February 2009

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Sunday 22nd

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Jim's Caprise

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Stan's Edge

Mark's Badboy and heli

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Paul's heli

Lee's Weston Tiger Shark, very fast

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Chairman's high speed Fox, this proved to be too fast for Phil, who only gave it half throttle and as predicted complained it was out of trim, 3 rolls a second is not for the elderly

Hacker A10 on 3 cells. 4 servos
Saturday 21st
Saturday's indoor flying

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Jonathon's low wing trainer

Monday 16th

Went down to the field Monday to see how my mate Keith is doing with his flying with his Sceadoo, surprise Phil the fridge was there flying his heli – no training gear - making great progress considering this is the person that was not keen on heli’s when I joined the club 12 months ago.

Does size matter? Keith's Sceadu, Phil B's Raptor and  X-cell Pro 2K, dwarfing Phil's Twister

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Keith is also making fantastic progress flying further than I have seen him doing before, but alas winter sun in your eye’s is a great hindrance even if you wear expensive sun glasses as can be seen by the result in the photo of Keith & Phil checking out the damage when he had a spillage into the ground after loosing vision of his heli.  

broke2.jpg (254917 bytes)

broke.jpg (181831 bytes)

Good news is that he will not be long before he is flying again (bless the internet for being able to order parts on line) I believe that Keith was talking to the farmer about the field and decided to start ploughing the field for him, but I personally would not use the skids of my heli, photo shows Phil’s interest in how to do a proper job of a accident with a decent size heli and put his blades at an angle on his so he would not be left out in the photo.

Keep up the practice both of you 
Many thanks 
Phil B

Sunday 15th

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David's new control line model

Marley launches

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Paul flying and inverted  going the other way

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Mark's petrol MA Spectra-G

Saturday 14th
Saturday's indoor session
Friday 13th
A warm day with a light Breeze and  only two cars

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The Heli has rest and the X-Ray has a couple of flights

Paul's Panic

Thursday 12th

Dry but with a cold westerly breeze 

Phil B's Raptor, still a little snow on the hills


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Wednesday 11th
A warm day, nearly all of the snow has melted, but the field is very wet; I parked in the visitors area

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My Twister Storm, the training under carriage still on, it seemed to ignore the breeze, not needing to lean into it, Phil


Gloucester Model Flying Club