April Blog

Sunday 27th
Morning warm sunny with very little wind, sadly most members didn't arrive until after lunch when the wind picked up and by three o'clock it was raining. Most went home, a few stalwarts stayed on and tried to fly between the showers, sadly the field was disserted by 5.00 pm.
keith-trex-bat.jpg (146153 bytes) keith-adrian.jpg (140028 bytes)

Mechanics of a Align T.rex 600 electric a serious piece of kit this ones Keith's but more to appear soon!

Adrian gets ago with Keith's T.rex 600 now wants his own.

sunday-clive-paul.jpg (119061 bytes) paul-newtimer.jpg (152734 bytes)

Clive lobs Paul's much repaired control line model aloft, few minutes later it needed rebuilding yet again.

Paul with his "New Timer" 

divo-sunday.jpg (85908 bytes) divo.jpg (89669 bytes)
Chairman's "Divo" does a stint between the showers.
looks-unreal.jpg (66452 bytes) twin-star.jpg (80230 bytes)
Old but still  flying the chairman's Mk 1 Twinstar came out for an airing and a wash. These pictures  have  not  been "photoshoped". The use of flash in the poor light illuminating the model while leaving the background dark. The Twinstar is now set up on two transmitters so can be "buddy boxed" if anyone wants ago.
rain-rain.jpg (98220 bytes) Never Mind the weather as long as we're together 
Saturday 25th
The wind dropped early evening and we got a little hazy sunshine, 
youcando-sat.jpg (104134 bytes) youcando-sa2t.jpg (108844 bytes)
My Ucando 3D 60 or rather  Ucando 3D if you were a bit younger and had lots of practice.
I had trouble starting it, I must read the instruction as I haven't a clue about ic engines. Stan supplied the starting gear, the 91 4 stroke was little too big for my tiny starter and battery. When we got it going it went well with power to spare in the prop hang, KE was easy but I chickened  of a low KE pass for the camera, rolls were fast, too fast for me, the short wing and long tail moment felt strange at first. The big rudder although adequate seemed a bit slow I think due the long fuz . As I normally fly gliders and am new to power I would not be a good judge, but as the afternoon progressed I started to like it, even though it is a bit thirsty.
sat25-stan-acromaster.jpg (124337 bytes) stan-aceo-sat.jpg (92706 bytes)
Stan's Multiplex Acro Master and it does what it says on the side, a real precision machine that is a delight to fly. 

Tuesday 22nd

Lots Of Helicopter flying . Richard flew inverted for while, the second attempt ended in disaster with half a dozen broken bits. Phil and Keith continued with their heli training, both suffered with engine starting  problems. I  failed to make any maneuver look pretty, I have been blaming the wind but this afternoon there was very little. The ASP36 runs perfectly on Dynaglow5 but failed to run on Duraglowl5
phil-heli.jpg (131630 bytes) bob-eco.jpg (82952 bytes)

Phil's heli

Bob's Eco

kieth-smoking.jpg (113585 bytes) richard-sun.jpg (51448 bytes)
phil-tuesday-giles.jpg (94623 bytes) Photos
  1. Keith with his new training frame
  2. Richards Heli
  3. My Giles being given too much elevator at take off

Sunday 20th

wed-20-darren-heli.jpg (64820 bytes) wed-20-cb-heliwork.jpg (187479 bytes)

Darren's heli in the failing light

A lot of interest as CB sets up Keith's heli
wed-20-paul-queen.jpg (95589 bytes) sunday-20-keith.jpg (62916 bytes)

Paul's Radio Queen catching a gust while landing

Keith's Heli

Additional entry (by CB)

A few weeks (March 30th) ago I promised a few details on Mark Burnham's new fun fly model. Well last weekend using the back of an old envelope (must get note book) I took some details plus a few shots of him dismantling the model.

The model is from Precision Aerobatics an Australian company new to me and called the  Badboy V2 ARF. (Almost Ready to Fly)

Cost Mark 85.00 not quite sure whether he imported it himself or there is a UK supplier.

To me the model is very retro being similar to some kits produced in the USA circa late 80's early 90's when the fun fly craze first started. These models were great but the downside was they were quite large one piece models.

The Badboy V2 has a two part wing, which allows the model to pack down into a small size. He says it's a little fiddly to assembly but with a large enough vehicle it could be done in the work shop. Once assembled it forms a very rigid model. There is a very comprehensive article on construction on their web site that's well worth a look.

Badboysbottom.JPG (100113 bytes) badboytop.JPG (94054 bytes)
The wing has very deep wing section which gives the great slow handling properties. The model uses 4 standard size JR 591 servos for the controls and micro E-sky servo for the throttle. Power comes from an Jen 51 motor with a Super quiet silencer from Just Engines turning a 13 X 4 APC propeller which should give excellent prop hanging performance.
badboywinghalfs.JPG (97268 bytes) badboygen57.JPG (95161 bytes)

Wednesday 16th

A good afternoon, Phil continued with his heli, if it wobbles the Auto pilot is off, this is smart device that looks at the ground and holds position.  
wed-16th-stan.jpg (60449 bytes) wed-16th-richard.jpg (87054 bytes)

Stan's Heli

Richard's New Timer wobbling a little on takeoff 

wed-16th-giles.jpg (58068 bytes) wed-16th-sky.jpg (72638 bytes)

My Giles 202 the ASP36 now running nicely on some fuel supplied by CB (thanks Chris) I have spent 2 weeks cursing this engine for cutting out while attempting aerobatics. This is a cheap  Chinese model that is easy to fly and will do most maneuvers with ease. The recommended  motor is a good .40 the ASP does not make it punch out of the prop hang. It sells for $89 in the states or from the UK 99
photos by Stan

wed-16th-mike.jpg (62489 bytes) wed-16th-mike3.jpg (61996 bytes)
Mike Bond's Multiplex Magistiar, this had an unannounced arrival but only broke the prop. It flew OK but lurched as Mike applied full control inputs

Mike's  this crashed on take off  breaking a second prop

Mike Bond trying to prop hang? from take off, this did not last long and ended in another broken prop. I think the C of G is too far back.
wed-16th-mike2.jpg (99744 bytes)
wed-16th-edge.jpg (217539 bytes)

Tuesday 15th

My Edge powered by an Irvine 61 , I had 5 flights with it, but found it a little too much, the engine is very powerful and the short coupling made it very hard to trim in pitch. This would be a great model in younger hands


Sunday 13th

sunday-13-mark-funfly.jpg (103898 bytes) sunday-13-mark-funfly2.jpg (98605 bytes)
Mark's Funfly

sunday-13-keith-heli.jpg (108069 bytes)

sunday-13-clive-twinstar.jpg (104966 bytes)

Keith with T-Rex450

Clive's Twinstar

Saturday 12th

A blustery afternoon

april-08-chris-bubble.jpg (89267 bytes) april-08-chris-bubble7.jpg (98271 bytes)

CB's Big Bubble against a stormy sky

Thursday 10th

A few showers about mostly dry


Steve's Heli

april-08-steve-heli.jpg (53404 bytes)

Tuesday 8th

A quite day at the field

Photo CB's heli, nose in and into wind, pulling up to stationary 

april-08-cb-heli3k.jpg (100384 bytes)

Sunday 6th

A very mixed day, but it is April. CB  flew one of his heli, sorry no photo.
After Chris went the sun came out and the wind dropped; allowing Ken to fly his little semi free flight diesel model 

april-08-adrian-phil.jpg (102308 bytes) april-08-phil-aid.jpg (100154 bytes)

Adrian helping Phil set up his heli, come sun, rain, sleet or snow

march-08-ken-harvard.jpg (59040 bytes) april-08-adrian-heli.jpg (96907 bytes)

Ken's Harvard

Adrian's T'Rex

april-08-paul-shocky.jpg (116482 bytes) april-08-paul-shocky2.jpg (109100 bytes)

Paul flying Phil's Giles 202 styled shockie, sticks near the middle, unusual for Paul who likes the sticks in the corners



Friday 4th

Anther good day at the field but not as warm or busy as yesterday

april-08-dave-katanna.jpg (105866 bytes)

Left Dave's Katanna and below his Giles 202

Both models looked good in the air and coped well with the northerly breeze. The powerful 4 stroke let the Giles take off with ease but the runway was a little short for landing


april-08-dave-giles-to.jpg (108304 bytes)

april-08-dave-giles.jpg (95063 bytes)

Thursday 3rd April.

As March went out like the lion April came in with an almost tropical mini heat wave with temperature reaching nearly 19 degrees C during the afternoon. Combine this with a light northerly wind that dropped to nearly dead calm by teatime and one had the best flying day for along time.

To get the full story of Chris's experiences in learning to fly helicopters see his page Getting Started (Members' own experiences). 

Please take the time to look at the flying site map on the web or there is a copy in the new notice board on the gray equipment box by the pits. We have no complaints of models over flying the farm for some time and we want to keep it that way. 

The Honorary Secretary Chris Rennie brought out his Raptor fifty helicopter for its maiden flight and his first flight with an IC heli outdoors. The model had been set up by Paul Heckles's team down at Draycot and flew perfectly. Chris went on to fly a further eight flights during the afternoon april-08-chris-heli.jpg (122402 bytes)
april-08-chris-rising.jpg (187513 bytes)

I managed to get in a few good sessions with John Varley on the buddy box.  If you have had a long layoff during the winter months or are just not a very experienced flyer then please do ask and do not feel ashamed to have a session with an instructor to get back into flying. It also helps ensure that we do not have any encroachments into the no fly area over the farm south of the field.

april-08-cb-park.jpg (142316 bytes)

april-08-chris-fun2.jpg (140653 bytes)

CB posing his Park flier for the camera

april-08-phil-fun2.jpg (157623 bytes)

Phil with his Flair Giles 202 Funfly 



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