October 2008

Saturday 25th
The usual mix of fixed wing and Helis and one new one from the England team, a rudder elevator model in the team colours. 
Brian Rawnsley had an EPP blade but flew it in a restrained manor, my Pogo refused to land on its rear end, CB seems to have mastered the vertical landing something I am working on.
darren-little-one.jpg (49819 bytes) 4-brian2.jpg (87430 bytes)
Darren's Mosquito Brian's home brew shockie
pitts.jpg (110510 bytes) 4-aids.jpg (44080 bytes)
Cookie launches Derrick's latest creation, flown by Adrian
4-jon-heli.jpg (88095 bytes) 4-pitts-lee.jpg (86138 bytes)
Jonathon's Heli flown by Stan Lee's Pitts, a bit of a handful indoors
4-cessna.jpg (63528 bytes) 4-mark-blade.jpg (50968 bytes)
Brian Rawnsley's Cessna and Blade, steady left hand circuits
4-mark.jpg (70738 bytes) 4-phi;-pogo.jpg (65502 bytes)
Mark's Pitts Phil's Pogo, failed to land vertically 
4-brian.jpg (46422 bytes) 4-say-a-little-prayer.jpg (88287 bytes)
Brian's wing On a wing and a prayer
Saturday 18th

Another great night, good turnout and a few new and interesting models.

3-sufers.jpg (98649 bytes)
Most interesting model(s) of the night were the Surfboards of Darren and Stan, boring they were not. Early flights were short, Stan's made all off 15 feet, Darren had to do better but no, only managed 14 feet. However with much perseverance, "advice?" and hot glue satisfactory flights were achieved.
3-sufers2.jpg (61386 bytes)

Quite why Marley Jnr looks so apprehensive is unclear, he is only launching it.

Stan launches his own creation, Paul G. at the controls.

Left .

Derek & Adrian prepare the the latest England team creations. Suspect we won't see a change in colour scheme until the yellow and red tape runs out.

Pete wolf's FreeBee. I saw half a dozen of these models racing around pylons in  very small space at the Prague Model Show last September 07.

This is the first I have seen in the UK, although a largish model it has all the makings of a great indoor trainer.

Didn't get any close up shots, do hope Pete brings it again as I will do a whole article on it.

3-lazy-b.jpg (95924 bytes)

3-cb-heli.jpg (91101 bytes)

Chairman's diminutive E-flite Blade CX Ultra Micro co-axial helicopter. 7.5 inches long 1 ounce in weight. This modle is great fun, bit lost in Bentham, first flight lost it "out of sight" (big hall/poor eyesight). Great fun in the home, annoy dogs, wife etc, by flying in front of television.

3-shin-nook.jpg (93850 bytes)

3-lee-heli.jpg (95275 bytes)

Twister R/C Skylift.

E-flight Blade 400 3D.

3-cb-dart.jpg (61557 bytes)

3-phil-fox2.jpg (87076 bytes)

Couple of great fling shots I think taken by Mike Brinkworth. Left Chairman's diminutive BMFA Dart and right Phil's little EPP Fox.


Saturday 11th October at Bentham

Lee's Hili

Adrian inverted


Mike's Shockie with a prop stuck in the wing after a midair

2-david-hell.jpg (65722 bytes)

2-lee-miniom.jpg (81398 bytes)

David's helli

Lee's Kyosho Minimum

Brian Rawnsley's Fieseler Storch

2-free-flight.jpg (59149 bytes)

2-darren-ifo.jpg (54820 bytes)

Free flight design with controls added

Darren's IFO

2-phi-fox.jpg (44454 bytes)

2-brian.jpg (33436 bytes)

Phil's rudder elevator Fox

Brian's wing


Saturday 4th October. Bentham Country Club.

What a great start to the 2008/9 season. Helped no doubt by the wind and rain outside over twenty fliers plus a host of spectators turned up to fly, watch and generally have a great evening.

The dome was thick with models all evening, several "slot" with eight heli's hovering about, several with eight plus fixed wing models plus a few with heli's and fixed wing sharing the same airspace.

The informal "slot" system seemed to work well and even when mixed types flew together there were no problems. Most of the heli flyers are "beginners" and actual don't use a lot of airspace or altitude therefore it is quite possible for the to fly at the same time as fixed wing models.

One minor disadvantage of Bentham "V" Chosen Hill is the difficulty in getting good pictures in Bentham. Of all the venues I have flown indoors at Chosen Hill had the most superb lighting, Bentham is well lit, for flying but the contrasts and glare from the lights don't make for good pictures.

Many retired to the bar and a bit of "Vaporization" took place some more successful than others, although tried Phil's head was not a very user friendly carrier.

Thanks to all for your support and see you next week.

Chris B.

pitts.jpg (110510 bytes)

paul.jpg (105157 bytes)

Just a few of the many watching and flying.

Paul gives David an intro into Vapour flying.

divo.jpg (85906 bytes)

marley.jpg (92094 bytes)

The Chairman's "Divo" in action.

Marley Jnr's "Storm 3D"??

bi-plane.jpg (90159 bytes)

brown-biplane.jpg (97272 bytes)

Brian Rawnsley's Fieseler Storch and Sopwith Pup in action.

jon.jpg (81452 bytes)

england-wing.jpg (76326 bytes)

Jonathan's first session with a helicopter.

The "England" teams foam IFO.

mike-biplane.jpg (72644 bytes)

brian.jpg (71760 bytes)

Mike's Spad? from a Scorpio Kit.

Brian Boucher's own design.

fox2.jpg (67926 bytes)

fox.jpg (39712 bytes)

The Chairman's "credit crunch" Fox flew just as well indoors as it did outside.

cessna.jpg (32039 bytes)

ken.jpg (34923 bytes)

A couple from the Kyosho Minimums range, Cessna 210 left and the new Skybaby right.

mark-biplane.jpg (62317 bytes)

ken-hell.jpg (63007 bytes)

Pitts not sure whose either Brian or Marks. Kens Eflite blade flying faultlessly as ever.


Gloucester Model Flying Club