January 2010

Sunday 31st 
John flew his Spitfire and Dingo 

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Helicopter flying
It's been 10 months since I came along to the GMFC flying field and made lots of new friends.
What I most wanted to do was fly a helicopter.
I joined the club knowing that I was going to get help and advice.
Well soon I had my T Rex 600 nitro with training frame and began trying to hover. Not easy as all you who can remember learning will testify.
So I diversied with other helicopter and a Wot trainer. This broke up the disappointment of not being an expert in five minuets.
Well I persisted and today is a 'red letter day'.
Today, ten months after walking 
onto the flying field with loads of questions, today, I flew my first helicopter circuits.
They weren't perfect by any means but the helicopter was made by me deliberately to fly away and turn left and right and fly back towards me and then full circle. Six tanks of fuel and I still have a heli. in one
I assure you that is a great relief - to overcome the fear of the aircraft flying away and then nose on towards you. Just to prove a point I did some

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nose in hovering and a couple of nose in landings. Impressed or what!
A message for all flyers who are still trying. KEEP TRYING - BE PATIENT
Malcolm Wood


Gloucester Model Flying Club