June 2009

Tuesday 30th

nick-edge.jpg (100183 bytes)

phil-xray.jpg (94318 bytes)

Nick's Edge

Phil's Xray

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ken-euro.jpg (97688 bytes)

CB's big Blade

Ken's Eurofighter

Sunday 28th
On Saturday we had a little wait while the workmen cleared the field after doing some preparation work for the forthcoming grass track meeting. The grass has been cut and the track laid out with tyres.
Sunday was a quite day without a great deal of flying. Clive flew his Newtimer almost to a dot and I kept loosing sight of my Highlight, there was some powerful lift about, according to the weather report the clouds were going up to 60,000 feet.
A few minor crashes, my glider again, Jim's Oxyals, Stan's big 'un and Darren's Extra, but no real damage.
Lee's Weston Hype 3D flying was impressive, with some very fast flick rolls 

stan.jpg (139629 bytes)

lee-hipe.jpg (103734 bytes)

Stan fettling his model and turning pink

Lee's Hype, very aerobatic

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Phil's Edge, this is for sale

Jim's Oxalys

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darren2.jpg (111258 bytes)

Paul Tunes and flies Darren's Extra, Darren will do the repairs

Wednesday 24th

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Lee's Mustang, flies as good as it looks

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Phil and Brian winch launching their gliders, a great afternoon with some good thermal lift

Sunday 21st  "Midsummer's Day".

GMFC Barbeque & Pork Roast.

Hardly the seasonal weather for the middle of June but it was very much as forecast. Generally grey and overcast with a small amount of rain around lunchtime. The wind remained light all day and flying conditions were only spoilt by poor light later in the day.

The turnout was excellent, from my "mug shot" sheet I was able count at least 60 members visiting at sometime during the day, add to this a few visitors and families and friends there more than a 100 on the field.

The star piece of equipment for the day was the clubs 'state of art multi spit rotisserie'.

Designed, constructed and thoroughly tested in the preceding fortnight by club members. Particular thanks to Ken for the metal work and most of the working parts, in fact all but the 10mm rods!

The only dubious part being my insistence on the orange high tech belt. As poetic justice I was to get burnt replacing it when it soon failed from the heat.


Mike and Andy were on the field before 8.30 am.

Mike had the coals lit by 8.45 and the first spit turning by 9.00.

The kettle went on, and a supply of tea coffee and 'bacon buttes' was soon established.

Jonathan & Jim (below left) were tasked with assembly of the gazebo. After a brief discussion they were able keep a watchful eye on Andy, Keith & Marley (below) as assembly got underway.

At 10.30 the second spit was set up. Unfortunately at this point the orange belt gave up the ghost (snapped) and the standby 'A' belt fitted but not before my hand had tested the heat on the underside of the BBQ.

Little flying took place during the morning as members, maybe attracted partially by the smell watched mesmerised as 12 Kgs of pork slowly rotated over hot coals.

At one o'clock Mike pronounced the first joints cooked and with Tracy manning the second BBQ for burgers and sausages service commenced.

By the end of the day those fed had consumed 45 lbs of roast pork, 12 lbs sausages, 6 lbs of bacon, 2 dozen burgers, nearly 200 bread rolls, 120 cans of drink and I cannot calculate how many cups of tea.

Many thanks again to all who helped out lets do it again in September. 

Chris B.

The following photos were taken by Jim X 2, Darren & Phil.
bbq1.jpg (99237 bytes) (Above left) Two lines of cars fill the parking area, while (above) the pits were equally as crowded.

(Left) The queue for food proves more popular than  Darren's bring and buy.

 A pair of visitors from the Worcester Club brought a whole van full of models. (Below left) they position their Ultimate Biplanes for take off. While (below) a Funtana S demonstrates it's vertical performance.

(Above both) The Ultimate Biplanes get close for the camera. These were quite large models the kits being made by Seagull?

(Left and below) Extra 300? again quite a large model, unfortunately I have no details of what model it is.

bbq2.jpg (83797 bytes) bbq-extra.jpg (48471 bytes)
mark-heli.jpg (97482 bytes)
cutting-the-grass.jpg (166028 bytes) Helicopters were also out in force.

(Above) Mark shows us nose in hovering both ways up.

As usual Mark displayed his mastery, with an excellent display.

Not to be outdone Adrian (left) tried grass cutting with his T.rex 450.

paul-b.jpg (80050 bytes)
(Above) Paul B. has a new large aerobatic model called the Marathon 24 (that's what it says on the side). Not sure if it is based on a full-size aircraft it looks a bit like an edge.
lee-sally.jpg (98759 bytes)
(Above) Lee's mustang inverted as usual.

Paul W. has sorted how to get to the flight line, of course it had to tested for "health & safety" by the chairman first.

(Right) Paul's delightful little Neuiport is readied for flight. Needs an extra channel on the Rx to give aileron differential before next flight.

(Above and below) Mark Burn's with his "Sonic Liner". Quite an old kit this and I think no longer available, didn't stop Paul G. from getting all excited and deserting his post at the BBQ to test fly it.

Flies in a very stately manner, not much "Sonic" about it more sought of "ocean liner", nothing that a couple of 'Mega's' couldn't put right.

what-the-fcuk-is-that.jpg (112375 bytes)

(Above, both) Ken M's Great Planes Space Walker. This model was one of the first pictured on this web site I've not seen it fly since.

(Left & below) Lee's new Weston 3D Hype.

lee-hipe.jpg (103734 bytes)

(Left) Unknown model???

Electric launched gliders were also being flown.

(Below left) Phil fails to catch his Highlight, while (below) Brian's model make a normal and much more dignified landing.

phil-landing.jpg (172696 bytes)

brian-glider.jpg (110522 bytes)

trevor.jpg (101550 bytes)

steve.jpg (71964 bytes)

(Above left) Derek England's Southerner glides into land.

(Above) Steve W. O/D foamy performs outdoors.

(Left) Picture of the weekend courtesy of Darren (got yet another new camera) the Sonic liner gets friendly with the Matador 24.

And finally our Chairman appears to demonstrates superhuman will power in keeping to his new diet, ignoring the Bakewell Tart (with a bite out of it) resting on his Harrier. At least until he thinks the camera has moved on.


Tuesday 16th

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brian-gloster.jpg (94635 bytes)


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Caption contest

Ken's Hawk

Sunday 14th
Sunday 7th

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andy-heli.jpg (98428 bytes)

The weather was a lot better than the forecast, dry until 3.30PM when this black cloud approached us apparently going against the wind direction, a bit of thunder, lightening and some minor flooding in Stonehouse

Photos are of Andy's raptor

under-a-cloud.jpg (61245 bytes)

Thursday 4th.

Perfect evening, not to hot, wall to wall sunshine with a very light easterly drift. Only problem was the haze at times caused by so many hovering IC helicopters.

Yes, Thursday night was heli night.

Chris B.

Just part of the pits all heli's. Bit hazy at times due lack of wind.

Andy's "naked" Raptor 30, he is now the clubs third owner of this machine. Stan's slightly older Raptor 60.

Mark B's Raptor 30.

Lawrence Green and his Pantera.

Steve Hesling finally gets to fly his Raptor 30. Steve has had radio problems but the time lost has not been wasted as he's been working hard with the sim, it shows as he soon had a pretty passable hover. Sadly a loose bolt in the tail rotor ended his evening but at least his model was in one piece.

Managed to get one flight in with my T.rex 600 flying well after sitting the winter out on the shelf.


Gloucester Model Flying Club