March 2009

Saturday 28th

Last session of the 2008/09 season. Good turnout with two new faces even at this late stage.

Pete RH. had his new Apache Gunship, based on a Thunder Tiger Mini Titan.

Adrian at last got round to testing the inside of dome with his SJM 250. The score, Dome 1 Adrian 0, now would you really have put a bet on any other outcome.

Brought my "Divo" out for it's last flight, was meant to be last flight of the winter but due to moving the right  stick in the wrong direction it proved to be it's last flight ever.

It was to be the last session for Richard Cockram who bid us farewell. He is moving to the south coast to be near his new job. He has over the past seasons amazed people with his small conventional helicopters. On his last night he assembled and flew a T.rex 250 (quite large by his standards). On behalf of the club members and all the indoor flyers we wish Richard all the best for the future.

The atmosphere in the bar after was a bit like the last day of the summer term at school, with everybody saying a "tearful" farewell for a few weeks.

Many thanks to all who have supported these evenings for the last twenty six weeks, see you all in the autumn.

(Above) Pete's Gunship based on Mini Titan mechanics.
Richard builds and flies a T.rex 250 on his last night.
Trio of Blades.

(Left) Blade Mcx

(Below left) The common Blade

(Below) Richard G's Blade 400

4-blade.jpg (101881 bytes)

4-blade-400.jpg (100067 bytes)

4-la-diva.jpg (78276 bytes)

The Chairman's (second) E-flite Divo also on it's last outing.

4-david.jpg (97007 bytes)

4-minium.jpg (93455 bytes)

David's heli in a steady hover Little Kyosho Citabria.

4-beech.jpg (49959 bytes)

3-brian.jpg (96552 bytes)

Clive's Beech Staggerwing (went home in one piece) Brian R's veteran Fieseler Storch
Saturday 21st

Penultimate evening. Turnout a little down, superb day outside and grand finale to the rugby Six Nations probably keeping a few away. Well next Saturdays forecast is not looking good so no excuse for making the last trip to Bentham before the Autumn.

Lots of models flying, not quite so many helicopters. Have to mention Phil, his helicopter flying really is improving every week, flying circuits, pirouettes and nose in, when congratulated on stunning display he said, "would like to have seen it myself but I've forgotten my glasses"!!!!!!

Bob Steele brought along his usual collection, this time including two 4D machines, which he flew brilliantly, with the central prop it doesn't seem to matter which way up you land you can just open up and take off again backwards if needed. Must get one, will save my poor knees having to walk out every time to put my Blade back on it's wheels.

Darren's photography is just getting better, got some really good shots and angles this week (using my camera)?

See you next week for one last bash before the "summer".

Chris B.

Helicopters first this week.

(Above left & right), The Green teams beautiful Walkera 38# Chinook, caught at different angles by DT.

Could do with replacement nose wheel.

(Left) Ripmax Sabre I think this one belongs to Martin Klus.



Couple of shots of the "common" Blade, don't know who these belong to as they seem to all look the same.
Paul, having trouble separating two "Blades" (his & mine). Jokes about stiffness and buckets of water come to mind, but this is a family site. Darren gets three models in one shot (just). Or do we have a deadly duo of EPP on the attack "Depron in your twelve o'clock, tally ho everyone".

3-bob-4d1.jpg (98179 bytes)

Bob Steele's 4 D machines, lots of unique features you have to study them closely.

Will take off backwards from an inverted position!

(Bottom left) servo shaft on the hinge line, no link needed.

See short video

3-bob-4d3.jpg (111847 bytes)

3-bob-4d2.jpg (90147 bytes)

Saturday 14th.

Twenty fourth session only two to go.

Good turnout slightly more helicopters than fixed wing. Some of the helicopter pilots are getting quite good with many now flying around increasing the chances of a mid air. At times too many fliers out on the floor at any one time.

stagerwing2.JPG (96041 bytes)
Not sure what above model is, quite large and very slow flying. Clive Beech Stagerwing repaired again but sadly not for long as wings fell off again.
Nice trio of heli's.

Above Thunder Tiger Mini Titan.

Above Right Outrage, often photographed but bit different angle this time.

Right Coaxial ???????

Above Paul G. does a bit of fishing and catches a Blade.

Only to announce that for reasons unknown it's gone all limp.

Right. Tracy looks a little annoyed as she's not invited to join in when Paul announces "he's now got a nice stiff one and is going to have a little play"


Darren's photograph is improving, only had the camera three weeks and he just gets three models in one shot.
However 3D Helicopter pilot par excellence Jamie Cole was to prove to much for him.

These are his best efforts, appears Jamie had trouble following Darren's instructions;

"left, no the other left, right not the other right down OK well up and a bit closer, no not that close.

Darren eventual gave up claiming "he can't be that good, even Paul Gurr can hold a hover for two seconds this guys just all over the place".

2-looking-at-you.jpg (74516 bytes) 2-jamie.jpg (84920 bytes)
Jamie's Trex 250
2-colin.jpg (80828 bytes) 2-cub.jpg (68940 bytes)
Colin's Ember Brian's Cub
2-saw-heard-nothing.jpg (102672 bytes) 2-paul.jpg (87789 bytes)
 Our committee kept a careful eye on things but did not see or hear anything Paul's collection of Heli's

Saturday 7th.

Sorry no right up Phil didn't do one. (CB).

Chris didn't do it either. (Phil).

Would it be right then to assume that neither of you did it. (DT).

I'll do it next week. (CB).


bob-4d2.jpg (81732 bytes)

bob-4d.jpg (100858 bytes)

Bob's Spektrum  4D

bob-4d3.jpg (98598 bytes)

bob-chaos.jpg (85408 bytes)

Bob Chaos

black.jpg (88301 bytes)

lee.jpg (89494 bytes)


coaxial.jpg (85217 bytes)

ben-mcx.jpg (84600 bytes)


Ben flying his blade Mcx

outrage.jpg (103765 bytes)

paul.jpg (75711 bytes)

Peter Outrage

Paul's heli

moon.jpg (67058 bytes)

meredith.jpg (57654 bytes)

Gareth's Mooncopter

Meredith's rubber powered free flight


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