November 2008

Saturday 27th
Only 20 fliers and at times it looked a little empty with only one model in the air. Concern has been voiced about the helicopters and fixed wing flying together. We have now changed to a strict segregation policy in 10 minute slots.
5-mike.jpg (94546 bytes) 5-heli.jpg (95869 bytes)
Mike KEing his Blade and heli flying
5-peter.jpg (88917 bytes) 5-paul.jpg (80452 bytes)
Pete Wolf's FreeBee Brian's Cessna
5-reptile.jpg (82759 bytes) 5-david.jpg (98853 bytes)
David narrowly misses Ken with his Reptile and is placed in the 'sin bin' 
5-cb.jpg (79045 bytes) 5-ken.jpg (92498 bytes)
Chairman's Stick Ken's Fly Baby
5-lean2.jpg (76766 bytes) 5-bar.jpg (118053 bytes)
Is Phil's Fox running a bit lean? Darren, CB and David flying in the bar
Saturday 22nd
Mike arrived with a new Blade, a great model for our big hall, very easy to fly,  KEs and prop hangs easily. Richard found his new heli a handful, CB looked a little wobbly with it. 

Pete struggled with his Freebee, not used to challenge of indoor flying
Our heli session in the bar did not go well, the down draughts caused us to crash.

4-brian-free.jpg (57949 bytes) 4-mike-blade.jpg (99429 bytes)
Brian's free flight glider fitted with a pylon mounted motor Mike knife edging his Blade
4-paul-rebuild.jpg (98487 bytes) 4-cb-heli.jpg (91104 bytes)
Paul rebuilding his heli after a mishap CB helping Richard with his heli
4-phil-blade2.jpg (97114 bytes) 4-pwolf-bee.jpg (61456 bytes)
Phil flying Mike's Blade Pete Wolf's FreeBee.
4-aid-bug.jpg (58284 bytes) 4-bar-hypnotism.jpg (152699 bytes)
Adrian's strange bug Helicopters cause strange hypnotic effect or is it the beer?

Saturday 15th
Much the same as other nights with a 50/50 split of fixed wing and heli, but this changed after Adrian's T-rex collided with a Blade and then Brian hit Stan's heli. The light weights hid in the corners and avoided trouble.
Darren and Marley held up their score cards to give marks on how well models were flown, top score 1 out of ten.
There were a couple of new shock fliers sorry I missed the names. I flew Darren's little Blade in the bar and I was so impressed I bought one

2-small.jpg (83887 bytes) 3-vapour2.jpg (71706 bytes)
Vapour ultra light weight
3-scoring.jpg (100671 bytes) 3-micro-blade.jpg (95648 bytes)
What did the judges think of that? not a lot E-flite Blade MCX's
3-england-team.jpg (95170 bytes) 3-brian-biplane.jpg (94142 bytes)
An England team effort  Brian Rawnsley's Sopwith Pup
3-reptile.jpg (84144 bytes) 3-reptile2.jpg (78493 bytes)
David's flapping reptile, I can't spell orinthingy
3-mono-shockie.jpg (80185 bytes) 3-mark-biplane.jpg (79609 bytes)
EPP shockie Mark's depron Pitts
3-icurus2.jpg (74500 bytes) 3-icurus.jpg (63635 bytes)
3mm depron Ikurus shock flier
Saturday 8th

A tutorial session was held in the adjacent function room earlier in the afternoon. This was attended by a group of eleven fliers all hoping to gain a few pointers on how to get there models flying better. Their experience ranged from none up to a few who can hover quite well.

The talk covered the basic of helicopter flight and setting up of a model helicopter, although a lot of ground was covered it is very clear that it is a huge subject and that several issues were not covered. A second talk is in the planning stage which will cover items such as pitch/throttle curves batteries charging plus many more items.

I had hoped to actual set up and test fly a model for somebody, Lee brought along his new Mini Titan, but alas I was beaten by his Futaba radio (I'm a JR/Spectrum user) however I did later get his model set up but was unable to test fly due flat batteries. Should have it flying next week.

Many thanks to all who attended and please watch for details of the follow up session. Thanks to Chris Rennie for the photographs.

Chris B.

 Part of the Chairman's collection, four last generation helicopters.

Five free raffle tickets to the first person to identifying all four models, make, and full name of each model please. 

E.mails only please by 1200am Saturday 15th November. Winner if there is one will be announced at Bentham on Saturday night.

The assembled group take in every last word, questions will be asked later. Chairman with a very old helicopter airframe can anyone name & date it?

After the talk all retired to the dome for the usual evenings flying and fun.

2-3helis.jpg (97327 bytes) 2-3helis2.jpg (86165 bytes)
A trio of E-flite Blade mCX's, enthral the crowd.
2-phil-heli.jpg (91638 bytes) 2-phil-fox.jpg (78619 bytes)
Phil yet again caught flying a helicopter this time Pete's E-flite Blade CX2. Phil's Fox, hard to fly indoors as it tip stalls when slowed
2-scsa.jpg (89343 bytes) 2-david-chinnock.jpg (99930 bytes)
Pete Wolf entertains the crowd  from the South Cotswold Soaring Association with his tiny heli David Hampton attend the tutorial and stayed on to fly his Skylift Chinook.
2-peter.jpg (59213 bytes) 2-cessna.jpg (37722 bytes)
Pete's FreeBee Brain's GWS Piper Cub a regular performer.
2-vapour.jpg (39982 bytes) 2-ken.jpg (80477 bytes)
Mick's Vapour Ken launching for David 
2-cb-heli.jpg (79281 bytes) 2-chris.jpg (87506 bytes)
CB's "vintage" electric helicopter. Secretary Chris Rennie's colourful T.rex 450.


Saturday 1st 

Numbers a bit down, many attracted to night of fireworks and partying in the seasonal British weather, well at least the snow has gone. Sadly not many new models, Mike had a new "Shockie" Phil got one picture which doesn't really do it justice! Finally got a really good flight out of my little "depron dart" but then destroyed my E-flite Divo big time.

A few spent there time setting up there own and helping others set up helicopters. This seems to be a feature of most Saturday nights and to me seems a poor use of the limited flying time. So next Saturday (8th) the GMFC is holding a special helicopter session prior to the evenings flying 4.00pm till 6.00pm. See main page for more details.

Chris B.

brian2.jpg (98217 bytes)

brian.jpg (48538 bytes)
Brian's home brew EDF, got a good flight after a few attempts and a good launch from Paul G.
Above and below;  Phil doesn't like helicopters? Seems to be enjoying himself here, either that or has forgotten to take the tablets, again!!
cookie.jpg (79555 bytes) fly-baby-ken.jpg (61032 bytes)
Cookie's Heli Ken's Kyosho Fly Baby
mick-vapour.jpg (72184 bytes) mick-wing.jpg (79248 bytes)
Mick's Vapour and Bongo
david-heli.jpg (86929 bytes) mike-shockie.jpg (52677 bytes)
David with CB's Micro Blade Mike's Shockie


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