November 2009

Monday 30th

A dry day at last! Sunny as well bit cold though the northerly breeze giving quite a wind chill factor. Strange to realise that as November bows out we have not had a single frost.

We have had a bit of rain though! 130 mm (5.12") in November and if you can add on the rainfall from the last two weeks of October it adds up to 167mm (6.58") in just over 6 weeks, an average of over 1" a week.

So how has this left our flying strip you may ask?

Absolutely perfect, dry and green if you didn't know you were reading the November blog you would think it was spring time, I have never seen the whole area looking so green.

Just a pity about the surrounding "Okavango Delta".

Lake Pahoa has gone a luxuriant green.

Water, water every where. Not yet churned to mud and it may have to stay that way for a bit.
The gravel track as you would expect is fine despite the flooded areas on either side.

Just beyond the second gate is also OK but the problems start at the end of the trees. There is quite a hollow here and although the track is still firm underneath it is quite deep 12-15".

The flooded area extends from behind the trees right out into the field. There is no way round at this time.

The rest of the track is muddy but still passable, however the pictures below show the tracks left by just my 4 X 4 driving in and out. Several 4 X 4's would make a right mess very quickly.
 So following my pitch inspection I have to ask you to refrain from flying until further notice. The rest of the coming week looks cold with a little rain but with a wet and windy weekend ahead. How quickly the water will go if we do get a dry period I do not know, the whole area being an old airfield is very well drained, the condition of the strip shows this. However the Auto grass track is very highly compacted and will never drain.

I am away until Saturday and will make a further inspection on Sunday.

There are a few options of a small 'winter' strip, I will be looking into these next week. Picture on left might give you a clue.

It will be enough for a few  heli's and the odd "winter" type model.

Chris B.

Sunday 15th 
After a very poor week we had a nice Sunday; the strip is in good condition but you will need wellies  to cross Lake Pahoe, after all the rain we had during the week.
Lee did a bit of inverted and some autos with his Raptor, it went well and just needs an adjustment to stop the tail twitching.

nick0.jpg (101318 bytes)

nick1.jpg (98249 bytes)

Nick is saving up for some wheels to fit to his ME109

nick2.jpg (82081 bytes)

nick3.jpg (98131 bytes)

It seems someone has not forgotten the war as it landed with some flack damage to a wing

lee.jpg (100471 bytes)

venus30.jpg (98226 bytes)

Lee's Raptor 30

Venus 30

phil.jpg (86228 bytes)

ken.jpg (68602 bytes)

Phil's 3DX 500, the tail servo failed in the air and it spun in, luckily without damage

Ken's Magnatilla 


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