October 2010

Sunday 30th

An hours less flying for those putting their clocks back, an hour extra for those who didn't.

The rain forecast overnight and into the morning did not materialize, instead a grey morning with a light northerly wind turned into a nice sunny afternoon.

Paul Taylor competed his Fixed Wing "A" test and Phil Hayward his Silent Flight Electric "A" well done all.

Good turnout with quite a bit of flying.


stryker.jpg (39764 bytes)

lee-rap.jpg (85198 bytes)

A trio of Strikers were launched together,
 two had long walks to retrieve.

Lee's Raptor

Flew my T.rex 500 on the recently arrived Turnigy Nano-tech 6S 2650 mAhr Lipo's very impressed. Thin cells about 15% lighter capable of delivering 70C !!! and according to the pack can be charged at 8C !!!!. That's 20 amps for about 8 minutes. I'm not brave enough to try it yet. Gave 9 minutes of quite spirited flying about a third longer than the older 2500's, approximately the same price as older cells.

Chris B.

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kenin-space.jpg (84990 bytes)

cookie.jpg (102049 bytes)

Kevin's Space Walker

Paul helps john with his Diesel

mistang.jpg (75198 bytes)

mustang.jpg (58030 bytes)

Kevin's Mustang

Saturday 29th

Mainly sunny but when it did cloud over was rather cold. Southerly breeze.

The good news is the hay bales and the posts adjacent to the strip are gone. No cows as yet, so it's still safe Jim?

Stanley Lane and Paul Taylor both completed their Helicopter "A" tests.

Malcolm flew his new large electric model, flew very well.

Malcolm's Puffin  L N Accord 2200. 
84 inch wing span, powered by an AXI 5330/24Gold Line electric brushless motor, driving a 21 x 14 prop. 
The motor is controlled by a Jeti Spin Opto 99 controller. 
  2 X 5's (10's) 3700 Lipo's which gave 6 minutes + easily of gentle flying.  

malcolm.jpg (98109 bytes)

Sunday 24th

Bright sunny day , northerly breeze so a bit chilly when the sun went in.

Good turnout of members with an equal mix of heli's and fixed wing.

Great day for the BMFA Achievement scheme.

6 fliers completed their helicopter "A" certificates and 1 "A" fixed wing.

Phil Bentley, Keith Downes, Lee Evans, Rob Blake, Richard Cockram & Tony Hickson all completed their Heli "A" and Rob Blake went on to pass his "A" Fixed Wing during the afternoon, congratulations to all.

Phil used his new turbine model that he had only test flown the previous weekend. While the others all used 500/600 size models Richard deserves a special prize for using a diminutive T.Rex 250. But not just any T.Rex 250 this was a "flybarless" version which in the breeze conditions was a bit skitish to say the least.

With the increasing number of heli's in the club and more larger and larger models being flown I think that a minimum of an "A" test should be required before flying larger models (700 size and above) unsupervised.

I will continuing testing and coaching for all the BMFA Achievement schemes at all levels on Saturday & Sunday mornings (weather permitting).

While I can test for all "A" certificates at any time two examiners are required for a "B" test, this is no problem as there a several local examiners whose help I can call upon I do have to arrange this. I would like to get a couple of members through the "B" before the end of November, weather permitting.

Chris B.

This is a letter to thank Chris Bishop for the time he took to put 5 club members through their A helicopter certificate on Sunday 24/10/10  I hope more members will undertake this exam to show the level of competence at GMFC as the standard of flying helis or fixed wing is very good, I will be willing to buddy anyone that wishes with there helicopter to learn hovering and figure 8sí

Once again Thanks Chris





Sunday !7th

 jetcat.jpg (255630 bytes)

Phil's Jetcat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrIHlEA0L14


Thursday 14th

brian-neuport1.jpg (51770 bytes)

brian-neuport2.jpg (49051 bytes)

Brian's Nieuport

brian-neuport3.jpg (41816 bytes)

Wednesday 13th

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john-dingo.jpg (51480 bytes)

Dave's Delta

John's Dingo

marathon2.jpg (37713 bytes)

marathon.jpg (34612 bytes)

Paul's Marathon

phil-fox2.jpg (93533 bytes)

phil-fox.jpg (80478 bytes)

Calm enough for Phil's Fox

yak54.jpg (96868 bytes)

steve-fracas.jpg (90618 bytes)

Dave's Yak

Steve's Fracas


Sunday 12th

According to the forecasters this was the Indian Summer, those who got out of bed late would have missed. Sunny quite warm bit with a north easterly breeze making flying conditions a bit bumpy.

Paul Butcher set himself quite an unusual task for a days flying at our field. While flying his T240 he unfurled a banner for the benefit of his girlfriend, Nick Brotheton managed to capture a picture of the fully unfurled just before it started to twist up.

Uncertain whether the message had been seen by his intended he landed quickly and rushed over to propose in more conventional manner. Just to be sure Nick & Jonathan quickly untangled the banner, just to avoid any confusion.

I think the answer was yes?

A red plumbers van was seen racing from the field a few minutes later!


Gloucester Model Flying Club