May 2012

Thursday 24th

Is summer finally here ?? well lets all enjoy it while it lasts…

A reasonably turn out, A brace of extra’s where out if force,Extra 300, Extra 300s, Extra 330L

Chris H, arrived with a newly acquired Boomerang trainer 40, after a brief set up period it was ready for its first flight, courtesy of Dave P.

Chris H then went on to successfully do 4 excellent take off and landings solo, a great achievement for him, let there be many more to come.



Sunday 20th

Yes this was the 20th of May felt like 20th November.

Grey overcast day with a cool north easterly breeze defiantly not shirt sleeve weather. Small turnout of about a dozen members.

Phil H. who has been a bit of stranger this year turnout with his camera and took some pictures.

(Left) Young Findlay out for the day with his Dad Fred gets a go on the buddy box with Paul G. and David giving some tuition. Note the British summer clothing.

(Below both) Magnatila doubling as club trainer, sadly a mishap has returned it to the workshop for repair.

(Above & below) The Chairman's second Puppeteer takes to the air OS FSa-81 powered, not quite scale like as it goes vertically and will prop hang. Compare with Saturday 12th or has he just done a quick re-spray?

Saturday 12th

Good flying day, moderate north westerly dropped of later in the day to give a great evenings flying.

Found the fittings for my electric Puppeteer which finally made it into the air a week late. Jonathan had fitted an SC 52  four stroke to the SE5A, not quite the same power but a lot more realistic sound. With JM on the camera and CB on the sticks some great shots which just have to be published.



Sunday 6th Spring BBQ take two.

What a difference a week makes. Weather perfect wind light north easterly, sunny spells shirt sleeve weather in the sun little cooler when the sun went in. Turn out was a little down on numbers but this was only to be expected with the weeks postponement taking us into a bank holiday weekend.

As always great supply of food all day from Tracy & Paul plus. Many thanks to all that helped.

Vintage theme well supported half a dozen genuine vintage models managed four airborne all diesel powered in one slot. Great flight with my Senior Tomboy 18.35 minutes of 6 cc of fuel, pity the model is not to competition spec as I have to rush to build another correctly in time for Cocklebarrow in mid June.


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