Club Rules

Now is the long awaited club rules for 2007.  

What you will immediately spot is the brevity of them compared to the last proposed set. They have been deliberately kept to one sheet of A4 for simplicity.  They have to be used in conjunction with other publications CAP 685 and the BMFA Members’ handbook, plus local flying instructions (to be published shortly).  

They do not contain any “how to do things” as these are covered elsewhere as advice to members, many of which can be found on this site, for example for a full explanation of how to use the frequency board in item 4 see Club frequency board.


GMFC Rules 2007

  1. Only GMFC members and bonafide guests may use the club field & must have valid BMFA insurance or recognised equivalent.
  2. All flyers and visitors are responsible for their own safety and that of other flyers and visitors anywhere on the flying site.
  3. All flyers to comply with any reasonable request from safety officers & committee members.
  4. A frequency peg board will be in use at all times, a peg on system will be used. All flyers must check frequency is clear and peg on before operating any radio control equipment.
  5. No operating of model aircraft of any type from or in the main/visitors car park.
  6. Members may park behind the pit area along the hedge for the purpose of charging and operating model aircraft.
  7. Flyers must adhere to “No fly zones”, and comply with published flight paths in accordance with wind direction.
  8. All models must conform to CAA regulations as laid out in CAP 685.
  9. All flyers should comply with and operate to the guidelines laid out in the current BMFA Members’ Handbook. (Current 2007 edition).
  10. Dogs must be kept under control, and minors and vulnerable persons supervised at all times.
  11. Clear all litter, pack all equipment away, collect your peg and ensure gate is locked when leaving field. 


For further explanation of any of above go to club website; 

Paper copies of the website are available please ask a member of the committee for details.


Gloucester Model Flying Club