March 2009

Sunday 29th

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Jonathon's new model

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Adrian's aggressive  looking Trex 450

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Jonathon's Twinstar

Paul launches Ken's EDF

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Nick Cooke's Spitfire

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Chairman's uprated Twin jet

Sunday 22nd

Sunny warm day with still no sign of rain. The wind was quite light and variable until mid afternoon when it increased and settled to a coldish westerly.

Good turnout with about 15 cars by mid afternoon. Lots of different models flying, great to see Nick Cooke back flying he has a "Pantera" helicopter which he can certainly throw about. Lee had several flights with his Weston Tiger Shark with it's huge fuel tank, and even Darren's put down his new camera putting in several flights with his "glamorous" flying wing.

It may seem to some I am a little paranoid (maybe that should read all) but please be careful of the no fly areas particularly watch the area covering the farm and paddocks. Later in the afternoon the wind settled to quite a moderate westerly, any model with a problem could be carried into this area if flying downwind of the strip, please exercise caution.

At the third time of trying finally got the Radio Queen up to a descent height (well Ken did) and got some quite superb shots of the grass track area. The old Radio Queen has undergone quite a transformation new battery's (5 Amphr LiPo's) new ESC and finally a new motor. Ken made two climbs nearly out of sight both on the charge with still enough power left to have completed a third. To date the best flight has been 18 minutes, with the new set up we should break the hour barrier. Amazing just how electric flight has advanced in such a sort time.

Finally got a great shot (see below), no editing, just as it was taken.

Radio Queen being prepared. Great result, at last.

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Ken's P38 Lightning gets away. Nick Cooke's Twister Pantera 50.  150.00 for a 50 size machine

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Lee's Tiger shark, slows down for the camera. Jim made crosswind landings look easy.

The "Harrier" in flight superb and a wonderful noise?

Has had a few modifications since last week. Removed single elevator servo and added two micros to rear fuselage, a lot more positive also allows battery pack to be secured in rear of fuselage.

Originally supposed to fly on just one 4 cell pack just forward of wing, however balances on C of G with no batteries added so have spilt battery, two 2 cells forward and two aft.

In fact have 8 X 2500 Amphr cells on board running, a 2S4P set up. This gives about the same all up weight as a smaller pack up front and lead buried in the tail.

Need to touch up the paint work and add the markings. And then a VTOL version?????

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The "England teams" collection (part off).

(Left) An old aerobatic ship, has retracts, has leak, therefore undercarriage not working. Adrian is after a replacement metal air tank should anybody have one.

(Below Left), Adrian's T.rex 450 and his SJM 180?? (below). Both enjoying the fresh air without walls to contain them.

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Saturday 20th  

The good weather continues, sunny and dry with a light northerly breeze.

Made it down the field for a few minutes late afternoon before the indoor flying.

(Right) Stan's Corsair, flew well but a bit prone to tipping on it's nose.

Nice model but a bit spoilt (for me) by the colour scheme. We have some superb ARTF warbirds on the market but the all seem to be let down by bright glossy colour schemes in the wrong shade. Why?

Friday 19th
Another nice day with just a slight northerly wind that dropped to near zero late afternoon

Neal's Telemaster

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Thursday 18th

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Ian's Extra 300 and his Yak 54

Ray continued learning to fly with his Thunder Tiger high wing trainer, Steve flew his Panic and CB his overpowered Fox, VIP and Trex 600
Lee looked very confident with his E-Flight Blade 400, and I flew my Twister Storm an almost identical model. Lee started only two weeks before me but has made faster progress by using a flight sim

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Wednesday 18th
Another nice day with just a slight breeze.
Ray And Steve flew their Blizzard gliders, David continue with his Heli training.
Nick had some minor problems with his new Pantera

Photos:- The new strip from the air

Keith's Sceadu and Nick's Pantera

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The Horse people are very worried about thefts, please lock the gate and spin the numbers

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Tuesday 17th

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Ray with a trainer ready to go

The new strip. Paul and David in the pilots box 

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Phil's X-ray

Ray W's Blizzard

Monday 16th
The first day at the new strip and great to have have the sun on our backs
No photos, but Phil B took a short video of David and me learning to fly a helicopter  


Sunday 15th

The first really good day of the year. Sunshine with a hint of warmth, light northerly breeze most of the day.

Very good turnout with the usual mixture of fixed wing and rotary. Mark Burnham spent the day instructing and got a few new members airborne.

I test flew my ducted fan Sea Harrier from a Guanli kit supplied by BRC Hobbies. Now those who saw this on my workbench all had a good laugh. I to had nearly consigned it to the bin. But after wiring problems then C of G problems then more wiring problems, followed by more wiring problems on the field, Then to the amassment of those watching it flew superbly, not fast but certainly looking and sounding very convincing in the air. No it doesn't have a vertical capability, yet, but who can tell?

Duration is rather short (under 3 minutes) JetScreamer 1400 Outrunner turning a 70 mm Wemotec fan at over 50,000 rpm drawing 65 amps means you don't get long out of 3700 cells. But now I know it flies I will be working on that one.

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Harrier gets easily away from a hand launch.

Landing minus canopy, pilot must have ejected!

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Lee's lovely little Mustang (sorry no details) Lee also had a new ARFT Wot trainer which also flew well, but no pictures Phil?
Over the past couple of weekends Ken and myself have been trying to get some aerial pictures of the new strip using the old venerable Radio Queen, sadly we have failed consistently. Having found that all of our sets of Nicad's were well past there sell by date the Radio Queen was transformed in performance by the addition of Lipo's. Today the motor failed (bit of a burning smell) so we will try again next weekend?

This is our last day on this strip, had a call from the farmer at lunchtime to say he would start spreading fertiliser from tomorrow.

The new strip is ready for use although we still have to cut the pits area and an I/C starting box. Please contact myself or a committee member for briefing before using.

Chris Bishop.

Friday 13th 

Ian had the day off work so met Steve at the site, A good afternoon flying with wind speed of 5-8mph
Steve brought his new Panic and tested the engine, Not quite ready for the maiden flight. However looks great.

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We both flew the Funflys. I also brought along my Extra 300s however was unable to fly due to aileron servo problems.

Phil arrived with his Raptor Heli and Wow can he fly this in only 12mth's..  

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Sunday 8th

Windy gusting 27 knots with some heavy showers

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Saturday 7th

A bit windy, the IC helis coped OK

Photos -  Malcolm with a Trex 600

Mark's Raptor 30 & Keith's Sceadu

Youtube Video

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Friday 6th
Steve and Ian flew, Wind speed 5-10mph and cold, Both flying IC Funflys which was great fun especially touch 'n' goes in formation however Steve need's a lot more practice.
During the afternoon the farmer removed the metal fences surrounding the clump of tree's obviously getting
ready to plough the field.

Phil arrived just as we were leaving as he spent the afternoon slope flying. 

Ian's Spit ready for the maiden flight.

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Model review

TopGun Super Cub


Construction : Traditional balsa/ply
Wingspan : 100"
Length :       65.5"
Target Weight 13-16 Ib
Engine Fitted : Zenoah 38cc

The Cub in all its forms is a modellers perennial favourite, this quarter scale Top Gun Super Cub is no exception..

ian-2.jpg (143375 bytes)

I love the cub as they offer a relaxed alternative to the frantic funfly and looks like a real aeroplane. There are ARTF models and ARTF models, The quality can vary a great deal. Close examination of this cub showed it had originated from one of the better manufacturers. The manufacturers have obviously taken the whole process seriously,

The quality of the parts matches the quality of the presentation, every thing fits beautifully and is up to it's intended purpose.

The assembly manual is first class and takes you through the process in simple stages, even a real novice could get this kit together without to much drama, Like me.

The whole model is covered in worldtex, a heat shrink covering with a canvas texture which adds a scale finish to the model.

The two piece wings use a substantial ali joiner, judging by the size of the joiner i would suggest that the wing struts are purely aesthetic and the model could  be flown without them in place, but it wouldn't look right.

The model comes with flaps already fitted so i used high torque servo's all-round except a standard servo on the throttle,
I fitted a Zenoah 38cc petrol engine which is slightly over sized however i suppose i can fly on half throttle.


From the build point of view it is hard to fault this model, Everything fits as it should, the hardware is fit for it's use and instructions first class.
She is now sitting ready to go, Thanks for Steve whitehead for his advice and fitting the engine for me. If she flies half as well as she looks i won't be disappointed ...

Ian Wheeler...

Sunday 1st
Darren brought his new camera out. Still on the learning curve (sun, shadows etc). Managed to capture Mr Gurr giving Jonathan's Black Horse  Super Air for yet another test flight!

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Stan's Heli  Bell 407 ?

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Cookies elderly, balsa Cessna

Lee's Thunder tiger Expo 2D

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ken-f16.jpg (108326 bytes)

I think they are  Lightenings - P38 and F35 


Gloucester Model Flying Club