August 2009

Sunday 30th

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Chairman's flying wing, very fast but hard to launch

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Rob's Trex 700 

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The exhaust fell off while inverted, rob managed to land it without damage


Monday 24th
What a fantastic evening, sun, blue sky and a slight breeze. The only thing missing were people flying!!!. the usual suspects were there, Clive and his Stryker, Jon and his edge, Ken and a twin jet, Nick and Archie and myself. Oh I nearly forgot Dave.
Dave was last seen putting his Piper Cub into a black bag!!! The wings had done the long awaited clap!! Not a lot else happened
Sunday 23rd

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Paul's Mini Rudder Bug built from a plan and powered by 1cc DC Spitfire diesel 

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Kevin's Pitts Python, Lee test flew it with a  rearward centre of gravity, it was very lively on the elevator, the battery was moved forward just behind the motor

Saturday 22nd

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Gordon's trainer, Kevin's Space Walker and Stan's Banshee
Sunday 16th

Day much as forecast, breezy and overcast. Small number of the usual members out flying.

Darren had his new Vec-jet out for it's maiden flight.

The rear mounted motor swivels with the rudder to give angled thrust.

Looked a bit of a handful, first flight was a bit wild the wind didn't help. Don't think Darren tried the vectored thrust.

On the second flight he let it get to far away and discovered that a colour scheme of black & white on top with white & black underside doesn't give much of a contrast.

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Lee's ever present Mustang on another long sortie.

A rather apt slogan, although in Darren's case the ground was further away in the next field.

Thursday 12th.

Very good turnout in excellent conditions, 18 cars at around 7.30.

Sorry no pics.


Tuesday 11th
A warm evening spoilt a bit by the breeze. We sorted out Gordon's Cub by adding a little nose weight and mixing in a little more aileron to rudder mix.
We had one disaster when the wing joiner failed on a trainers maiden flight. 
The greens were out in force with their helicopters.
Nick arrived late with a Magnatilla bought off Ebay, the engine ran well and it looked good in the air just a minor scarf problem.
The strip is OK very little damage from the grasstrack meeting, the race track has been leveled and rolled but may get muddy if we get a lot of rain

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Gordon's Cub

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lee's Hype

Nick's Ebay Magnatilla 

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Darren's fun fly

Lawrence's Shuttle

Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th 
No flying at our strip due to the autograss meeting, but flying still took place at Aston Down on Saturday and Fish Meadow Upton on Severn on Sunday

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Alan King's Spitfire flying at Aston Down

Our Chairman launching at the interclub competition at Fish meadow on Sunday see report
Wednesday 5th

At last a proper summer's evening, warm, sunny and very little wind. Jim used CB's dolly to launch his Tiger Shark, far too fast for me to get a photo.

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Darren landing, well an arrival

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jonathan.jpg (77485 bytes)

Yes Jonathon, pictures are like buses, you wait for ages, then two come along together

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Ken's EDF  F35 Lightening

Sunday 2nd
A very good day with lots of models flown, warm with only a light breeze.

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Our Chairman's high speed wing had problem's, we had failed to hand launch this and a dolly was tried, this also failed. Marley demonstrates the correct way to launch Jim's  flying wing, but Chris does not pay attention

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Phil's Asperra, electric pattern ship

Nick's petrol Cap

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Jim's park flyer

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Malcolm's  Procopter

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Jim's speed machine

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Lee's new Spitfire on it's second outing


Gloucester Model Flying Club