July 2009

Sunday 26th

The wet season continues, grey overcast windy day. It started raining at about 4 o'clock and hasn't stoped as I write this on Monday morning.

Chris B.

Saturday 25th

A little breezy in the afternoon but very nice evening. Again only a few drops of rain as a large storm passed to the south of the field around teatime.

Very good turnout, with the usual wide variety of models. Lee brought along his new Spitfire but did not fly it.

During the afternoon we were treated to a display by a full size Spitfire, see below just proves Phil can take different action shots when he has to.

Chris B.

lee-spit.jpg (217807 bytes)

trevor.jpg (93157 bytes)

Lee's Spitfire

Trevor's Southerner

jim2.jpg (100671 bytes)

jim1.jpg (68268 bytes)

Jim's Sebart Katana S30E

cub.jpg (74745 bytes)

jim3.jpg (108309 bytes)

New member David Price's Piper Cub.

Jim's Sebart Angel Evo 50e

darren2.jpg (115197 bytes)

darren.jpg (92079 bytes)

Darren's Fun Fly

steve-heli.jpg (97377 bytes)

steve-heli2.jpg (103139 bytes)

Steve's Raptor 30

stan-extra.jpg (76398 bytes)

wot4.jpg (67141 bytes)

Stan's Extra

Ken's Wot4

spit3.jpg (58909 bytes)

spit4.jpg (71082 bytes)

spit1.jpg (60237 bytes)

spit2.jpg (72253 bytes)

 Griffon powered PS853 MkXIX, I think, Phil
Maximum fuel flow 197 gallons per hour 

Friday 25th July.

The unsettled weather continues, a bit breezy with the threat of rain although it never materialised on the strip.

During the afternoon Brian, Phil and myself took a last opportunity to test our gliders in preparation for the South Cotswold Soaring Association "V" Malvern Soaring Association yearly interclub thermal comp. Both my models were pretty much set up spot on not bad as they are both made up of components found lurking in the attic repaired and set up during the week. Brian's Graphite 'D' box sustained minor damage whilst landing catching the wire along the top of the Armco.

The testing session came to an abrupt end when the one way clutch on the winch failed. Later while repairs were being planned the MSA rang to postpone the event due weather forecast on Sunday (wind more than 10 mph????).

The usual members arrived for the evening flying session, which turn into quite a nice evening although I left early.

Chris B.

cb-graphite.jpg (100336 bytes)

cb-graphite3.jpg (99705 bytes)

(Above left) Graphite No 2 gets away for its first flight in many years. (Above right) Graphite No 3 also on the winch. I had 8 1/2 Graphite's of different variants of this model over the years. Just in case you wondered were they all are, which I'm sure you're not?

No 1.  Damaged, bits have been used to keep others flying although I do still have the outer panels for repair.

No 2 & 3. Still flying as above.

No 4. Lost during a competition at Fairlop (Essex). I lost sight of it high in a thermal never found.

No 5. Lost testing at Fish meadow, returned badly damaged and waterlogged next spring still have all parts to repair.

No 6. Sold complete three years ago.

No 7. Sold complete a few moths ago.

No 8. Was never built and sold still in kit form.

And the half is the electric fuselage which I still fly on a regular basis with the wings from No 2.

cb-graphite2.jpg (98150 bytes)

phil-starlight.jpg (99768 bytes)

Graphite 2 on landing approach. Phil's much repaired Starlight climbs away.


Monday 13th - Thursday 23rd.

The now regular British wet season (July) continues with a real mixed bag of rain, wind and sunshine (yes the sun has shone a bit, you just were doing something else at the time).

After the Autograss meeting the strip was in very good condition. Although flying was made interesting by the presence of half a dozen flag poles in the centre of the track, it did take quite a few phone calls to get these removed, I think the intention was to leave them until after the next race meeting.

Stan hijacked the big vibrating roller and finished rolling the strip. Followed by a cut from Clive it is in excellent condition. I'll have my E-flite F15 ready soon it will be a good test to see if it ROG's. 

The track and our parking area were quite a mess after the racing, but now is back flat and it will not be long before the grass grows back. Although we have had quite a bit of rain so far in July (48.0 mm/2 inches) the alternating windy and sunny days have kept the track reasonably dry. Just avoid the wet bits which are still a bit soft as a few have found out.

On the nice evenings there has been a good turnout of the usual members, but not very many new models.

Darren has taken some pictures but I have yet to get them onto the blog.


Sunday 12th (supplemental).

A few GMFC members were to be found flying at Ashton Down. In fact there were only two flyers who were not GMFC members during the whole day. Nice site, a bit turbulent in the wind but sun shine most of the day.

Thanks to Doug & Nick for turning up, just a pity the rest of the CRCS committee didn't make the same effort especially as this was supposed to be "wacky race day" and barbeque.

Phil put up his limbo poles, only had some thin rope but that wasn't going to stop him. Nobody else could be persuaded to participate.

Chris B.

astondown.jpg (87338 bytes)

astondown2.jpg (96909 bytes)

Graham's P19 taking off  

failed limbo attempt filmed by Nick, this is not funny, do not laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcolS7W8oT0  

astondown4.jpg (79539 bytes)

astondown3.jpg (21730 bytes)


Wednesday 8th - Sunday 12th.

No flying at Standish Lane due Autograss race meeting.


Sunday 5th - Tuesday 7th
cb-biplane.jpg (184069 bytes)


Saturday 4th


Stan has long promised me a "whiz" with his Heinslet 3DNT.

Very hyper performance machine, and a very radically different looking helicopter, very different mechanics.

The undercarriage is very narrow and has only two skids which clamp between nylon blocks. Well they should clamp but all they do is keeping slipping letting the body tilt in all directions.

Made a quick hop, landed to reduce excessively high rotor speed, while discussing with Stan the undercarriage collapsed again, leaving model stranded on it's side.

Chris B.

wood10.jpg (107138 bytes) Left. Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th.

 Woodsprings Model Show.

See more details.

Right. Swift display team Old Buckenham airfield Norfolk Sunday 28th June

Paid a visit while in Norfolk, show was very poor until the last act, with a huge black storm threatening this 'motley' formation appeared to give a very different and skilled flying display.

Wednesday 1st

ken-lightening2.jpg (92008 bytes)

ken-lightening.jpg (59189 bytes)

ken-hawk.jpg (45118 bytes)

ken-euro2.jpg (76655 bytes)

Ken's Lightening and Hawk


Gloucester Model Flying Club