April 2012

Thursday 26th

Well I suppose it is April, And that brings April Showers !!

Lets hope we have some nice weather soon, so we can all get out and fly.




Friday 13th

Another Friday 13th passes without major incident.

My Airco DH2 out for a very rare and last appearance, Jonathan got some very nice shots.

Quite an old model now with very strange handling qualities much like the full size.

Is up for sale to make space and funds for a more modern project.

Sunday 1st

Weather perfect, not quite the temperature the country had basked in the preceding week and thankfully not the grey overcast of the previous day. Sunny all day with a light northerly drift made for perfect flying conditions.

The day was dominated by cakes, those on diets had a hard time as the amount of butter and sugar arranged on the table was enough to cause a national shortage. Many thanks to all for a brilliant effort.

Models there were plenty but not many as per the theme of the day, maybe the GMFC members are not quite as daft I thought.

Off the four "silly" models the Gurr's Pterodactyl crashed before most had arrived, the Ford's Correx special got airborne complete with it's doll for only a couple of seconds. Ken arrived in the afternoon and flew his Chicken, which even the local buzzards watched perplexed from their tree top perch.

The next themed day is the 6th May which should see a better collection of models. The theme will be "Vintage" anything that was designed or built in the last 20th century.

Tables weighted down with calories.
Very busy pits & car park.

Your Chairman's effort was more vintage than weird, ballistic yes. Built in the mid 80's it was the epitome of putting four servos into a control line wing. First flown with an OS25FSR now with a Irvine 36 plus a Weston Pipe.

Handling terrible, single aileron servo mid mounted, Sullivan golden rods!!! Neutrals non existent but that was how we built things back then.

Both Dangerous & Paul G. had a turn on the sticks and both pronounced it awful but great fun.




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