December 08

Wednesday 31st

It was cold, very cold, enough to freeze the bits off a brass monkey, too much for me I won't fly again till next year.


Dropped into the field just before 2.00 pm, little if any wind but it was very cold. We seem to have swapped the cold wind chill for cold damp conditions.

Picked up the water barrel and counted the plastic cups for tomorrow, 50, don't think we will need more! Keith had his Sceadu in parts on a table, rather poorly engine which had had some metal through it.

On the way home stopped into McDonald's for coffee and a last burger of 2008, with the arrival of Ray Whitehead and then Paul Butler there were just as many members in McDonalds as on the field! Only we were warmer.

Well that's all for 2008, a happy new year to you all and see you tomorrow at least the soup will be hot.

Chris B.

x-ray.jpg (94754 bytes)

x-eay.jpg (99155 bytes)

An X-Ray flying over our frost covered field 

Tuesday 7th
A very cold day the frost staying all day , not a lot of flying


Photo Marley's Extra 300

marley-extra2.jpg (67265 bytes)

Boxing day

Only 5 members and not much flying, a clear blue  sky  the north easterly wind making it feel cold

Photo - David and Jim watching my Acromaster pose for the camera

acromaster.jpg (69348 bytes)

Wednesday  24th
A dark afternoon but very mild and no wind - a good turnout 13 cars
Mark started to walk out to the strip with an electric heli, but came back when he saw Paul doing 3D  with his helicopter

steve-cap.jpg (98901 bytes)

paulsheli.JPG (97921 bytes)

Steve's Cap trips over a divot in the dark

Paul's Heli did a few extreme maneuvers, be  afraid, be very afraid! and we were
Monday 22nd

Worrying report from Darren.

Just got back from field and "he is happy" to report that Paul G. is now doing loops, rolls and spinney things with his heli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That makes me feel as happy as hearing that Ken Livingstone is to be the next mayor of Gloucester.

Help has anybody got a shot gun.

Or will hard hats become compulsory.

Chris B.

Sunday 21st. The Winter Solstice.

Hard to believe it's six months (OK less a day to be accurate) since our Midsummer BBQ. Or looked at another way it's only six months till next years Midsummer bash, we are planning something special, so when next years diary arrives put GMFC BBQ right across the page for 21st June 2009. 

Had intended to go flying, but caught up on cleaning up the garden, "jet washed" patio, paths, walls, windows, wheelie-bins, dogs, next doors cat, wife and anything else that ventured in my path.

No reports on any flying yet.

Chris B.

From young keen Darren.

Cold and windy, but enough about Paul G.
A cold westerly wind was blowing across the strip when I arrived shortly after dinner. but this wasn't putting Marley Jnr off flying his 450 heli. Jim then went out and tore around the sky with his T-Rex 600n.

Mark E. flew his large Great Planes Ultra-Stik until he lost it in the other field. Mr Gurr flew his little 400 and I can report it went back into his car in ONE piece.

Saturday 20th
A quite afternoon at the field

Photo - Mark's petrol fueled helicopter, the engine is being run in, the cowl removed to improve cooling

mark-petrol.jpg (137619 bytes)

Wednesday 17th
A pleasant sunny day with just a light westerly breeze. Phil flew his Raptor 30, Keith had engine problems with his T-rex and left early to buy some  glow plugs.

Monday 15th
A quite day just Keith with his Raptor and my Funjet

Sunday 14th

ken.jpg (46559 bytes)

mark-acro.jpg (51231 bytes)

A very dark afternoon  Ken's Junior 60 and Mark's Acromaster lit by my flash gun

phil-raptpr.jpg (95277 bytes)

Thursday 11th

A cold day with 4 fliers and 8 cold hands. Keith had clutch problems with his heli and Stan's Panic cut out soon after takeoff.
I finally got my FunJet firing on all cylinders, the tiny brushless taking it up vertically, 375 watts into a 60 gram motor. The first speed controller did not time well with the 3600 KV outrunner   

Photo:- Phil flying his Raptor 30

Sunday 7th

You have to look back eights weeks to find the last time a good flying day coincided with a Sunday. It's quite possible you just have to look back eight weeks just to find a good day let alone one that was Sunday!

Sunday 12th of October was warm sunny and the dress code was short sleeves, at least for those that could afford sleeves (check blog to get that one). However Sunday 7th started frosty, but turned in to a bright sunny day with little wind required a little bit more warmer clothing, plus make mental note to get some more suitable footwear for wet grass. Old trainers with holes are not good for the little tootsies.

Sunday 12th also saw the last flight of my electric Panic and eight weeks later it took to the air again this time IC powered, the first time I have every carried out such a revision. Made a couple of short flight until a broken fuel line stopped further flights. Watch for further details and photos.

Good turnout for December.

David has built himself a new and very patriotically painted control-liner. Dad was on hand for the messy bit, first flight was rather "short" do to a rather limp wristed launch from the wrong part of the circle. The second flight went well with some rather high circuits being flown.

Above and right.

Paul Taylor's rather strange looking device called the "Jink the evil twin" from Model Airplane Engineering. Although Paul picked this example up second hand at the South Cotswold Soaring Association recent model auction.

Has two small "CD- rom type motors and the outer wing panels are all moving, giving a very sprightly roll rate


George Ford's OD sports models, seems to have a fuselage based on a plastic drainpipe.


A Katana and Blade at sunset

mark-sun.jpg (72506 bytes)

blade-sun.jpg (731533 bytes)


Saturday 6th

blind-leading-the-blind.jpg (177265 bytes)

A cold but pleasant day with just a light breeze

Stan  using a buddy lead on Keith's Panic, this took a bit of time to set up eventually it was decided to use P-link on both DX7s 

marley-extra.jpg (101355 bytes)

paul-extra.jpg (106012 bytes)

Paul and Marley on an Extra good afternoon

December 3rd
At last a proper winter's day, frost in the morning a cloudless sky and a little warmth from the sun made it possible to fly without a coat

paul.jpg (101098 bytes)

paul2.jpg (80455 bytes)

Paul's Kyosho trainer misses the electric fence, this time. 

phil-blade2.jpg (199774 bytes)

phil-blade.jpg (115867 bytes)

The first flight of my Robotbird's Blade, meant for indoors but OK outside in still air, fitted with a cheap Chinese motor, 9 x 4 GWSprop and a 900ma 2 cell Lipo. Servos  are E-Sky 9 gram. It flew fine, the all moving tail made loops and bunts very tight, the ailerons are half the wing area giving it a big response in roll and the rudder big enough for easy prop hanging


Gloucester Model Flying Club