of winners 
Glen Cook Mark Burns

Brian Boucher - tools Paul Williams - transmitter case


 The prizes

Saturday 12th.

Our 70th indoor session, we started flying indoors on the 2nd December 2006, when 7 fliers turned out most with very unsuitable models. Three years later we have advanced a bit! 38 turned out to fly including one or two yet new faces. Didn't see any spectacular crashes although I did hear the odd clatter of helicopter into side wall.

Darren had gone to Lapland to see the real Father Xmas so it fell to myself with plenty of help to keep things running and for collecting and returning things to my car. Particular thanks to Debbie & Tracy for their sales of raffle tickets and for preparing the raffle for me.

Even had a great evenings flying myself with a model that three days ago I didn't even know I had? While scouring the workshop for the club's collection of 'ping pong' balls I found three boxes containing the larger foam components of a Kyosho Minium  Cessna 210, a quick call to Robotbirds and the missing tail feathers arrived next morning. 

Now I loved the little Cessna 210 when it came out but didn't get on with the little Kyosho transmitter, so fitting a Parkzone receiver and servo brick from their Vapour/Ember I was able to fly the little Cessna from my DX7. Improving the control runs and with more movement from the Parkzone servos makes this little model even more fun to fly. It really is a shame that Kyosho don't offer there range of Minium models as Bind & Fly.

Darren will be running things again next week as to escape the threatened cold weather I will be sunning myself on the Adriatic Coast for the next two weeks.

No flying December 26th due some holiday or something?

Chris B.

Rotary Wing first!
2-seeing-double.jpg (100828 bytes) Above David's Chinook

(left & top left) Andy's little contra rotating tandem rotor Chinook.

(Below) Another of Fran Oakley's creations. This time he gave a brief demo of his quad

2-quadrocopter2.jpg (100102 bytes)

A swarm of E-flite Blades. (Above left) the new and Conventional Blade MSR.

 (Above right) a pair of Blade mCX's still very popular.

(Right) The granddaddy of all the Blade series the CX3 

2-trex.jpg (97496 bytes)

A trio of 450 size heli's, (Above left) Mini Titan.

(Above) T.rex (or a clone off its hard to tell.

(Left) Steve Heisling's Apache? T.rex mechanics with a body kit. Looks far better in the air than it does in the picture. 

Fixed Wing (well they were at the start of the evening)!
Yet more Blades, this time from Freeair Blade EPP, the most common and long lived of all the indoor models. I think the one on the left is Doug's as he painted the tail for easy recognition and yours truly on the right. Wouldn't be this close up and personnel with anybody else on the sticks?
Phil scrounges a flight with a Sumo, I know its not his, the transmitter is far too clean.
Little and large, (Left) Kyosho Minium Citabria, (Right) large FreeBee
Not so popular these days a pair of Depron 'Shockies' (Left) I think this is Brian's but not sure what the model is from the art work looks like a kit. (Right) A now quite rare an original Ikarus Extra 300 shock flier.
Clive's Staggerwing yet again repaired, flown briefly (very) then rekitted, again!

Saturday 5th

1-raffle.jpg (132087 bytes)

1-blades.jpg (97357 bytes)

Raffle prizes

2 blades just before they collided 

1-pitts.jpg (98348 bytes)

1-jamie.jpg (98318 bytes)

Brian's Pitts

Jamie's Buzz

1-jiimy.jpg (95951 bytes)

1-msr.jpg (100929 bytes)

Jim with a heli

Phil's MSR

1-george.jpg (99741 bytes)

1-phil.jpg (99067 bytes)

George's bi-plane

Phil's Sabre

1-meridith.jpg (97809 bytes)

1-bea.jpg (96958 bytes)

Meredith about to catch his CO2 powered free flight

Reg's free Bea

1-blade.jpg (96524 bytes)

1-clive.jpg (94989 bytes)

one of the many Blades


1-george-heli.jpg (94102 bytes)

1-minium.jpg (91478 bytes)

George's heli


1-bladecx3.jpg (90045 bytes)

1-twister.jpg (87786 bytes)

Blade CX3

Twister Storm

1-police.jpg (84236 bytes)

1-philww.jpg (58646 bytes)

Coaxial heli

Phil Wright's home brew


Gloucester Model Flying Club