Competent fliers



Getting Started.

Existing fliers.  

The Gloucester Model Flying Club does try and encourage fliers to participate in the British Model Flying Associations achievement scheme. However we "do not" insist on an ďAĒ certificate before flying solo (i.e. with no other member present).  

All we ask is that new members first fly (even if your name is Heckles, Dorling, Ellison, etc) with an approved member of the club present. They will give you a briefing on the flying site and observe your level of competence in the safe operation and flying of model aircraft. This is not a test and is very informal affair.  

Please also take the time to read/print off some other relevant pages.  

Where to find us, very useful if you havenít already been to the field.  

Flying field layout, very important we have some serious no go areas.    

Club rules, thereís not many off them but should be read.  

Frequency control, not teaching you how to suck eggs but there are different ways of providing frequency control this is the GMFC way.

Then please fill in and return membership form.  

Happy flying see you down the field.