November 2008

Sunday 30th
Phil and Keith flew their helicopters. Stan flew his Panic and landed in the next field with a big thud, the model survived with just minor damage. Adrian tried out his rebuilt T-rex 400
Clive organised a working party to make a road into our field, our Chairman  arrived too late to help

All day long they work so hard
Till the sun is goin' down
Working on the highways and byways
And wearing, wearing a frown
You hear them moanin' their lives away
Then you hear somebody sa-ay
That's the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang
That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang

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Saturday 29th
Cold and Damp, Stan and Keith had problems start their IC motors

Indoor report

Friday 28th
Not a bad day for late Autumn, no wind and not too cold finishing with nice sunset


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Paul's Extra posing for the camera

Perfect carrier landing

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f-funjet2.jpg (49865 bytes)

 Bright orange disc spotted in the sky.

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Tuesday 25th
A cold day with a light northerly wind. Keith flew his Raptor and I flew my Funjet 

Sunday 23rd
A cold day with a strong wind, the sun came out mid afternoon and the wind dropped a little . Keith flew his helicopter finding it hard going. Clive flew his Striker near sunset

phil-funjet2.jpg (44506 bytes) phil-funjet.jpg (86102 bytes)

Phil's Multiplex FunJet, 3600KV 350watt ducted fan motor turning a 4 inch pusher prop. the model coped well with wind, Phil did not 

Friday 21st
A cold day with a light westerly wind, I had one flight with my FunJet No sign of the cows
Sunday 16th
A warm welcome from the cows but a dull afternoon with a little light drizzle. The field is very wet you may better off parking on the track.

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Saturday 15th
Only Keith  flying one of his helicopters and me trying an Emax 2815  motor in My Acromaster, this gave it enough power but felt a bit tame after the big Hacker
Indoor report

Friday 14th
Paul's Kyosho Calmato low wing trainer misses the electric fence. 

The cows are still out in the next field.

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marley.jpg (95721 bytes)

Marley's Extra in the late afternoon sun

Saturday & Sunday 8th
A very wet and windy  weekend no reports, see Indoor flying report for Saturday 

Friday 7th
A brighter day but feeling very cold, I has one quick fly only 2 others at the field. The fence is doing its job, the cows are not getting too close to it.

Thursday 6th
A dull day with a little light drizzle, I flew my X-Ray and little Fox. An electric fence has been erected, see notices

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Tuesday 4th
I arrived to find the landing strip full of heifers and one over friendly jersey who would not leave me alone. I managed two flights with my Fox. When CB arrived they all charged off and started licking his jeep, Chris was unable to fly his helicopter.
 We have seen the farmer and hope to solve the problem. If you visit the field take care to stop them escaping through the gate

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Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd.

Poor weather continues, Saturday grey overcast morning becoming windy and wet during afternoon, Sunday just drizzled all day. No reports of anybody venturing out.

Indoor report for Saturday 1st



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