September 2009

Sunday 27th

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James's Trex

Derek taking off, too much up elevator

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Mike Bond's model

the farmer doing something corny

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Some sort of country dancing?

wrong way up George

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No it's control line racing, or lack off

Marley launching

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It was predicted to end in tears, there was a lot of laughing when a collision occurred, the faster model is supposed to go over the top when overtaking,  No one told them till after the collision

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Wednesday 23rd
Arrived at the field to find Malcolm experimenting with his Wot 4 and Cookie trying to keep his little vintage plane in the air. 

Kevin has got himself  a very nice Overlander 260 plane which was waiting for its maiden. Young Marley turned up for a social. Next to turn up was John and his Trex 250 with its newly acquired MDS 500 body, this is the same as Lees just a different colour !!!!! One other newly acquired bit was to be found on Robs Trex 500, it is now FLYBARLESS and without a STABILISATION box. Off Rob went to the strip to fly it, the rest of us were preparing a few oohhhs and ahhhs and the odd never mind mate, but these were not needed , after a bit of fettling he started to do circuits and figure 8s !!!!!!!!! He came back to the car and was heard saying "ITS NO DIFFERENT TO FLYING WITH A FLYBAR !!!" 

 Ken turned up with his Morley but we didn't see much of him as he wont mix with the fixed wing crowd any more!!!
Sorry no photos

Monday 21st

Day started well blue skies and no wind, but by evening was quite breezy and overcast.

Met up with new member Rex Woofruff, who briefly flew is converted Tomboy, flew well in the conditions.


Sunday 20th

What a super day, possibly the best this year (if only this weather had been like this last weekend). Dawn to dusk sunshine with little if any wind.

I arrived just after lunch and the air was thick with helicopters, though soon to be joined by many other types. Darren had a bit of a mishap early on with his Edge 540 and spent the rest of day on the flight line with his camera, so I make no apologise for number of pictures as he provided me with 300+ to sort through. I feel they just show what a great days flying was had by all.

Chris B.

All pictures by Darren unless stated.

Two pictures of perfect weather, we have waited along time this summer. (CB pictures)

Helicopters were in abundance, Stan puts his Raptor through its paces for Darren to capture.
The Ford family head out the starting area George with low wing Super 60 under his arm.

Jonathan's been complaining he doesn't get his picture on the blog much. So here's four above and below now he can't complain. Picture of the Yak below is virtually as it was taken, best picture of the day.

BAE Hawk, not sure if this is Clive's or Kens, whoever's it is it looks very realistic against the blue sky.
Above, the clubs formation aerobatic team prepare for mass launch, sadly the Yak's undercarriage failed, rare case of a "heavy take off" (You said you wanted more photos?)
The good weather even sent the Chairman into his loft to get his Funtana 90 out. Still forgot the wing joiner though. Used the excuse of going home to collect it for a stop of at MacDonald's.
Ken carries his Fliton Extra to the strip for sadly it's last flight.

It was later badly damaged when landing outside the fence.

Above. Rob Blakes diminutive little T.rex 250 does the business, this lad is going to be good, a few others had better keep practicing. He's just aquired a flybarless head for his T.rex 500!!!!

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Above Left, Paul Gurr's little diesel Rudderbug. (PH photo).

Above Paul Butchers petrol powered Marathon. (PH photo).

Left, Steve Holes Easy Glider.

Below both, Lee's Kyosho Spitfire. (PH photos)

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Easy Glider just misses heli on landing, instructor on buddy box said "forgot which button to release"?? T33 Shooting Star lands.
Ken Mattocks vintage Morley Maverick. Model is (we think) over 15 years old. Powered by an OS 46.

Ken has just fitted a updated gyro to give it a new lease of life.

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Chairman's Vintage Kalt Whisper was the worlds first truly successful electric helicopter. This one has been upgraded with LiPo's and brushless motor, not quite happy with current gear ratio as head speed id a bit low. On right the vintage pair Whisper and Maverick, both had mishaps later in the evening, one due pilot error and the other to failure of component. 

I have recently obtained an airframe for a Micro Mold Lark and hope in the not to distant future to return this to flight to make a vintage trio.

Saturday 17th
The weather improves light winds and reasonably sunny.


Friday 16th
Sunday 13th

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Jim's Angel

Lee's Hype

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Darren's bring 'n' buy

Emil's Trainer

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Mark's Panic

Ken's control line combat

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Phil's Fake Trex

David's Twister

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Low pass by the Red Arrows

A rare photo, CB is not setting up a helicopter

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Paul's Cub 



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Stan's electric Banshee

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John (Cookie)

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Lee's Trex 250 fitted with a Hughes 500 body


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Gloucester Model Flying Club