January 2009

Sunday 4th

Very cold with a couple of degrees of frost, light winds, overcast and grey all day.

Half a dozen brave souls out, a few flying. I took models but they stayed in the car.

Notable event of the day was Phil "the fridge's" first tentative hops with a proper helicopter.


The man who only a few weeks ago was expressing his dislikes for "food mixers" and was actively encouraging people away from such unnatural monsters has succumbed to his dark side and gone all rotary, having acquired a little Shogun 2.

I can't help but feel his progress will be hard work, (for us not him), already having radio problems after a few tentative hops he has just fitted another radio.

Well he have so far survived Paul G. but do we know have to worry again.

Chris B.

Intact, with training undercarriage Shogun 2.

Phil opens up away for his first hop.

"Easy" still in one piece!

Hurries back for another battery.

Saturday 3rd

The cold continues, but it was a sunny day and warm in sheltered spots.

A few members out flying but no report for blog.

Great Indoor session.

Friday 2nd
A warmer day, the permafrost starting to melt and a little sunshine

mark.jpg (99802 bytes)

george.jpg (104837 bytes)

Mark's Spectra-G, the engine is still being run in

George trying out a few props on his team racing control line model
New Years Day January 1st 2009

As the GMFC blog starts it's third year this is the first actual report of activity on the first day of the new year.

The weather was overcast with only a very light easterly wind, although it didn't feel as cold as previous days.

It was cold enough to have a noticeable effect on electric models, all were down on performance as Lipo batteries demonstrated there love of warmer temperatures.

Turn out was brilliant with fifteen cars counted mid afternoon, plenty of soup (18 cans) was consumed during the afternoon.

The light all day was very poor for flying and photograph so the following pics are not up to Phil's usual standard.


A good turnout brave the chill with a warming mug of tomato soup. Stan (glowing centre) has a new high viz jacket, this is not a glow from to much soup. At least we will always know where he is on the field.


scot-george.jpg (134061 bytes)

scot-george2.jpg (87588 bytes)

George had forgotten to remove his novelty head gear from the previous nights celebrations. Still managed a couple of flights with his old venerable Super 60.


david-bike.jpg (121029 bytes)

you-cant-get-the-staff.jpg (99147 bytes)

David had a new bike from Father Xmas which gave dad more time to fly his own models.


Yours truly stirring things up again.

cb-ducted.jpg (105585 bytes)

cb-ducted2.jpg (98005 bytes)

My new TopGun Mirage 2000 EP ducted fan, bit disappointing performance and very tricky to fly in the poor light. A warmer day should see better power from the battery pack.

ken-junior.jpg (49744 bytes)

cb-ducted3.jpg (70187 bytes)

launching.jpg (69477 bytes)

(Above left). Ken's Super 60 had radio problems but landed OK.

(Above). Recently painted Phase 3 Fantom, 4 cells and Little screamer motor turn 52,000 rpm, still down on performance in the cold.

(Left). Ken B's Zaggi gets a heave.


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