December Blog

Sunday 30th
Work finished for now and we at last have an all weather car park.  Plenty of room for 15 + cars just as long as the chairman doesn't insist on parking in the middle.

Andy Paul & David admire the workmanship.

(Above left) Two days ago the muddy bit I was convinced wouldn't be levelled for some time.

(Above) Gordon works his magic again and has managed to landscape the mud.

(Left) The owner of this vehicle deserves his own parking place. Without his efforts and time over the last few days we would not have completed the work so easily and quickly.

Many thanks Gordon from all GMFC members.

Saturday 29th

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Friday 28th
Monday 24th.
Two loads large stone tipped & spread small stone ready for topping out. Last load of large stones are tipped.

Sunday 23rd.

The clubs pyro expert applies accelerant and gets a good fire going.
Jim rakes the fire together. Sunday afternoon membrane down.

Saturday 22nd

Having scrapped the mud of the road it is very solid underneath.
Road crew filling holes. Excavation of car park begins.
Xmas Raffle 2012
(Above left) The Prizes.

(Above right) Mike Bradbury Yak 54 winner.

(Right) Paul W. collects the Low wing Super 60 donated by Colin Buckle.

(Below right) Derek gets the cuddle toy.

(Below) Mike Bradbury won the The Big Daddy chocolate bar will keep him going while he builds the Yak.

Indoor Flying

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An Ember

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Mike's Spitfire

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_dsc3039.jpg (108833 bytes)

Keep on Trucking Bob

Saturday 15th

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Jamie's hexacopter pins a small quadracopter to the ground with its down draft

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 Saturday 8th  
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