January 2009

Saturday 31st
26 fliers, lots of helicopters but not all flying at the same time, most of these are outdoor 3D types but just hovered or moved gently round. The photo shows many with training undercarriage fitted

Great interest was shown in Meredith's CO2 powered free flight machine, slow and majestic flights, the CO2 released will cause global warming, prepare for a heat wave in the first week of February.

Our chairman Chris had a little indoor model fitted with Micro Falcon gear.

The Holy Cow was back terrorising  our gentile indoor fliers, stick after stick of hot melt glue was used to repair it.

I flew my Twister Storm, more of a wobbly hover than flying,  this seems good value as it comes with everything except transmitter and RX . It is a bit big for indoors.

The Robotbirds Blades were popular again, just right for the big space and able to take a few knocks.

22 helicopters, there were also 3 E-flight mCXs not on parade

four models from Bristol

Meredith's CO2 powered free flight model
Gareth's rotating wing model
Phil's West Wing's electric conversion
The Stainless steel model on the right produces lift by spinning at high speed

5-bristol.jpg (100615 bytes)

5-cow2.jpg (92625 bytes)

5-cow.jpg (96147 bytes)

The Holy Cow has returned, now more glue than EPP , the Mega motor screamed warning us to take cover, we were afraid, very afraid 

5-mered3.jpg (66899 bytes)

5-mered2.jpg (79433 bytes)

Meredith's CO2 powered model. Short videos free.wmv  and   free2.wmv 
Span 40ins Wing area 230 sq ins Tail area 75 sq ins All up weight 35.9 gram Wing loading 0.802 oz/sq ft!

5-cub.jpg (48079 bytes)

5-min.jpg (45536 bytes)

Brian's Cub

Stuart's Kyosho Minimum

5-shogun.jpg (96943 bytes)

5-cb.jpg (48284 bytes)

Phil's Shogun

 Chairman's latest

Saturday 24th
A good turnout 29 fliers.
Meredith got 2 minutes out of one of his free flight models, his electric free flight is still over powered in spite of shaving the prop down, this hits the roof and stick there, sliding down the curved surface, reverse ground effect?
Andy captured two fixed wing crashes glos-mfc.co.uk/video/movie3.wmv  and Darren got this this video, of the canopy falling off a heli making it  tail heavy, it then slides backwards into the barrier glos-mfc.co.uk/video/crash.wmv 

4-cb.jpg (98747 bytes)

4-cb2.jpg (69451 bytes)

Our chairman's EPP Blade now with extreme control movements

4-paul.jpg (51298 bytes)

4-mere.jpg (51032 bytes)

Paul's Vapour

one of Meredith's free flight model

4-brian.jpg (50978 bytes)

4-phil.jpg (59186 bytes)

Brian's Wing

Phil Wright's Balsa model

Saturday 17th
A very stormy night we could see the dome shaking and hear the rain.
Numbers were a little down again, several heli positions were not used. Two new helis, Lee's T-rex 250 and Darren's Draganus Beam E4.
 I could not get my Shogun off the ground for the first two batteries, as it slid sideways while the training frame was still touching. Once I had the courage to get it up a bit faster I did manage to do some wobbly hovering. I flattened 7 heli batteries and 5 fixed wing and didn't see much of the flying or get many photos.
3-adesfleet.jpg (135367 bytes) 

3-darrensbeame4.jpg (143350 bytes)

Adrian's fleet

jonathan.jpg (80199 bytes)

Jonathon's T-Rex 250

Darren's Beam E4

3-trevor.jpg (49879 bytes)

3-trevor2.jpg (64082 bytes)

Trevor's MDF rudder elevator model, this model killed our chairman's Blade

3-brian.jpg (63583 bytes)

3-phil.jpg (79682 bytes)

Brian launching his wing

Phil's Shogun in a very wobbly hover, Mike risked his life to get this shot

Saturday 10th.

Outside the cold spell was quickly fading as the wind picked up together with a rise in temperature, the dome was also considerable warmer than the last two weeks having been in use all day.

Another good turnout but a bit down on last weeks record. Darren took over the task of keeping things running and monitoring the frequency board both jobs he did very well. Thus relieved of any duties I finally had an evening in which to concentrating on my flying.

Gave me a chance to ring out my new Robotbirds Blade which I had built during the previous week. Now I have always been a "Depron man"  but I have to admit that while you can build rigid light models in Depron they are a bit on the fragile side, and usually don't last more than a couple of flights in the dome.

The Blade is EPP it is also a very popular model three others flying on the night, it is a bit bendy and not as "crisp" as my previous models but I flattened four batteries while having several mid airs, hit the floor hard a few times, and each time it just bounced back. So I'm converted anybody want to buy some Depron sheets.

Most brilliant model of the night was the "Green teams" Walkera Chinook, this is quite a big model with two 450 mm rotors and looks very impressive in flight.

Slight lack of pictures this week as Phil's camera has died although he did not discover this until he downloaded the pictures, hopefully normal service will resumed next week.

Quite a bit of free flight activity from the Bristol lads, these guys have got their timing spot on nipping out for a "quick" flight while the slots change over. Although one of there light weight rubber models managed 2.5 minutes. Gareth also has some interesting rotatary winged free flight models.

Chris B.

2-brian.jpg (53973 bytes)

2-twin.jpg (83777 bytes)

Brian's "repaired" Piper Cub

Laurence's Walkera Chinook

gareth.jpg (56859 bytes)

2-gareth.jpg (39733 bytes)

Two of Gareth's rubber powered  free flight models, a helicopter and rotating wings model 

Saturday 3rd
Bitterly cold outside and not too warm inside, the dome had not been used during the day and although the heating had been switched on for us the large volume had not warmed up. It should be warmer next week as it will be used during the day.
 A record turnout 32 plus 2 juniors.
The free flight models were interesting, Gareth  flew a rubber powered rotating wing model from a 1964 aero modelling mag.
Steve had a new EPP home brew shockie and is slowly getting into 3D.
I talked to Paul about helicopter flying, Paul recommends starting with 3D and only worrying about the hover at the end of the flight, surprisingly he didn't crash till the end of the evening.

peter.jpg (82005 bytes)

peter-bee.jpg (56406 bytes)

Pete's Blade and his Easy-Bee

ff-collection.jpg (109286 bytes)

Dsc_9695.jpg (77623 bytes)

A free flight collection

Bob the builder with a blade mCX

adrian.jpg (72438 bytes)

tim.jpg (71585 bytes)

Adrian's heli

Tim's bi-plane

shockies.jpg (63304 bytes)

lee.jpg (56416 bytes)

4 shockies


steve.jpg (59505 bytes)

tim-shockie.jpg (83932 bytes)

Steve's new shockie

Tim's shockie

meredith.jpg (54508 bytes)

england-model.jpg (33449 bytes)

Meredith's Free flight

An England team model


Gloucester Model Flying Club