July 2010

Monday 20th
Flew my glider in the afternoon, good lift but a little breezy.
There are a few grass track racing items left in the field but the strip is clear

Sunday 18th
The autograss meeting

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Monday 12th

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Parkzone Spit 
The original electrics were a 480 brushed motor, 10.8V 1000mah NiMh battery, a 27MHz Tx and an all-in-one rx/esc. I replaced this with a 35Mhz rx, 30A brushed esc and a 11.1V 1500mah lipo, keeping the original motor. Produces 95 Watts per Lb and almost climbs vertical. She flies really well, barely stalls at all so can slow her up for the required 'belly landing'.
Mike Frith

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Vmar SA Bulldog
62" wingspan 8.25lbs.
Emax BL4030 380Kv (so smooth and quiet!)
Black Mantis 85A ESC
3s2s (i.e. 2 x 3 cells in series = 22V) 4500mah lipos (Loong max Tipples)
15 x 13 JXF high speed prop
Can get 1200W if needed (55A = 150 Watts per Lb!!) but took off with just over half throttle.
It's the standard Vmar ARTF kit but electrified and customised to look like XX617 flown by the Manchester & Salford Universities Air Squadron in the 1980s ... the plane I first soloed in at RAF Woodvale in 1985. The pilot is a 1/6 scale figure available from the RAF, but 'decapitated' and transplanted onto a lighter 'bubblewrap' body. If only dieting was so easy ... though I'm not keen to try it, strangely enough!


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Malcolm's Rush
Sunday 11th

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Jim's Wing

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Mike's Junior 60

Paul's New Timer

Thursday 8th

A very pleasant evening, warm light westerly a bit cloudy with a few raindrops late on in the evening.

Counted 10 cars and many people flying.

After a few nights at home had three models fettled ready for action.

The Multiplex Funjet Ultimate had minor repairs after the last attempt to get it into the air. Learning from last years mishaps with the "Rite Wing" a launch power off was tried with the power being introduced very slowly so as to let flying speed increase allowing sufficient control to overcome any tendency to torque roll. Paul G. did a Jeff Capes impersonation, the Funjet at first staggered to fly before accelerating away vertically.

Why all the fuss to get a few ounces of foam a loft you may ask?

Well its not the foam that's the problem but the massive Aveox 1409/2Y turning a very coarse 5.25" X 6.25" APC prop at over 40,000 rpm, plus 5 X 3700 mAhr Lipo's that together produce over 1000 watts of power. Yes 1 kilowatt in a model that spans just 30 inches. Theoretical max speed 195 mph.

It's a bit on the fast side, very smooth very fast and the landing very very long.

Where was Phil with his a radar gun and a video camera when needed?

Flew the Showtime for the first time in over a year. Have had a few problems with the motor on the few past flights usual ending in dead stick landing off strip. So with the out field now cut short plus an SHM intelligent glow switch in two flights I doubled the flight time of this model. Just a couple more tweaks to the motor and glow system are needed.

(Left) Marley runs up his Jabber wok with a new (to it) engine, still the occasional miss but flew well.

(Below both) Chairman's rarely flown Hangar 9 Showtime 90 3D makes a successful sortie. Followed by a dead stick landing on the strip.


The Blade XL was back in the air after shedding it's motor in flight last week, finally finished colouring the nose as well.

Bit of prop hanging, then a bit of knife edge for the camera with Stan in the background. Bit more vertical stuff followed by a few inverted passes.

Then back to kit form!!!

Just lost all radio possibly do to the plug from the ESC to the Rx coming apart.

Disclaimer;   In view of past events (see April 2009 blog) Paul Gurr would like to point out to Tracy and all others that he was not involved in this crash, he was just driving past and stopped to help make sure that all pieces were collected up in case he was asked to keep it in his garage.

 In a statement he said "the Chairman is just as good at crashing as any other member he doesn't always have to get others to do it for him".


Saturday 3rd.

Warm sunny day with a south westerly breeze.

Many gone of to Woodspring's but a few out flying.

Second test flight of my E-Flite F15.

 The problems from the first flight where sorted, even with the very small wheels operating from the strip was no problem.

Despite it's small size this is probably the most complex model I have ever assembled. Twin ducted fans, two batteries, two ESC's eight servos and what seemed like miles of wiring.


Gloucester Model Flying Club