February 2009

Saturday 28th

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A quieter evening with only 23 fliers. Lots of Robotbirds Blades flown, this model is very tough but some look a bit moth eaten as the props chew bits out during mid airs.
Paul had a new Blade which was under powered, this could be because our chairman has banned him from using a Mega motor
The Helis had problems with only 2 flying in the final slot. This gave Adrian a chance to use the space for some aerobatics with his Trex 450, this nearly ended in disaster when it came very close to my Twister.
Saturday 21st
The Helicopter pilots were starting to fly a little, doing stall turns, circuits and some inverted, several pilots have got past the hovering stage. The micro sports models were very  impressive, we may see some loops and rolls before the indoors session finishes next month.
One of the free flight models was destroyed, we need to take care when they are in the air.
28 fliers

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Andy's up rated Twister Storm

Tim's Bi-plane

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Chris Ashwood's Black Hawk

Saturday 14th

Our 20th session indoors, yes folks only six more indoor sessions until the end of March. Then the clocks change and we are back to long balmy summer evenings of flying outdoors, if only?

Usual mix of heli's and fixed wing. The early slots were very crowded some of the later slots saw less activity.

Darren's got a new camera and provides a few shots including this panoramic view inside the dome.

(Left) Chairman at the nerve centre keeps a watchful eye on the usual suspects.

(Below) Phil has made superb progress with his helicopter flying, it just shows what can be achieved with lots of practice.

Not quite sure what he intends with the second tail tail rotor.

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Mark's Twister

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Gareth's Moon Copter

Meredith's CO2 free flight

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Mike's Rainbow

E-Flight Blade CX2

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Mark's Blade

Brian's Wing

Saturday 7th.

Unlike many UK schools, London transport, most airports and many other major national utilities Glos MFC was not going to stop just because of a little snow. Ignoring warnings of major catastrophe with multiple deaths and injuries caution was thrown to the wind.

With Paul G. announcing that the Holy Cow had a bit of a runny nose and was confined to home to avoid a foot and mouth scare members were able to make their way to Bentham and fly safe in the knowledge that the GMFC committee had considered all the health and safety issues before carrying on with life as usual.

As it turn out the roads were clear and the freezing temperatures forecast did not appear.

However as expected numbers were down to twenty, with the majority again "flying" helicopters.

(Left).  Phil and myself return after a session of rolling circles, low level formation loops, spins, flick rolls and many other superb aerobatic manoeuvres.

And I forgot,  yes we can hover also, but hovering is for beginners and people who get airsick.

(Mid Left).  Phil's new Micro Blade, smaller version of yes, the Blade. Very good roll rate and far more "crisp" than the larger version (in my view) Phil thinks it's to twitchy.

(Bottom Left).  Two thirds of the England team Adrian & Trevor and yes they did have the odd brotherly Mid air.

(Below).  Clive's micro Beech C-17E Stagerwing converted from a free flight CC Lee kit. Flew very well after a few minor adjustments.

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Chris Ashwood's J Perkins Twister Hawk (?), Chris flies this really well would like to see him move onto a conventional machine he would be good.
Tiny Walkera 4#3, not quite sure who these belong to?

Steve Parker's  Twister

Laurence Green's E-Sky heli

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(Above)  Phil the "wimp", refused to have his balls cut off! Previously reported "wobbly" hover caused by lack of rotor speed, if the rotors go round to fast he gets scared! In a full size I'm told it's even scarier when they stop going round!

(Above Left)  Darren captured this superb shot  of a diminutive (1oz) E-flite Blade mCX close up

(Left) Ex "school bully" attacks David's hovercraft, I'm sure dad will come up with an anti helicopter weapon for next week?

(Bottom Left) Peter RH's Dragonus

(Below) Young Russell flying his Esky V3 Lama Co-Axial.

Chris B.

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