December Blog

Went to the field Today (Wednesday 29th), Access is very muddy probably only accessible by four wheel drive, but if careful can be negotiated safely. A lot of sheep in the nearby field so gates needed to be kept closed, strip is wet but Heli’s shouldn’t be a problem, a gentle breeze was straight down the strip, Fired up the Xmas present (Hawk pro 30) and after a bit of minor adjustment, Lifted off  into a stable hover to run out the tank. Second tank into circuits, as it was a bit murky I decided not to fly to high just to avoid disorientation. A couple more tanks were put through the heli, By now I was grinning from ear to ear, I was having a ball. A budget Heli I know but so far no problems (how many Xmas toys go that well eh!) Fingers were now getting a bit cold so I decided to pack up and go home.



Gloucester Model Flying Club