September Blog


Sunday 30th

As weather conditions were not favourable at the field myself and Mr Bishop took a trip to Telford to collect his eagerly awaited jet !!

Note the sign writing is perfectly named...






Friday 28th

Abingdon airfield just south of Oxford.  The RAF airfield is one of the premiere jet flying sites in southern England. 

Despite it being a Friday about 80 people turned out to fly and watch. The morning saw a brief period of rain but the rest of the day was dry if a little chilly.

Static pics only as to get flying shots a very large lens was the order of the day.


Three variants of the Boomerang Jet.

(Above left) An original Boomerang Intro, this example was for sale 1300 ready to fly.

(Above) Boomerang Sprint.

(Left) Boomerang Torus.

Scale Jets were well represented with some fine examples.

(Above) F16 carrying a fine array of armament.

(Above right) BAE Hawk in a very patriotic colour scheme.

(Right) The ever popular vampire.

A selection of sport jets.

(Above left) A BVM (Bob Violet Models) KingCat , (Above right) Carf-Models Ultra Lightning, big fast expensive and very impressive.


(Below) Two from Graupner on the left the Harpoon delta and on the right the Inspiration.

(Left) BVM Bandit preparing for flight. Very impressive model. The advertised speed range of 30-200 mph is no exaggeration, fastest model of the day.

(Below left) A well known model shop owner services the nose wheel on a very large F16.

(Below) Malcolm guides Ians L-39 Albatross back to it's parking slot.


Sunday 23rd.

As the rain started at 1100am and has continued virtually all day can't help but get a smug sort of feeling that the committee at last got things right this summer. Bringing the BBQ forward one day was the correct decision.


Saturday 22nd

What a fantastic day on which to end the summer.

Light winds, sunshine, short sleeve temperatures and no rain. The perfect September flying day.

Quite a few members also thought it was going to be a good day, by mid afternoon there were thirty plus cars and some had already come and gone. It was very welcoming to see several faces that had been absent during the summer month. For nearly all it was their first chance to fly without the surrounding fencing.

Tracy and Paul as ever kept up a steady supply of food all day, many thanks to both of them.

The fun comps saw some support but gave a lot of amusement to the spectators.

In the balloon bursting it would be fair to say that few balloons were harmed, most escaping captivity and making a break for freedom across the river Severn.

David G. was the first to make kill, but was disallowed as pulling them onto the ground before setting about them was deemed very unsporting. Paul B. claimed three kills but these were also disallowed as using his "oversize chopper" to beat them down was seen as very ungentlemanly. Andy R. and Martin K. both had one clean kill as did John R. but John was awarded a bonus point as at the time of the kill he was completing his winning water carrying flight.

The water carrying saw little water carried. Phil H. failed to fit a new battery and only manages 2 minutes but landed with 110 mls of water still remaining. After fitting a fresh battery he made a 5 minute flight but flipped over on landing. Andy R. had two attempts but landed dry both times. John R. made two 5 minute flight his first retaining 90 mls and the second a massive 145 mls and he burst a balloon.

Five members flew on into the dark with many staying to spectate.


Saturday 8th

On Saturday me and Chris went to Hawling for an esoaring comp, the weather was perfect with very light lift; in each slot someone managed  10 minutes with many landing early, making it a test of thermalling rather than a landing competition

More photos at and results at hawling.htm  

pic29.jpg (97009 bytes)

pic38.jpg (62517 bytes)

cb-hawling.jpg (98616 bytes)

cb-hawling2.jpg (117730 bytes)

Thursday 6th
A sunny afternoon  spoilt a little by a breeze.
David's small diesel was blown around a lot but managed to fly and land on the strip
_dsc1551.jpg (57441 bytes)

cb-field.jpg (97457 bytes)

_dsc1547.jpg (120050 bytes)

Our Chairman's Graphite coped OK with the breeze but failed to get any long flights

_dsc1543.jpg (25676 bytes)

d-dave.jpg (66742 bytes)

Dangerous Dave performing a knife edge with his Raven


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