July blog

Maiden flight of the Vario Turbine
 Airwolf Jetcat PHT3L

Futaba BLS351 Servo,s cyclic.
Savox servo on tail.
Gy 701 Gyro
Flying weight 19.2 Kgs
Flying time 14mins.
First flight after months of bad weather, setup and flown by Modtron at Gloucester model flying club, in windy conditions.


11.6ft in length from tip of blade to the tail, weight 19.2kgs, rotor speed 970rpm, Braincube lighting system 3Ltr fuel tank approx 14minutes air time


Wednesday 25th 

Tony's Blaster 3  on Minchinhampton,

 The lift was poor and the afternoon spoilt a little for some by DH making a noise with his electric wing

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Sunday 21st
Chairman's Glider flight 2953 feet, the flight lasted longer but the flight logger ran out of memory

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Sunday 22nd

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Malcolm's Edge

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David's Discovery

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30% Extra

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see Video clip

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Chairman's Showtime

foam Wot4

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Jon's Extra

Haresfield in the background

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Kevin's Rare Bear

Ken's Magnatilla

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Chairman's Puppeteer 

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Malcolm's 30% Edge

Chairman's Puppeteer 

Please supply some details of your model and I will add it to this blog Phil@scsa.org.uk


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