March Blog

Sunday 30th afternoon.

The clocks changed overnight to give an extra hour of flying in the evening. Quite a good day, relatively warm sunny with a light southerly breeze. 

All the usual faces were out, Mark Burnham had a new IC fun fly model but I failed to get details (must get that note book). 

The control line circle was busy again with young David and dad circulating all afternoon.

march-08-mark.jpg (57683 bytes)

march-08-cb-ke-blade.jpg (100560 bytes)

Mark's Funfly

CB's Blade "side slips" past 

Ken's "Flair" Magnatilla a very consistent performer and much photographed model. This model has quite a history and very interesting provenance having passed through quite a few members workshops. It is sometimes fitted with floats and has been flown of a flooded "Plock Court" if anybody as the video of this please let me know and I will put it on the site.

march-08-ken-m.jpg (150080 bytes)

march-08-stan-control.jpg (135468 bytes)

Ken's M

 Stan launching for Paul

march-08-david-cotrol-line.jpg (245761 bytes)

march-08-paul-cotrol-line.jpg (142169 bytes)

David and Paul control line flying

  Saturday 29th evening at Bentham.

No reports of flying during the day, but with a very blustery wind and heavy showers it was not surprising. 

The last indoor flying session of the 07/08 season was a great success with twenty flying although Steve from Chepstow arrived late just as we were packing up do to getting his times mixed up, anyway he still got three flights in and in a quite unusual fit of generosity I didn't charge him.

Didn't seem to be so many models in the air and both helicopters and fixed wing managed to fly happily together. I don't think there were any major mid airs. There was certainly a good crowd in the pits with many very interested spectators.

Departure was delayed do more persistent heavy rain, models and equipment were placed in the foyer while a small group gathered in the bar for a final drink.

I think most would agree that the move to Bentham has been a great success, and we will be returning in the autumn. As news spreads of this venue I think we can be in for a good turnout next season. 

Thank you all for your support over the last six months. 

bentham-last-phil-bee.jpg (81400 bytes)

bentham-last-brian.jpg (80456 bytes)

Phil's Flyingwing's Bee

Brian's Wing

bentham-last-steve-whales.jpg (106162 bytes)

bentham-last-cb-prop.jpg (105183 bytes)

Steve's Ikarus Extra

Bi-plane prop hanging

bentham-last-protech.jpg (101468 bytes)

bentham-last-paul.jpg (91911 bytes)


Paul flying Phil's shockie

In celebration of getting the website back on line and no longer relying on the Fasthosts/SiteBuilder collaboration (or lack of it).

Gloucester Model Flying Club present in it's original (well not quite so compressed) directors cut of that cult classic, nominated for five Golden Turnips at the Much Piddling in the Marsh 2007 film festival, the film that caused Stephen Spielberg to consider early retirement for all of twenty seconds:

Depronman the Movie.

As the yet untitled sequel goes into post production savor this moment of movie magic and take the time to find an excuse to avoid seeing part two because their are really better things to do in life. 


Sunday 23rd March afternoon.

  A cold northerly wind and a few showers put most people off. Adrian had a good afternoon flying his high wing trainer, "Fun Fly" and two of Phil's helicopters. The two Raptors, an electric and IC models flew well leaning slightly in to the stiff breeze.  



clive-pratt.jpg (71829 bytes)

adrian-landing.jpg (149363 bytes)

Clive heaves his "PRAT" aloft.

Adrian's Fun Fly landing.

monday-zurro.jpg (62832 bytes)

george-landing.jpg (102793 bytes)

George Ford's "Zurro" 

paul-cotrol-line3.jpg (144160 bytes)

david-cotrol-line-glos.jpg (110506 bytes)

Paul and David still flew controline despite cold windy conditions. Not sure if Paul has just launched this model our if his practice his falconry skills to extract membership fee for membership sec. from local buzzard. I'm informed he still hasn't paid up!

adrian-helicopter.jpg (123078 bytes)

Adrian, short of one helicopter willing volunteers to undertake testing of a couple of models for Phil? Didn't try any aerobaticals!

I/C Raptor bottom left, electric version below. 

phil-raptor-sunday.jpg (96815 bytes)

sunday-electric-raptor.jpg (101729 bytes)

Saturday 22nd evening Bentham Country Club.

Great turnout, many arrived early to see the girls playing netball, disappointed that they hadn't turned up had to satisfy themselves by flying model aeroplanes.

Great evening was had by nearly all, a few staying for a pint in the bar. Next Saturday 29th will be the last night for this winter.  So your last chance or just come and watch and have a beer.

DSCFw5464.JPG (89464 bytes)

heli-session.jpg (102810 bytes)

Great pit area table and chairs provided.

Even better flying area.

bentham-loads0of-room.jpg (85976 bytes)

The lighting is superb for flying if not quite so good for photography. 

Phil actual caught on camera flying a helicopter. Pete Wolfendon Blade Pete's first time indoors.

ifo-bentham.jpg (77851 bytes)

bentham-pogo.jpg (94708 bytes)

Steve Parker's errant IFO.

Phil's "Pogo" lost in the space.

DSCFw5472.JPG (77792 bytes)

bentham-biplane.jpg (84741 bytes)

Part of Brian Rawlings "airforce" above and below Kavan Sopwith Camel, 

bentham-bi-plane2.jpg (74258 bytes)

DSCFw5473.JPG (76694 bytes)

brown-bi-plain.jpg (71021 bytes)

DSCFw5493.JPG (70236 bytes)

and a Fieseler Storch from a unknown German kit., plus his GWS Piper Cub below.

mono-landing.jpg (90793 bytes)

bentham-mono.jpg (43548 bytes)

bentham-high-wing.jpg (81591 bytes)

bentham-mono3.jpg (66605 bytes)

bentham-spit.jpg (64112 bytes)

bentham-steve.jpg (65298 bytes)

Chairman's Spitfire flew well in the extra space. Steve Whithead's shocky races round.

blade2.jpg (76359 bytes)

bentham-blade.jpg (90148 bytes)

Pete Wolfendon's E.flite Blade XL. 

bentham-shin-nook.jpg (97740 bytes)

bentham-citrabria.jpg (49471 bytes)

Stuart Green flew his Twister R/C Skylift and his Kyosho Minium Citabria.

bentham-adrian-heli.jpg (81042 bytes)

DSCFw5490.JPG (67385 bytes)

Adrian's Align T.rex before, during and after! Adrian put on a very spirited display, considering he only started flying heli's when we started the indoor sessions he has progressed very well. There are as far as I know only two other club members who regularly fly inverted. 

bentham-bits-n-pieces.jpg (72740 bytes)

DSCFw5500.JPG (93118 bytes)

Quote from earlier in month "Adrianís getting pretty good at this inverted stuff. He asked the other day what model he should get next? Answer, another T.rex 450 to replace this one when he breaks it." 

I rest my case?


Saturday 15th March at Chosen Hill school




A good turnout, 8 helicopters 5 fixed wing and few Palm Zs. Adrian inverted his helicopter twice, a brave feat indoors, see the You Tube video You Tube inverted helicopter flight.

One of the Palm Zs met Clive's helicopter shredding it.

Steve's shocky took a chunk out of my Bee. I hooked my shocky undercarriage in the roof heater while trying to fly over the roof beam, Clive freed it with his pole.

Adrian rescued Brian's Bendy with a ladder, after it got tangled in the netting. Mike is still using up while inverted, but his model survived hitting the floor. A video has been posted at  mostly filmed by Derrick


(photos to follow shortly)




I-wanna-bee-PhilKen flying his Heli

CB flying Heli

Saturday 8th at Chosen Hill

A good turnout at the last but one indoor session at this venue. Lots of helicopters again, CB flew Dave's new model. Mike progressed a little at aerobatics with his home brew Extra, but was still hitting the floor.

CB hit the floor hard with my Yak after failing to make the large aileron correction needed for inverted flight. Steve had radio problems with his home brew 3D and his heavy flying wing. Paul had mixed success with his control line models.

Ken's heli came to grief after flying too high and hitting a roof beam. I flew my Bee shaped model and made two Pogo vertical landings, I find this hard as I have not mastered a solid prop hang yet.



Thursday March 6th

Needed some more up to date pictures of models flying in Bentham Dome.


Phil came along with his new “Bee” complained “he would have to get some new glasses as he wasn’t used to flying models so far away from himself”.


Flew my T.rex and actually enjoyed flying it indoors at last.


The "Divo" performs very well in a space this size, still didn't stop me breaking it as the floor is still hard.


No comment on the other model flown only to say "it just had to be done"! No it won't be repeated by me or anybody else.








Wednesday 5th March.


“The Membership Sec. agrees he's under 18 but he still has to fill in a membership form and pay his joining fee before he flies again. Would any member catching up with him please ask him to conform to the club rules. 





Mike Bonds Seagull Models electric Piper Cub prior to maiden flight.


Sunday 2nd March

Adrian’s getting pretty good at this inverted stuff. He asked the other day what model he should get next? Answer, another T.rex 450 to replace this one when he breaks it. 



The “Chuckle Brothers” help to extricate Chairman’s new Bristol Fighter from car, should have been video for best effect.







Bristol Fighter departs for a quick sortie



Bristol Fighter returns from it’s sortie to a bit of an undignified end.





The 'Chuckle Brothers' in matching hats get out there control line model, this would also make an amusing video. However 'brother' Paul may well be thinking otherwise!


Saturday 1st March.

Four Heli’s in one picture! The white shape is Richard Cockram’s (not in picture) miniscule Walkera Dragonfly, so close to the camera that the return from the flash has overpowered the camera, next is Chris Ashwood with the red Blade XL, then Clive with his Eco and right in the corner Stan Lane, his model (type not known) hovering in front of the goal. This has to break Phils record for the most models in one shot.







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