September 2008

Weekend 27th & 28th.

No flying due grass track racing.

Weather, well what did expect? It's just how life is!


Friday 26th.

Superb day, sunshine all the way with a light easterly wind.

Usual "poets day" crowd out during afternoon again, can't help notice that for some it seems every day has a "poetic" connection.

Remember their is to be flying at the Standish Lane field do to a grass track meeting this weekend.

Sadly the forecast for the weekend is very good, I know some members are planning to visit  Minchinhampton Common, sensible models only please, give me a ring to find out where we are.

Stan's third model of the afternoon, he had already damaged two and rushed home to get this one. An RAF Hercules gave an impromptu fly by, looked a lot closer for real.
Quite what is going on here is difficult to say, but thoughts of "blind leading the partially sighted" come to mind.

Or could Darren just be saying to Stan;

A.  I love you Stan, you're my hero!

B.  Don't let CB upset you!

C.  I've run out of planes, can I borrow one of yours?

Jonathan gives a enthusiastic if not very well aimed throw to much abused Multiplex Twinstar.

Note long shadows and it's only six o'clock!


Chairman's "credit crunch" model, 11 minutes of full on power from 2 X 350 ma/hr LiPo's. That's about 12 watts, should keep electric bill down!

Phil having another go at the artistic slot, despite moans of poor light.

Chris B.


Thursday 25th.

Another very pleasant afternoon, light north easterly, full cloud cover great flying conditions. The usual suspects out on "parole" again.

Nobody seemed to have forgotten anything tonight? Or if they had they were keeping quiet?


Bob arrived with a rather old but very function Precedent T180 in military colour scheme. Phil got it up and running and after a couple of aborted take off runs got it into the air, it seemed to fly well.


Darren has donated his original, Seagull Innovator electric trainer to the club for use as a trainer. This has been fitted out with the help of some "loaner" gear and is back in the air, Clive has does some nice club graphics for it. It is currently set up to my Spectrum DX7 which makes buddying to any other Spectrum/JR set very easy, but it might be better on a 35 mhz set as then more TX's will operate it?


Discovering that the "credit crunch" is not a new breakfast cereal I have decided to set an example by downsizing my fleet, (more models but smaller). To start things off I got hold of a Multiplex Fox. This is a free flight chuck glider, moulded from "Elapor" foam, the kit consists of 4 pieces plus a large ball bearing all for under 8.00. Discard ball bearing and add micro radio and motor and you have one great little model.

Chris B.


Wednesday 24th.

Grey overcast and breezy day.

A few members out flying but no report or pictures.


Tuesday 23rd.

Bit of drizzle during the day with a northerly breeze.

By 6.00pm it was nice and sunny and four members were parked on the field.

One bought a small electric model plus largish helicopter, broke prop on small model (no spare) and forgot battery retaining straps for the heli.

The second had an electric model complete with "nine" new battery packs, he had a couple of enjoyable and incident free flights.

The third brought a small IC helicopter and a empty transmitter case, so he didn't fly!

The fourth to arrive didn't have any models, but did have a new pack of large Velcro straps thus enabling the "first" to restrain his battery pack and get in a flight with his helicopter.

Then at 7.00pm they all went home for tea, well nearly all.


Monday 22nd.

Fly today and that would be ten consecutive days, a bit of a consolation for the summer we haven't had. But sadly summers over again! By the time I made the field it was grey and overcast with a freshening northerly breeze, and was forecast to rain.

Well I did fly, just. Had a quick test flight with a new model (more on that soon) and tried my trusty SLG on LiPo's (only because I had left the correct pack at home).

Then right on queue it started raining.

But at least I had flown.

Chris B.


monday-cb-glider.jpg (71222 bytes)

Weekend Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st.

As forecast the weather held to give a second great weekend. With plenty of sun and with what little wind there was coming from the north east, life in the pits at least was really tropical. Several members doing a bit of sunbathing or catching an afternoon nap in the sun.

All types of models flown as usual, on Sunday at one point in the afternoon there were two gliders soaring in a late thermal, one helicopter and on low wing powered model all sharing the same airspace.

Saturday night Darren, Jim, Stan and myself went to Croft Farm just north of Tewkesbury to watch the night "aerobatic" competition for helicopters. Managed to get some video so watch this space.

With Phil on duty elsewhere flying for the South Cotswold Soaring Association team in a interclub thermal soaring competition against the Malvern Soaring Association. (They lost just!) and yours truly being to lazy to even get the camera out of the car we have to thank Jim Cornwall for the following photos and pretty good they are to, even Phil was slightly impressed.

Chris B.

Darren & Stan take in the sun. What a life or have they just run out of models to fly? CB launches his "SLG's" (self launching glider) for a bit of late afternoon soaring.
Clive's GWS Lockheed P38 Lightning on full flight, very impressive in the air for a small model.
A trio of aerobatic models. Stan's Seagull Edge 540, Darren's Seagull Extra 300 and Jonathan's Ultrafly Edge 540 25e. Below the two Edge 540's in the air.
Great shot of electric Spitfire.

Many thanks to Jim Cornwall for his first entries on the club blog.

Friday 19th

The good weather continues, Friday saw bright sunshine making the afternoon quite warm.

The afternoon saw yet another good turnout, either a lot of club members are "unwell" or like me don't have proper 9 to 5 jobs, or it's the "poets" affect.

Ken brought along is Kyosho Sky Baby, another model in the Kyosho Minium range. Flies and looks great, sure to be a great indoor model.

Marley Jnr & myself spent the afternoon helping Keith prepare is Fliton Inspire 60 for it's maiden flight. Powered by a Saito FA-82a which started and ran perfectly from the box, the short maiden flight went without a hitch.

However confusion/brain failure lead to it's sad demise on the second flight when the battery failed. Now the battery was not of a type suitable for this type of model, (we're talking Rx battery here), but confusion arose when the battery was checked using a new type of meter, the voltage showed OK  but the capacity read out was ignored (big mistake).

I will be writing more on this meter which is proving invaluable for Lipo use but is I must say a bit confusing when used to check Rx packs. I will also cover battery packs for use as receiver packs as the huge variety out there is leading to problems in selection of the correct one for the job.

Chris B.

inspire.jpg (101201 bytes)

panic-its-stan.jpg (83320 bytes)

Keith's Fliton Inspire 60 gets airborne on it's maiden flight.

Stan's Avicraft Anniversary Panic Biplane.

ken-mini-mum.jpg (83514 bytes)

ken-minimum.jpg (55711 bytes)

ken-mini-mum2.jpg (97308 bytes)

Ken flying his Kosho Minium Skybaby.

All 16.5 inches of it and 22 grams all up.


Thursday 18th

The good weather continues with  just a light northerly drift. There was a steady stream of flyers all afternoon with the usual mix of model types.

Phil finally got a picture of a Weston Tiger Shark, this one is Lee's, and he managed a respectable slow pass for the camera.

Star of the night was the diminutive Parkzone Vapour "12 grams all up". This is a relatively new model and comes as part of Parkzone's "Bind-N-fly" range. Now most of these small indoor models come as a set with transmitter, mostly the transmitters are a bit "naff". The Kyosho Minim range fly superbly but I felt where let down by the transmitter.

Well Parkzone now have the option to purchase without a transmitter simply and fly using any (most) of the current range of Spectrum/JR 2.4 Ghz sets. The airborne electrics in the Vapour seems to be identical to that used by Kyosho but the servos run very smoothly and the motor is nearly silent.

Great fun was had all evening with I think nearly everybody having a go on the sticks. A table (quite small) was set up and used a carrier deck, see short video. where Phil has captured one of my less successful circuits. Those of a "PC" nature should look away while viewing this video. I will be writing about the operation of small/light models ASAP.

Chris B.

Right. A Weston Tiger Shark finally caught on camera. As Lee does a "slow" pass.

Below. The diminutive Parkzone Vapour caught in flight. Superb, coped with the light drift easily.

I predict we will see a few of these flying indoors in a couple of weeks. Supplies of them seem a bit patchy, Sussex Model Centre don't have any at this time Robotbirds do, Clive say's he doesn't stock them as he has had no call for them!!!!


Wednesday 17th

Yet another great day, defiantly an "Indian summer" that should according to the forecasts continue over the weekend.

A dozen cars along the hedge by 7.00 pm, no mishaps severe or otherwise, helped no doubt by Darren not flying anything. His little IC (all 2 cc of it) Zoom 450 failing to get daylight under the skids.

Had another attempt at pushing duration record (failed) again those with good eyesight and a knowledge of electronics will know why!

Jim had problems getting into field as the new "security guards" wouldn't let him in. He claims from a previous encounter that they have "sharp teeth and bite" . Didn't stop him or one of the "guards" posing for a photo opportunity. The "guards" where later persuaded and back into there part of the field.

Bob Pearce's pattern ship Phil's "flying fish" shocky in the still evening air.
Brian's new own design, looking very much like a DH53 Humming Bird with a bit of sweep to the wings.
Right. Ken checks controls of his Super 60 before yet another sortie, he'll soon wear that engine out or cause a petrol shortage! Note number of cars along the hedge not bad for a Wednesday evening.

Below. Darren's little Zoom stays attached to the grass. "Please I don't want to fly"

Below right. Yes it's my T.Rex 600E taking to the air once again and surviving.

Chris B.


Tuesday 16th

Yet another very flyable day, again a bit over cast but light winds and no rain.

Exactly 7 weeks ago (July 22nd) to the day Darren in his blog entry wrote;

 "Bit of a different blog today as its going to be about people who broke things!!!!".

Well seven weeks later what goes around comes around and this entry could read things that "Darren broke".

Yes, he broke the Tiger Shark (still no pictures of this elusive beast) to be fair to Darren he has not been flying fixed wing that long, 6 months max so to actually get two flights in with such a fast model was good going, fortunately it is repairable and the loaner engine was untouched. So still time to try the 9" X 10" APC in my prop box?.

Sadly his Edge 540 did not fair so well, failing to start the timer lead to an unexpected and somewhat violent arrival. However the bits will come in handy next year as we can save on firelighters to get the barbeque going.

Above the Great Planes Stick a bit weighted down with batteries?

Ken Mattock currently holds the British record for longest flight with a electric powered model aircraft, having flown a GWS Pico Stick for nearly 1 3/4 hours a few years back. Sadly this airframe was later destroyed when trying to push the record further.

I'm currently trying to find a model and set up to break this record, the Great Planes Stick seems a good way to go, although today's trial was plagued with a electrical problem and ended at about the hour mark when Phil lost control of the model.

Monday 15th

Are we about to have an "Indian summer"? Another great day, warm, dry with little or no wind.

Twelve cars, lots of flying, failed to get any pictures.

Jim finished his first solo flight with his trainer with a perfect landing on the strip, engine still running, sadly the next two involved the long grass (only just off the strip) but no more damage than a couple of broken nylon bolts. Jim has learnt to fly fixed wing via a simulator and a few flights with a buddy box in only a few weeks.

Darren's Weston Tiger Shark was upgraded with a "loaner" motor, an Irvine 36 plus tuned pipe. Fast, very fast, very very fast, could go faster with the right prop? There is a 9" X 10" APC in my prop box?. Engine stopped after about four minutes "ran out of fuel" performance comes at a cost.

Chris B.


Sunday 14th the BBQ

What a fantastic day, a great high note to finish another "lousy" summer on. Following weekend after weekend of rain and wind the weather finally got it right. The rain stopped Friday night and although muddy under foot the pits/car park area held up well.

No wind, no rain and remaining overcast all day gave for perfect flying conditions with no squinting into the afternoon sun. Only Phil was heard complaining as ever about bad light for his pictures. The turn out was brilliant, with 35 cars when the picture below was taken, there was a steady stream of comings and goings all day and would not be at all surprised if the numbers topped 60 for the whole day.

Many thanks on behalf of the membership and from myself to all who mucked in and helped set up, run things during the day and most importantly clear up at the end.

I will thank our "celebrity" chef Mike Bond by name for his sterling work behind the barbecue. I'm a bit disillusioned  as not once did he have a tantrum or once use the "f" word, maybe you have to have TV cameras present for this metamorphose to happen. Mike cooked his way and those gathered ate their way through 18 lbs of superb sausages, 6 lbs of chicken drumsticks, 12 lbs of beef burgers and 5 lbs of bacon.

The  whole range of models was flown all day with up to half a dozen airborne at any one time. There were no major mishaps, a few minor ones most of which seemed to have a "Gurr" factor and he didn't even seem to have the transmitter for some of them.

Again many thanks for your support and we will do it again in 2009.

Chris B.


Although a bit "sticky" under foot the ground had dried up enough to stop it becoming a complete mud bath. The first occasion that two lines of cars have filled the car park.


And the IC starting area was also full, equal mix of heli's & fixed wing operating together. There was a similar number of electric powered heli's & fixed wing scattered around the cars.


There is a short video of the field at /video/bbq.wmv taken from my Highlight glider, it's a bit misty, I got grease on the lens after eating a beef burger. 


bbq15.jpg (102340 bytes)

bbq2.jpg (100597 bytes)

Parking & pits area from above mid afternoon, taken from Ken's Radio Queen.

Mike Bond, Chef de Cuisine for the day kept up an endless stream of food.

bbq1.jpg (161303 bytes)

bbq14.jpg (102602 bytes)

Cookie "explains" something to The Womersleys.

David gets another lesson from dad. 

bbq5.jpg (97997 bytes)

bbq6.jpg (63885 bytes)

A control line circle saw frequent use, from Brian launches, while Paul goes in for a bit of "whipping".

bbq8.jpg (47172 bytes)

bbq9.jpg (92991 bytes)

Electric P 38 Lightning, think this one is Brian Bouchers.

Ken's now totally reliable home made seemed to be flying all day.

bbq3.jpg (39767 bytes)

bbq7.jpg (36321 bytes)

A nice example of a electric Spitfire.

Cookie's little bi-plane

bbq12.jpg (28722 bytes)

bbq-hell.jpg (104830 bytes)

Is it a bird? is it a plane? Ken's Multiplex "Chicken" has got out of the coop again.

Lots of heli's flown, not sure whose this is but looks like an electric T.rex 600.

bbq-hell2.jpg (42164 bytes)

Raptor 50, think this is Mark Burnham's.

bbq10.jpg (24176 bytes)

"Lord" Wormsleys very large vintage model.


Saturday 13th

This is short onboard video from Phil's X-Ray  see the roll rate

me410s.jpg (107267 bytes)

me410.jpg (141527 bytes)

The shadow of the Hun, Stuart with his ME410

stan.jpg (101539 bytes)

jim.jpg (117091 bytes)

Stan's Texan


divo.jpg (80665 bytes)

divo2.jpg (75228 bytes)

Close encounters of the chairman kind, anybody know what the model is?

Sunday 7th
A few brave souls had flown Saturday and during the week but no reports.
There was a little drizzle in the morning, the afternoon staying dry with a lot of cloud.
David did not get to fly his Hurricane due to a broken control line, his farther has temporally been promoted to chief cook and bottle washer at home and probably explains why he flew two of my models without breaking them.
Lee did a lot of aerobatics with his Junior 60 and also flew a nice looking Pitts, the instruction to fly slowly between himself and the camera was misheard resulting in the LH  photo below and a very traumatized photographer.
Stan's thought his Panic was under powered by a 400 watt electric motor and plans to fit it with an IC. 

david-spit.jpg (144881 bytes)

buddy.jpg (100019 bytes)

Ken looking at David's control line Hurricane Buddy box time
cookie-junior.jpg (98800 bytes) lee-junior.jpg (97120 bytes)
Cookie with his  Mini Junior 60, old but still flying Lee's Junior 60
jims-shadow.jpg (96331 bytes) its-stan-panic.jpg (73209 bytes)
Jim's Shadow Stan's Panic
lee-pitts.jpg (72374 bytes) lee-pitts3.jpg (60776 bytes)
Lee's Pitts


Gloucester Model Flying Club