October 2008

No reports for the last week of this month, we had some strong winds and it felt very cold

Sunday 26th
In the afternoon the rain and wind stopped and the sun came out, but there was a lack of enthusiasm from our members apart from Clive who flew 3 of models, his Stryker even did a touch 'n' go, this still did not impress Paul who wanted an inverted touch 'n' go

Click here for Saturday 25th Indoor session

don-su27.jpg (83331 bytes)

Don's Su27, I flew this for him, plenty of power from the little brushlees pusher climbing at 45 deg, the roll rate was a bit slow but not bad for a taileron model. It was very stable in pitch and may be a little nose heavy, this may be too fast for indoors although some may like the challenge

ken-junior60.jpg (69107 bytes)

clive-hawk.jpg (38844 bytes)

Ken's Junior 60

Clive's Hawk

stans-got-the-edge.jpg (110441 bytes)

stans-got-the-edge2.jpg (66451 bytes)

Stan's electric Edge

Sunday 17th

Very windy, grey overcast the rain holding of till after dark.

No reports of any flying.

A couple of before and after pictures from the last two weekends.

After being refused entry into Antics, Stan has a make over.

And as promised last week David we have eventually managed to "airbrush" the fat man out.

Saturday 16th

Weather dry but breezy, no reports of any flying.

Click here for a full report on Saturday night.

Tuesday 14th - Friday 15th.

Bit of a mixed bag of weather being a bit windy mid week, but generally dry and overcast.

A few members out flying but no reports or pictures.

Monday 13th

 Half a dozen fliers out to enjoy a good afternoon.

Control line circle was busy, as was the club trainer flying which put in half a dozen sorties training new members.

david-control.jpg (94059 bytes)

phil-heli.jpg (59551 bytes)

Paul launches David's control line Hurricane 

Phil's X-cell Pro 2K fitted with OS70


Sunday 12th

And summer continues for another weekend, warm, sunny with a southerly breeze.

With Phil stuffing himself with roast pig elsewhere, Darren was given a quick demo of how to get the camera out of the case and ordered to take pictures.

The results?

I'll leave you to make up your own mind?

Above & below. Main "task" of the day was to complete Keith's Cessna 182, this is the second model Keith and myself have completed "al fresco", the last one ended in tears.

The Cessna 182 is a very nice full size aircraft, I have logged many hours and covered many miles in the type. As a model however all the ones I have seen and experienced have not been good.

Like a lot of scale models it has a very short nose and is prone to being tail heavy as was Keith's, there were a few "words" (discussions) as to where the battery should go, it finally ended up where I wanted it along with a quantity of lead for good measure.

Ken was recruited as pit man and quickly got the engine up and running. The eventually test flight went well the C182 handling quite nicely, unfortunately the engine cut during an overshoot leading to a landing off strip, but with only minimal damage to the nose leg and wheel spat.

Sadly Darren didn't quite get an airborne shot, I have included his best effort.

Second task of the day was to test fly Keith's Panic Bipe.

Powered by a Saito 82, this model flew just as a Panic should, superbly.

A bit less vibration and a more suitable prop and this combination will be perfect.

This time Darren got a good flight shot, well just landing shot.

Below a trio of Panics and there owners, would you buy a second hand model from any of these three?
Left. interview.

Darren; "Nice model David, still in one piece"?

David; "Yes, I haven't let my dad fly it today".

David; "Is there some fat bloke pulling funny faces behind me".

Darren; "Yes, we can always airbrush him out"?

David; "You'll need a large pot of paint".

The Chairman's electric Panic taxis in after it's last flight before being converted back to IC?

Having got the hang of flying shots Darren pushes the edge of technical achievement with two flying shots.

Below Super 60 landing and below right Jim's low winger.

Saturday 11th

Good flying day, the only report being of the brief and short test flight of Stan's Sea `Fury.

Click here for a full report on Saturday night.

Friday 10th

Plenty of sun but it felt a little cold with moderate south wind blowing

panic-its-stan.jpg (77659 bytes)

Jim had a lot of flights with his low wing trainer and Stan with his Panic. My little Fox struggled against the breeze. Paul flew his heli and low wing trainer

left Stan's Panic

Thursday 9th

CML Topgun Spitfire Review.   Model Background, This model is depicted in the colours of Johnnie Johnson's Spitfire to 1:6 Scale to a wingspan of 71". The Manufacturer has gone to great lengths to provide a scale ARTF Kit with attention to detail.   Initial Impressions. The most prominent item is the superb moulded glass fibre fuselage. A lot of panel detail and a good quality paint job, A equally impressive cowling complete with exhaust stack. The flying surfaces are all built up construction covered with Oracover. Included in the kit is a complete set of air-operated retracts which i replaced with Robart due to leaking connectors.

ian-spit.jpg (195443 bytes)

Engine. Not wanting to spoil the cowl i decided to install the RCV 91 Four stroke which for those of you not familiar with this type, this engine has a rotary valve system and rear induction, so no overhead valve value gear  or front mounted pushrod and cam  housing to accommodate.
Test Flight.  Engine ran in and Setting up complete, Any one out there brave enough to test it for me?????    


ian-funfly.jpg (125004 bytes)

ian-funfly2.jpg (80058 bytes)

Ian's Magic funfly

Monday 6th

I had a quick fly with my small Fox, the rain arrived at 4.00PM. I noticed we now have pilots box, we are now safe as no aircrraft is allowed in it??

Sunday 5th

The wind eased late afternoon and the sun made a brief appearance.

Saturday 4th

The wet and windy theme continues, but no problem it's time to fly indoors again.

The blog pages got a bit big due to the indoor reports last spring, so to help keep page sizes down the indoor reports will have their own pages as per our first season.

So click here for a full report on Saturday night.

Wednesday 1st - Friday 3rd.

A very poor week with wind and rain, very little flying has taken place and no reports

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