January Blog

Sunday 27th January

Weather superb, sunny, light wind and warm for last weekend of January.   Great turn out, counted twenty cars during afternoon. Bit of an error on my part was to believe forecast during week and had not got any models ready as I had committed to family events. Managed to get to field for a couple of hours in early afternoon.   Quite a few new models, including two I/C Panic Bipes, one was an old original and one new anniversary edition. That makes four in the club.   Several helicopters, and a good mix of I/C and electric models not the usual domination of electric models.   Paul tested his new control liner the classic Kiel Kraft “Phantom”. A rather large fuel tank nearly proved his undoing. Luckily Ken M. appeared in the nick of time to take over just as Paul collapsed on the ground.    All the pictures are courtesy of Phil and Clive.  




Models at sunset (artistic entries of the day)

Ken new aerobat.

I was honoured to be asked to test a couple of members’ models, which was not to prove that successful.

  Firstly Ken Brills new small electric aerobat.  Flew fine if a bit underpowered, and not quite up to the sprightly performance one expects from this type of model.  

The second was Paul Butchers new hanger 9 Sundowner. This is an 80” span quarter scale pylon racer with 25 cc petrol engine up front. Although the motor was not quite on song it performed beautifully. However while investigating the low speed handling the engine stopped just at a very bad moment. Sadly there was insufficient height to recover from the incipient spin.

The ill fated "Sundowner" lifts off for maiden flight.

The model hit the ground absolutely vertical, damage was limited to the engine area, front fuselage and a bent wing joiner. With a bit of sourcing from Clive this model will be put back in the air soon.    
Paul Butchers electric P51 Mustang.

Davids new "Phantom".



Ken B. fills tank while Pauls not looking!

You did want the tank filled?"

Paul starts to show signs of fatigue.

Ken M. to the rescue as Paul falls to the floor.

Saturday January 26th.

Evening.   Another great evenings flying at Chosen Hill School.   About even on the number of heli’s to fixed wing. Several occasions there were four fixed wing models flying together with no decent mid airs?   My latest Bye Yak (no 3) survived another evening without a scratch. I don’t seem to have any still pictures of this model (could be why it’s still in one piece).   . Steve Parker tried indoor flying for the first time with a genuine IFO, which flew well after a few false starts.  

Brians new flying wing.



Massed launch.

My two sons brought along their Robocopters. These are two channel models with controls and mechanics similar to the Pico Z. The mechanics are slightly different, with a larger distinctive “body” giving and bigger tail surfaces giving improved flying qualities. They are also on 2.4 Ghz so no frequency problems



Robocopters" in flight.



Steve Parkers "genuine" IFO.







The only picture of the third mini Bye Yak. Looks just like the first one from this angle. This model is nearly a year old, keep out of Phil's way and it might see it's 1st birthday!

Saturday 19th Indoors   

  Another good session, 18 fliers paying their dues, lots of helicopters but only CB and me were flying aerobatic models.
One of CB's Bi-planes is no more, but a new one takes its place, I flew it and was impressed by the precise handling, though a little heavy for my taste.
Adrian flew his helicopter round the room while the others were content to practice hovering and small circuits. Brian and Richard only had short flights before doing minor damage; it is a sad fact in model flying, that those who need to practice the most get the least airtime. Steve also had only short flights with his wing and small aerobatic model, it looked as if the wing loading was a little heavy for our small hall.
Paul looked very confident with his heli, now flying without the training under carriage, Paul did not do so well with his control line wing, which hit the floor very hard. CB's Lancaster had problems, but the Pogo like model went well and for the second week I did not have a mid air with any of his models, though I did chop a “Depron” mini plane in half.

Saturday 26th Jan. Afternoon.   Sunny, dry day with moderate westerly breeze.   Visited Standish lane to check site, no one flying. The ground has dried out from the last rains but still to wet to cut. Grass is starting to grow in the sunny weather.  



Paul's new control liner, at least he didn't fly it indoors







Just a few of the many helicopters in action.
  Following from “guest blogger” Phil Hayward.   CB away watching rugby in Irish pub in Budapest. Seeing Gloucester succumbing to the "Ospreys” in the rain and mud made me feel like I was at home.   No report from Sunday 13th but I had texts to say that it was “wet and windy”.     Saturday 12th Evening Indoors   A good turn out and once again the helicopters out numbered the fixed wing. Mike seemed have his home brew Extra under control able to loop and roll, this is his recycled bi-plane from last week. Brian from SCSA turned up with flying wing from a design found on the Web, he found it bit hard to fly in confines of the sports hall. Paul looked very confident with his helicopter, the training under carriage now removed. I did not have a good evening, Brian's wing demolished one of my models and I wrecked another, my home brew Yak went OK doing a slow knife edge half under control.
Plenty of fliers, but we need more people to jeer and take the Mickey.



The new club secretary Chris Rennie with his bodyless T.rex.

Mike's new OD shockie.



Pure fear" as Ken retrives.

Paul's removed his training undercarriage! But still needs the wall to hold himself up?

  Saturday 12th Afternoon Standish Lane 

   Pleasant weather after a very wet week, just a light southerly with plenty of sun.
Mark's Raptor flew with a little expert help, but his van was not so lucky and got stuck crossing the field.
Jim flew his F1A machine but complained it was pulling half a degree to the left and landed early. Paul flew his Radio Queen but I could only see it at take off, my camera could only make out a faint dot in the clear blue sky. Paul ran out of fuel on his long landing approach; landing just the other side of the fence, the model undamaged. I tried looking at some extreme helicopter aerobatics but from a member with a T-Rex, sorry no name. Take off and straight into inverted was a little too much, a couple of inches lower and he could have saved Clive a Job. Not having a power model I flew my little glider and my Trick park flier, which seemed to be having a bad air day, refusing to fly any manoeuvre correctly.



Lots of rumours in the pits!

Paul Nind's venerable Radio Queen has seen many hours flying.



The Vice Chairmans "Raptor"

Sunday 6th January   The morning was bright and sunny with a light southwesterly wind. But it clouded over early afternoon and turned rather cold.   Very good turnout for first Sunday of the year.   Pete & Brian were out with the large petrol models and I was at last able to get some reasonable pics.   Mark (Vice Chairman) did a few hops with his “new” Raptor and also flew his IC Panic Bipe. He also tried his hand at control line (rather well).   Tried the foamy “Lancaster” outside, flew very well although not overpowered in the light breeze. Until it suffered from an engine failure. The forth motor that had taken nearly two months to find just died. So the hunt is on again.  

Mixed bag of activities during the afternoon.




Pete and his large Aerobat.





Brian's Eurobat

Stan's "Twinstar"

Mark's turn in the circle.





My entry for "best" artistic shot of the day.

Mark's IC Panic Bipe

    Saturday January 5th.

Cold but generally sunny day with light breeze. A few down the field but no specific reports.   Another very good evening session. Very good turnout, with quite a few new models and a few new faces. Again more helicopters than fixed wing models plus the odd ground based model?   Finally got my “Lancaster” into the air. The gestation of this model has been somewhat protracted due to difficulty in finding a fourth motor. Uses four small-brushed GWS motors I had three that were perfectly matched but tried ten further motors before a suitable candidate was found to make up the quartet.   Managed a quick test flight before a loose prop ended the session. As expected it’s a bit fast but will trim out OK I think.   Test flew the “J Perkins Twister R/C Skylift”. This is basically two Twisters bolted either end of a boom with a couple of servos in between. Took a bit of thought to get my head round how it actually works, but you don’t really need to know. It flies very well, is very stable and looks great in flight.   Sadly my little Kyosho Minium meet it’s end when it dissolved in a shower of foam after a headlong confrontation with David’s control line model. My own fault and a bit of a one sided and very short battle!    



Chairman with his troublesome "Lancaster"



Twister R/C Skylift.



The latest England team creation sort of a complicated "Pogo"

Mosquito on the prowl.

Target sighted!!

Target in sight.

in for the kill.

Remains of my little Kyosho Minium



Gloucester Model Flying Club



Gloucester cooker