Indoor October 2009

Saturday 31st
Several new faces, Nick and Doug with EPP Blades and Bob with a coaxial helicopter. I flew the Ikrasus Yak I bought from Chris last week, 3mm is a little week and mid airs best avoided, I always though they were a little heavy for indoors, but they fly fine in the big space at Bentham.
Brian's home brew wing stayed in one piece this week, unlike last week when it did one circuit and folded.
Helicopter numbers were down, I did not take any heli photos except for my mCX as I was helping Bob with his Coaxial.
Lots of EPP Blades, the fixed wing spot a bit crowded in some sessions, Doug did well with a nicely set up Blade. 
Mike's Sumo is an interesting model, capable of vertical take off and landing, it will fly very slowly even in knife edge, prop hanging is a little tricky with such a short body.

5-low.jpg (97264 bytes)

3bbob1.jpg (92770 bytes)

Low inverted Shockie

Brian's Wing

4paul2.jpg (82606 bytes)

4-minium.jpg (67105 bytes)

Paul's little Lazy Bea

Kyosho Minium

4-free.jpg (84508 bytes)

4bob1.jpg (96864 bytes)

Meredith causing global warming with his CO2 powered free flight model

Bob Steel, one of his many models

4-ikrusus2.jpg (78891 bytes)

4-ikrusus.jpg (81600 bytes)

both sides of Phil's Ikrasus shockie

4-nose-in2.jpg (97267 bytes)

4-nose-in.jpg (100806 bytes)

Phil practices nose in, Brian was a little surprised

5-ornithopter.jpg (72204 bytes)

5-dart.jpg (88659 bytes)

No I can't spell hornythingy

David's free flight Dart

5-mike.jpg (93571 bytes)

5-ember.jpg (60612 bytes)

Mike's Sumo, a great indoor model VTVL

An Ember

Saturday 24th

4-malcom.jpg (100252 bytes)

4paul.jpg (100188 bytes)

Malcolm's Trex-450 

Paul's mini Lazy Bee

4clive.jpg (98347 bytes)

4-pete.jpg (97125 bytes)

Clive's Viper 70

Pete's CX3, running a bit lean

4lee.jpg (95667 bytes)

4pete.jpg (95288 bytes)

Lee's Trex 250 with  Hughes 500 body

Pete R-H's 3 bladed Gaui 200 VES, without the stabiliser gyro

4george.jpg (91887 bytes)

4heli.jpg (94920 bytes)

George with Contra heli

Pete R-H's 'plastic-fantastic' or 'Bumble-bee'

4contra.jpg (93560 bytes)

4brian.jpg (92991 bytes)

Brian's EPP shockie

Saturday 17th


Have received the following light hearted email from Trevor England regarding my comments on the uses of MDF.

Firstly, the model referred to ('Ben') only has a small amount of MDF used,
i.e. to hold the wheels on and for the Motor Mount. the rest is Balsa, Depron
and Carbon fibre. It's the design and construction that make it strong, not
just the MDF.

Secondly, the model ('Ben') is a lovely slow flying stable model which, on 2
cells, is perfect for indoor flying. 3 Cells makes it more suited to outdoor

Thirdly, MDF is a great modelling material when used in moderation in the
right places. Especially when attached with liberal quantities of Epoxy

Lastly, the crashes involved were not all caused by 'Ben', but this little
MDF wonder is attracting some unfair criticism for being sturdy, resilient
and not being broken by other wayward models, drifting carelessly into it's
flight path.

I'm looking forward to flying Ben around the dome myself soon, or any of his
siblings MDF creations... hopefully with as few collisions as possible. :-)

Trevor England


Numbers down a bit only 21 flying. Nice day quite a few flying at the field a few off sick or otherwise committed. Those that did fly (well most) had a great nights flying.

One has to ask the question whether 6 mm MDF is really a suitable material for the construction of indoor models. My workshop is lined with many square meters of the stuff, it holds the insulation in and provides a smooth surface for painting which one feels is a proper use for 6mm MDF. I have never considered the possibilities of it as an aeromodling product. Bit like making boats out of concrete or houses out of custard.

It certainly makes a very heavy strong model that you don't want to get in the way of. Adrian was in fine form ploughing his way through several models without even a scratch. If it had a bigger fuselage he would be able to get more kill markings on it.


3mike1.jpg (105195 bytes)

3freddy1.jpg (101720 bytes)

Mike tries to land his Mcx on the barrier.

Paul W's "Fred" managed a few circuits.

3flight-line1.jpg (97283 bytes)

3lurie1.jpg (100626 bytes)

The flight line

Lawrence's Blade MSR 

3rob1.jpg (100580 bytes)

3aids1.jpg (99885 bytes)

Rob's Kyosho Minium Edge 540

The England's MDF special.

3bob7.jpg (98934 bytes)

3bob6.jpg (98014 bytes)

Bob Steel's Micro Mustang

3bob2.jpg (98299 bytes)

3bob3.jpg (59912 bytes)

Bob's Shockie, centre mounted motor with variable pitch prop, allowing backward flight.

Three shot's of Bob's Mini Piaget.

Unlike Andy's and the Chairman's Bob's flies very well, his secret get the weight below 40 grams.

Uses modified (much modified) Parkzone Vapor brick plus a couple of similar servos.

Result it flies well.

3bob1.jpg (101210 bytes)

3bob5.jpg (57031 bytes)

3bob4.jpg (94509 bytes)

3blade1.jpg (95840 bytes)

3brian2.jpg (84381 bytes)

Our Chairman's Blade

Brian's Storch

3wing1.jpg (82129 bytes)

3steve1.jpg (72415 bytes)

Paul's Wing

Steve's IFO

3ember1.jpg (54473 bytes)

3twist-n-shout.jpg (95498 bytes)

Colin's Ember


Andy, Phil and Steve flying Twister Storms


Saturday 10th 

2aid2.jpg (105947 bytes)

2aid1.jpg (95217 bytes)

Derek's creation made of foam the same density as MDF, killed all the other models and then killed itself

2bob2.jpg (99276 bytes)

2bob1.jpg (96749 bytes)

Dave Steele with two of his many models

2lee1.jpg (95769 bytes)

2pete1.jpg (98703 bytes)

Lee's Eflight MSR

Pete Wolf's large but friendly Lazy Bee

2cx1.jpg (93799 bytes)

2david1.jpg (100083 bytes)

Richard's Eflight CX2

David hovering his Harrier

Saturday 3rd.

Great start to indoor season. Windy day with grey overcast and a threat of rain outside meant that the indoor evenings got of to a flying start. I had promised "fun, skill, frivolity and stupidity" and the assembled fliers didn't skimp on the delivered all four.

30 fliers (22 GMFC members plus 8 guests) flew the new 2 1/2 hr, 12 slot session. Nice to see quite a few new faces hope you all had a good time and will pass on the message that all are welcome. Remember that although run by the GMFC it is open to all fliers with BMFA (or other) insurance. We need to keep the numbers at this level if we are to continue with the longer session.

The introduction of the new "Mini" slot proved very popular. Although planned to allow small fixed wing models to fly one side of the dome and beginners heli's on the other, on the night most choose to fly just micro fixed wing models.

In one slot I counted 15 micros models, Embers, Vapours, Sukhoi etc, plus a couple of the new Parkzone Ultra-Micro Mustang to name but a few. There was the odd midair but with all the models being the same size, weight and speed damage was minimal.

Rob Blake flying for the first time indoors put on an impressive display of helicopter aerobatics, first with his T.rex 450 which met with a bit of an accident and then with his 250 which he parked on the roof inverted at one point.

I had my new Techone 'Mini Piaget' (piglet to most people) 16.5" span, not impressed with it far to floppy, Andy had one also it was better behaved but under powered, Phil had a quick fly with both. won't be rushing out to get one he said. I'm going to persevere with mine, come along next week for 'piglet part 2'

Just a quick request, will helicopter pilots doing/attempting 3D/aeros fly on the far side of the dome and those with more stable types (contra rotating etc) fly along the pit side. Should lessen the chances of a "450 size" helicopter getting into the pit area.

Chris B.

peter.jpg (99754 bytes)

brian.jpg (82587 bytes)

Pete Wolf's FreeBee although quite large its ultra low wing loading makes it great to fly indoors.

Brian Rawnsley's GWS Cub starting its 4th season of flying indoors.

cb-be-be.jpg (97470 bytes)

ikurus-edge.jpg (98873 bytes)

Chairmen's Blade starts its second season.

Adam Stuart, new visitor to the dome prop hangs a Ikarus Yak. Don't see this about much now.

meridith.jpg (67703 bytes)

blade-blade-blade-boring-blade.jpg (98648 bytes)

Meredith Evans' free flight Co2 model put in some good flights. Another Blade owner unknown, still a very popular model.
thr-vapours.jpg (81606 bytes) jim-mustang.jpg (95833 bytes)
Parkzone corner. (Above left) The light weight Vapour. (Above right) The new P51 Mustang, full house radio and superb performance. (Below both) the aerobatic Sukhoi Su-26M.

Being able to purchase as BNF (bind and fly) has made this range of models very popular, with an increasing range of models we will I think see more Parkzone models in the air.

minium.jpg (60392 bytes)

phil-balsa.jpg (95754 bytes)

john-heli.jpg (98943 bytes)

Chris Challice's little balsa tissue mini model.

Jon Hobbs another newbie indoors flies a contra rotating Bell.

Adrian venerable Trex 450. The new E-flite Blade MSR.

Rob Blake another newbie indoors, though hard to believe, flew his little T.rex 250 with great panache, including parking on the roof, with application of negative pitch it stayed put while he took a round of applause.

lee-250.jpg (92218 bytes)

Cookie's tandem rotor Chinook. Lee's T.rex 250 with Hughes 500 body shell.


Gloucester Model Flying Club