November Blog

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Outside the weather was generally wet with over 5" of rain during month, a few good days saw the usual stalwarts out flying. The strip remains in good condition but the approach road is somewhat muddy.

The indoor sessions are still well supported but numbers are slightly down, many possible reasons for this but most concerning is the lack of new faces. To avoid big losses on the year prices will rise by 1.00 from December 1st. A few new models but surprising how many old models still going strong. Several new micro heli's on the market many being fly bar less. Sort of neither heli or fixed wing are the quad copters which have gained on popularity.

Just a few belated pictures from November taken by Phil. Not sure of exact dates but all taken indoors on Saturday evenings.

(Above both) An own design foamy no clue as to the owner designer.

(Right) The still popular Lazy Bee.

(Below left) The still very poplar Blade most of these models are now flying for there third or fourth year.

(Below right) The very popular E.flite Extra 300 3D light agile but a bit fragile. Sadly no longer available but soon to be replaced by an upgraded version.

(Above both) Two more own designs, I think both by Mike Whitard.
(Above left) Ever popular with beginners co-axial helicopter type unknown.

(Above) E-flite Blade mCX still flying still available to buy.

(Left) Next up in size the E-flite Blade 120 SR fly bar and fixed pitch this is good model to follow on from a co-axial type.

(Below both ??) Blade 130 X, fly bar less fully aerobatic if you are young enough?


(Above left) Mr Whitard again with some device for confusing Hamsters.

(Above right) A nice scale Augusta.

(Right and below) Quadcopters in various sizes.


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